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LHO Beauregard H.S. 1954

Guest Bart Kamp

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Pretty witty for a lone nut in Junior High, to a friend.  I didn't know lone nut's had friends.  I thought they sat around and watched I Led three Lives, by themselves.


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The mugshot of American-born LEE Oswald at the top of this page is the Warren Commission’s Pic Exhibit 58.


Is there any evidence that it was connected with the alleged autograph shown above?  I'm not aware of any. John Pic testified that it “to my best recollection, I think, is a picture sent to me by my mother in approximately 1954, 1955, maybe in 1956, from New Orleans, La. It is a picture of Lee Harvey Oswald.” 

The WC identifies the shot as a “Photograph of Lee Harvey Oswald at the age of 16 years.”

Pic had no problem identifying his real brother in this picture. On the other hand, consider the better known image of Russian-speaking HARVEY Oswald at the Bronx Zoo:



Mr. JENNER - Then right below that is a picture of a young man standing in front of an iron fence, which appears to be probably at a zoo. Do you recognize that? 
Mr. PIC - Sir, from that picture, I could not recognize that that is Lee Harvey Oswald. 
Mr. JENNER - That young fellow is shown there, he doesn't look like you recall Lee looked in 1952 and 1953 when you saw him in New York City? 
Mr. PIC - No, sir. 

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From Chapter One of my autobiography "Being There: Eyewitness to History" published June 2018:

     In late 1954 two local activists, Kent and Phoebe Courtney, announced that they were holding a public meeting in a pavilion in Audubon Park to enlist citizens who opposed the censure of Senator Joseph McCarthy pending before the U.S. Senate. Our residence was only a few blocks from Audubon Park so I decided to attend as my parents admired McCarthy’s spirited fighting against communism.

     An enthusiastic crowd of about 40 persons attended the Courtneys’ meeting and assignments were handed out. My assignment was to set up a card table in the plaza in front of St. Louis Cathedral in the French Quarter to collect signatures on a petition that opposed the censure of McCarthy as part of a national petition drive headed by General Bonner Fellers. I had little difficulty in collecting signatures as the Catholics who attended services at the Cathedral were sympathetic towards McCarthy who was a fellow Catholic.

     A few months later Kent and Phoebe announced they were starting a monthly conservative publication, Free Men Speak, which subsequently became The Independent American. I volunteered to work on the publication after high school. As a result Kent started taking me to meetings such as Toastmasters International and to a radio station where he had a weekly radio show. Several times during the period of 1955-1956, while still in a high school student, I would accompany Kent to meetings with Guy Banister, a former FBI agent, then Assistant Supervisor of the New Orleans Police Department. The topic at these meetings was the extent of organized crime in the city and more particularly the efforts of the Metropolitan Crime Commission of New Orleans headed by Aaron Kohn to combat it.

     So how did Lee Harvey Oswald manage to enter into the picture during this period? Why he was living with his mother in the Vieux Carre section of the French Quarter, less than a five minute walk from Banister’s office. Oswald was then about 16 years old and enrolled in a different high school than the one I attended.

“During his early childhood and adolescence in New Orleans, Lee Oswald lived with his divorced mother at a number of different locations, usually in small rented houses or apartments in a moderate-to-lower-income section of the city. While the record of residences is not complete, one address was 126 Exchange Alley. During her testimony before the Warren Commission, Mrs. Marguerite Oswald indicated that she and her son lived there when Oswald was about to 16 years old, roughly the years 1955-56. They were "living at 126 Exchange Place, which is the Vieux Carre section of the French Quarter of New Orleans." During her testimony, Mrs. Oswald noted that "the papers said we lived over a saloon at that particular address * * * that is just the French part of town. It looks like the devil. Of course I didn't have a fabulous apartment. But very wealthy people and very fine citizens live in that part of town. * * .. While Mrs. Oswald correctly noted that "wealthy" citizens resided in some sections of the French Quarter, Exchange Alley was well known as the location of other elements; it was an area notorious for illicit activities. As the managing director of the Metropolitan Crime Commission of New Orleans, Aaron Kohn recalled, "Exchange Alley, specifically that little block that Oswald lived on, was literally the hub of some of the most notorious underworld joints in the city."  He noted further that Exchange Alley was the location of various gambling operations affiliated with the Marcello organization. Noting the openness with which such activities were conducted there, Kohn said, "You couldn't walk down the block without literally being exposed to two or three separate forms of illicit activities and underworld operations."


      Guy Bannister and I continued to be involved in joint activities even after I enrolled at Georgetown University:

“In1959, a New Orleans man, Richard C. Bell, in conjunction with a Chicago group, organized a group of students to attend the 1959 World Youth Conference in Vienna. His plans attracted opposition from the local American Legion, especially Kent Courtney, Festus Brown and James Pfister. The Legion organized a Free Enterprise Seminar ‘to alert local college students to the dangers involved in attending the communist-sponsored World Youth Festival in Vienna.’ Speakers at the seminar include Guy Banister, Medford Evans and Douglas Caddy. Bell and his group did make it to Vienna.”


     In 1963 President John Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas. Oswald was branded the alleged assassin. Banister gained instant fame as someone who interacted in a mysterious way with Oswald in New Orleans in the months before the assassination by allegedly being his handler (they shared the same business address). Years later I ended up representing Howard Hunt, a key figure in the assassination, who claimed that Lyndon Baines Johnson was at the top of the conspiracy pyramid. I also was destined subsequently to represent Billie Sol Estes, LBJ’s bagman and silent business partner, who maintained to his death that LBJ killed JFK.

     But in 1955 Oswald, Banister and I were within walking distance of each other but, of course, none of us had any inkling of what the future held.


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Can anybody think of a reason why Oswald would have written a poem like that on the back of his own photo? I can see it if he were giving the photo to a friend with the "you should be in a zoo" being a playful slur aimed at the friend. But what guy gives a framed photo of himself to a friend? I suppose he might give one to a girlfriend, but surely he wouldn't aim a slur like that at her. (And don't call me Shirley.)






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17 minutes ago, Sandy Larsen said:

Can anybody think of a reason why Oswald would have written a poem like that on the back of his own photo? I can see it if he were giving the photo to a friend with the "you should be in a zoo" being a playful slur aimed at the friend. But what guy gives a framed photo of himself to a friend? I suppose he might give one to a girlfriend, but surely he wouldn't aim a slur like that at her. (And don't call me Shirley.)

Reading comprehension can be a wonderful thing:

Lee Harvey Oswald Autograph Quotation Signed "Lee Oswald". One beige album page, 3.5" x 4.5", Beauregard Junior High School, New Orleans, 1954. In full: "Roses are Red/ Violites [sic] are blue/ People like/ you should/ be in a zoo." Included is the original autograph book from which the page came from; it belonged to his friend Ivan Hurlestone. Also included is a photo of Oswald from the period. All three items are matted with burled wood fillets and beautifully set into a handsome burled wood frame; the overall framed size is 22" x 23". In the center is a 4" x 1" engraved bronze plate stating, "LEE HARVEY OSWALD/ Beauregard Jr. High School/ 5-22-55/ Taken From Ivan Hurlstone's Autograph Book". Very fine condition and ready for display.

I know, Shirley, you were hoping Harvey had given it to Lee.  No such luck.

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