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Nbc vs Baldwin, conspiracy theorists.

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The premise of the original article is that those who believe in the JFK conspiracy suffer from some form of paranoia or because they cannot emotionally accept that a so-called nobody could took down a great man. In fact, it is the lone gunman who are tend to be hampered by confirmatory bias. They simply cannot accept that a conspiracy could happen in America. Vincent Bugliosi the noted defender of the Warren Commission showed what was really animating people like him in his book “Reclaiming History” are the underlying facts but a false patriotism. On pages 986 and 987, he explains that the existence of a conspiracy would call into question the notion of American Exceptionalism. It would mean that we are no different than the Europeans or no better than a third world country on 11/22/63. It would be an indictment of our institutions    

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