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JFK--Good and Personal---How many will die from what JFK was going to save you from--retrospectives

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What Fate would JFK have saved the world from if he was allowed to live?


JFK and LHO were knocked off because they learned about Enolase and its health factors for slow death. It can be triggered by high deuterium that shuts down Kreb's Cycle clean ATP production and sets up intense glycolysis dirty ATP production with drop of cell pH into acid levels and intense Enolase production that spill over to cell walls that sets up cell wall ports that can flood cells with pathogens and then rapid onset of death.

A.  In the religious world it is the Forbidden Fruit warning as sugars are loaded with deuterium and drop cellular pH.

B.  In the Warberg Effect it is the main failure point that leads to cancers and rapid death from cancer virus problems like SV-40.

C.  For the USAEC and Nuke Weapons projects it is their most hidden and covered up secret as it can shut down all nuclear projects that generated large deuterium levels and then cancer connections.

LHO learned the deuterium trigger methods for enolase from Oak Ridge that was the Oschner kill Castro with cancer CIA project.

LHO was a JFK agent when he came back from Russia with JFK and RFK state Dept pull to get travel money back to the US. For JFK and RFK he was an ONI trained special agent to spy in the CIA and Mafia in New Orleans.

Basically, JFK with LHO's help had enough info to break the CIA into a million pieces and take the Oak Ridge deuterium health problems down also. In the war years, the ARMY's Manhattan Project recruited the Mafia in New York to kill suspected poopoo spies all around the Manhattan Project at various New York locations.

Some of that was recruited by the CIA to get Castro via the Chicago Mob and Roselli connections. When LHO was found to be a JFK spy the New Orleans gang decided to kill JFK, and used the Ruby connections to the CIA empowered Chicago Mob to do the hit on JFK and with Chicago's Ruby on LHO.

It has been a long time since JFK was offed.  How many would have lived longer if JFK had his chance to make enolase health issues public?
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Subject References   : Enolase 101---the Research Articles

Here are some of the Peer Reviewed Journal Articles that point out the many problems with enolase. I think you might be a quick study type, so absorb at what rate works for you.

"When Place Matters"----Enolase on outer cell walls makes health disasters. Well researched German Article on Enolase that speaks to place---as on cell walls causes serious problems. Enolase is an indicator because it is the prime cause due to cell wall sites that can import virus and other pathogens into cells and promote rapid infection rates.

US source won't fund, nor even do this type look into enolase---as it will put the AMA and Big Pharma mostly out of business, as the Rockefeller Medical system learned about enolase in 1934, then it was connected to the Manhattan Project and Deuterium issues and the cover-ups became worse and worse.


Cell pH and cancers


Enolase is more than just step to pyruvate---it makes surface of cell wall receptor sites that really don't need to be there..


If a cell is forced into glycolysis by excess deuterium damages to Citric Acid cycle's ATP Synthase, or foods that make acids in the cell's Cytosol / cytoplasm and the much lower efficiency methods for ATP production and enolase causes serious problems: Basically, this is the causality for the 1931 Warburg Effect for cancer initiations. In 1934, follow up on Warburg Effect Identified Enolase.


The RA pathology


The ALL pathology


Hypoxia triggers for Enolase and glycolysis is hypoxia effect inside cells:



So, basically---AMA and Big Pharma try to bury enolase to make lots of profits. Those that know enoloase management don't get colds or Flu and not even 19.

As this comes out in the research the AMA and Big Pharma needs to get hit with Malpractice, Racketeering and so on.

I learned about enolase more than 30 years ago and it is part of the Air Pharmacology Project and the Govt then knew about enolase's strong effects on all disease---even viral Hepatitis and other viral issues.

Now you can begin to see how corrupt medicine is and also how corrupt religions are that don't teach that enolase is the action item behind the WORD of God on Forbidden Sugar/Fruit.

The political system has been in cahoots with these great big lies on health and religion since they stamped out Sanitarium health treatments to install their chemical crap to do things nature did so well via proper diets that was the message of the Lord's Supper as the Jesus ministry that taught the diet ways to keep the WORD on Forbidden Fruit.

Most of the planet can easily protect themselves from diseases and even manage screw up with stuff as simple as Baking Soda that knocks enolase ports off cell surfaces and shuts down the serious damage effects from allowing enolase to run wild on cells.

Part of the End Times speaks to a world of lies, and this is part of the End-Times coming into reality. Part of the Quickening is the Revelations of the Crimes, Racketeering for power and control they have backed that are basically Crimes Against Humanity.

Remember, "45" said it was going to be Biblical and major changes for health care and prevention will soon come into view.

Remember, Q is for the "Quickening" of knowledge to return to truths to the world..
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For those many that spin their tall tales for book profits or tabloid fame, there is a price to be paid for missing the JFK truths for yourselves and many others that may have been mislead by tall tales that totally missed the essential truths on JFK.


Enolsae has been a persistent health problem over the ages. The problems from enolase have been kept hidden and concealed for many reasons over the ages and even the recent decades.

In the recent decades, It particularly hits both the nuke and the coal power generation areas. From nuke power and weapons it hits the Kreb's Cycle's "ATP-synthase" area and flips cell function into low pH and excessive enolase production that affects health.

The Coal plant emissions of CO ( carbon monoxide )highly affects the oxygen levels in cells and drives up enolase levels in/on cells. Low Level CO poisoning at 9 ppm levels makes people feel like they have the Flu with headaches, muscle pain, hearing loss, extreme fatigue and so on. CO has become such a treat to health that CO monitors are required for coal miners, fire fighters, and so on. It kills easily, but has serious low level non-detectable health effects also.

Very low level chronic exposure levels of exposure to CO from home heating, large scale coal heating and low stacks in industry and large city coal heating actually sets off the cold and flu seasons each year by triggering enolase cell problems and the transmissions of cold and Flu viruses.

The Chronic levels of enolase generation on cells is also tied to serious health problems like Parkinson't Diseases and see to be high in the Oak Ridge coal heating plant zones with short stacks in narrow valleys. So, one see the Parkinson't Diseases being high in Coal Miners, Fire Fighters, Gulf War Vets exposed to huge oil fires, and even welders using CO-2 cover gas that breaks down to CO with extreme heating.

There are ways to control enolase effects on cells via changing the cell's pH and this is easy to do using the BiCarb Transport system of the body to deliver alkaline Bibarbs into cells. Alkaline diets and alkaline water also helps. So, lots of people manage their enolase levels down to normal ranges with deals like Emergen-C with 4 Bi-Carbs in the package. Many still used the A & H Baking Soda methods of Sodium BiCarbonate. Even lots of Dr's recognize the effect from the 1918 Flu pandemic where Arm & Hammer's Baking Soda was used to knock down the enolase levels and restore cellular wall integrity to stop viral transmissions.

The AMA and Big Pharma help hide the enolase related health problems and tell that you cannot cure a cold or flu, but the etiology of the BiCarbs on Enolase show there is a way and is is cheap. They don't like cheap. The enolase is also the root cause for most every disease from cancers to the many illnesses they claim to not know were they come from or how to treat them for cure. Cure of anything for the AMA and Big Pharma is a Dirty Word as they seek poorly effective methods to keep people being continual Patients.

As the kill Castro Project got into the cancer and deuterium modality to trigger high enolase and rapid cancer death with Castro, this is what LHO learned from Oak Ridge and as LHO was a JFK agent----JFK was onto the high enolase driven health cover ups.

The Enolase health cover ups are both a racketeering issues as well as Crimes Against Humanity. It is also at the heart of the Jesus Lord's Supper food ministry and the Saving Grace by God the Essene and Jesus taught in the ancient times. This special religious deal would likely put the UK Royalists out of power and elevate the Catholic Church and the Jesus theme into a health Renaissance on par with the 2nd Coming.
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