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Trump Support Base Mental Illness Common. Another Perfect Example.

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Young 16 year old Trump supporter takes a high powered rifle to a BLM protest and gets right in front of the protesters triggering a violent confrontation.

Man who goes to Trump rallies dressed in full Trump MAGA regalia and lives in a van covered with Trump stickers sends scary pipes to those he feels are anti-Trump.

Armed Proud Boys race their Harleys to and fro looking to intimidate Democratic party supporters. Other Trump crazies drive in intimidating Trump support blaring caravans all around the country, even endangering a moving Biden campaign bus.

The following is another graphic example of the the craziness of many Trump supporters. The end result of this Trump supporter's efforts to help his hero Trump is one of the most humiliating of all.  No stolen ballots in the stalked repair man's truck or his home either. 20 years lock up possible. Mental ward stuff.

If I get deleted because I should have kept this in the Trump thread, no problem.

I just wanted more to see this Trump support base craziness than that one thread's limited participants.

20 hours ago — Ex-Cop Charged After Allegedly Attacking Repairman He Suspected In Election Fraud Plot. Former Houston Police Capt. Mark Aguirre ...





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Trump's turned the White House into a Nut House.

The loyal staff at Mar-a-Lago castle awaits their fallen King.

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I guess I agree but we need to be careful about something here:

Too often we are distracting from what is primarily a law enforcement issue by going into questions of mental illness, politicizing it or resorting to spiritual practice to get above it all.

I have been watching a lot of FBI files and other LE related shows, all documentaries.  So, while the FBI itself can be corrupt, it portrays itself as operating on certain principles.  And those principles are sound principles when actually practiced.

There are very specific principles to use to determine if someone can claim mental illness as a defense.  And, while I agree that they are nuts in a political sense, I fear it distracts from a more pressing and sinister problem.  

You see the FBI is really good at investigating crime and determining motive as well as profiling the criminal.  If we are to investigate these people, either before or after Jan. 6, we will see a very prosecutable case for intent to commit a violent felony.  

Essentially these folks are perfectly aware of what they are doing and are able to make reasonable choices regarding their conduct.  They are consciously choosing to target their enemies with intent to do bodily harm.  And that includes murdering Democratically elected officials and their staff.  

Why the FBI is not actually treating these cases this way is beyond me.  And that makes this situation even more sinister and dangerous.  And I fear that we may be slipping into a lawless state.

In summery, my point is that violent crime needs to be recognized as violent crime and needs to be dealt with as violent crime.  And, since violent people endanger all of us, we need to not lose focus of that by labelling them anything else, even if it makes us feel better.  


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