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Dr. Shaw states bullet in left thigh of Connally.

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Fascinating to go back and see and hear the first, first hand assessment of Connally right after his surgery with a detailed description of his wounds from the actual surgeon in charge.

I'd never seen this clip.

This doctor Shaw seems very sure about Connally's injuries all being caused by one bullet only as well as his evaluation of the trajectory of this one bullet through Connally's body.

Please excuse my asking these most simple questions again but is the Connally injuries causing bullet still lodged into Connally's thigh at this point ..."the Magic Bullet?"

The almost fully intact 6.5 millimeter bullet identified as exhibit 399?

I have forgotten the time line of this bullet being found on Connally's stretcher.

Was it discovered on the stretcher used to take Connolly away "after surgery" or was it found on the stretcher used to bring Connally "to" the surgery room before he was unloaded from this to the surgery table? Was the same stretcher used for both purposes?

I know I should know these facts and time line scenarios being on the forum so long but one forgets after years of venturing into other discussions and reading.

Also, did Shaw or any other doctor ever remove the bullet lodged into Connally's thigh? Or did they not and it simply fell out onto the stretcher later on?

Just went into the many histories of the Magic Bullet. Most questions answered.

The stretcher and magic bullet finding testimonies however are still greatly contradictory and unanswered and wide open to suspicion.

If the bullet Dr. Shaw mentioned as still being embedded into Connally's thigh during this post surgery news conference was not removed before Connally was wheeled out to recovery, why not? 

I just can't imagine surgeons leaving a large caliber bullet ( the main injury causing and vitally important evidence one ) inside a wounded patient's body, especially when it was not deeply embedded and in a risky location place and was just under the surface of the skin.

Isn't leaving such a large foreign body copper/lead metal piece inside a patient's body a serious infection risk?

Did the 399 bullet supposedly fall out of Connally's thigh onto the stretcher wheeling him back to post surgery recovery or his regular hospital room?

If the Magic Bullet fell that easily out of Connally's thigh it must have been just barely under the skin.

One can be sure that the doctors and nurses first attending to Connally saw the bullet entry wound in Connally's thigh. Must have been some blood and entry wound trauma there. One of the first things done in such a discovery is to clean the bloody wound and with a disinfectant to prevent infection.

If the Magic Bullet was able to simply fall out of the wound on it's own, you would think that when the wound was being rubbed down in cleaning, that this manipulation alone would have dislodged it. And wouldn't a bullet entry wound be dressed and covered in clean gauze before a patient is sent to recovery?

And anything just coming out of a person's body would also have at least some blood on it's surface.

When Parkland hospital senior engineer Darrell Tomlinson and Parkland personnel director O.P. Wright first found the Magic Bullet they claimed they actually held it in their hands. And they didn't see any blood on this at all, over even on the stretcher?








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