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The Monster Plot

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From Richards Heuer’s: “Nosenko, Five Paths to Judgement”


And this post, with my edited version of the above, for the purpose of making it more readable



“The theory of a "master plot" developed, subsequently called the "monster plot" by those who rejected this theory, which encompassed about a dozen counterintelligence sources. According to the master plot theory, the KGB had a very high-level penetration of CIA, comparable to the recently exposed penetrations of Kim Philby in the British Secret Intelligence Service (MIG) and Heinz Felfe in the West German Federal Intelligence Service (BND). Therefore, all CIA Soviet operations were at least known to, if not controlled by, the KGB. Nosenko and other defectors and sources in place in Soviet intelligence were being run by the KGB to tie up CIA and FBI counterintelligence assets in unimportant activities, divert the investigation of leads to significant Soviet agents, and protect the security and/or enhance the careers and manipulate the access of Soviet agents within CIA and the FBI- in short, to keep CIA and the FBI fat and happy and unsuspecting of the true state of affairs.”

Edited by Michael Clark
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1979  front page article on a “Bitter feud” in the CIA regarding Nosenko. The paper, the Philadelphia Bulletin, ceased operations in 1982 and this CIA file, the newspaper story, was not approved for release until 2007.


Bagley’s, Spy Wars, came out in 2007.

John Hart’s, The Monster Plot, was not released by the US Archives until 2017.

I haven’t yet determined when Richards Heuer’s “Nosenko: Five Paths to Judgement” was released to the public.

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