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What happens when the UK's "God Complex" Royalists ran into JFK and their temple's deuterium secrets become public

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The "God Complex" causes a lot of problems.   It is well rooted into the UK's Royalists that claim the power to Rule from Family of Kind David's Throne and Solomo's temple hidden treasure secrets from God.

The Masons in the UK and even in the US make great deals out of Who Has The Power.   In 1649, in the UK a God Complex King wanted control of all and went against People's Freedom and Independence and did a total head labotomy on King Charles !   UK was trying to get free of overbearing Monarchy and ole King Charles 1 lost his head in a public exhibition.

Ref:   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_I_of_England

Lots of the run up for 1649's Freedom efforts obviously affected the American Blue Lodge  (3 degree Master Mason) Masons Freedom and Independence from England.

The UK's King friendly Masons started up in 1717 in London.

Ref:  https://www.theweek.co.uk/in-depth/91455/freemasons-who-are-they-and-what-do-they-do

When some of the Freer thinking US Masons came along and the Declaration appears ans from 1775-183 the US kicked England out of the US over many of the same wants that got Charles 1 headless.

Ref:  https://www.history.com/topics/american-revolution/american-revolution-history

But then in the US we got a lot of English bad deals that started the US Civil War from 1861 to 1865.

Ref:  https://www.battlefields.org/learn/articles/brief-overview-american-civil-war

Right after this Civil War that the UK Mason  friendly South lost, the despotic Albert Pike invents to Scottish Rite Masons to keep up Royalist Power in the US hidden in windowless Masonic Lodges, using blood and death Oaths, and all kinds of imagery that relish Solomon's Temple and the Royalist Right to Rule.   That is the "God Complex" that gets embedded ito SR Masons and Albert Pike's formula for long term US take over from within  deals using secrecy and doing US Insurrection using Masons.

Ref:   http://stevenhager.net/2012/08/03/the-truth-about-albert-pike/

The Pike S. R. Masons use the symbol of "Compass and Square" as one of their ID deals and that is the tools of the Stone Masons that built the religious temple of old.  Via that they call these builders as "The Great Architects" and that well linked to God.   The move SR Masons into indoctrination plays methods by telling that a Hiram Abiff was the Solomon's Temple was that Great Architect  and he held the Secrets of the God's.   They give everyone little passwords related to Temple of Solomon and get all used to their Codes.

In the 1717 period that was used to keep out Irish Catholic from being the King's buddies and infiltrating the UK's Royalist inner circles.

In the US version by Pike it is used to know the Pike Insurrection trained  S R Masons.  They use buildings with no windows, and floor space that get set up with Lodge leaders, and deals that emulate Solomon's Temple old entrance posts.   They claim their Masonic Craft began in that time by Practicing Real Stone Mason password tests and handshakes that gave them free travels for all the regions.

It goes on and on with  more Oaths and more acting skits and more passwords, all of it linked to old UK deals, Solomon's Temple's Royalist Kings and Queens dependency.  Tey'll dress up in clothing called Regalia, carry Swords, wear English Mil Hats, et al that matches the old Kings and Queens, Lords and Ladies as they bring back England's Rule and Power impressed on their followers.

Some of this attracts Police, Judges, Presidents, CIA agents, Jewish wealthy and the list goes on and on.  In the end it is a huge click that protects each other and gains hidden power structures.   They got very much into themselves as special and being the only entitled and blessed people to lead.  That happening the  US and its Govt disrupts the US's Freedom and Independence.  Masons were well known in WWII to send intelligence to Dulles in Switzerland.  33rd Mason Guy Bannister was Intelligence in New Orleans and screwed LHO and JFKL

Ref:  https://www.mof.org.au/articles/items-of-interest/62-the-forget-me-not.html

That is where the JFK Secret Society Speech joins in with exposing Masons Temple Builder Harry Truman and JFK wanting this Royalist Power and Control over the US Via SR Pike Insurrection methods removed.  Catholic JFK knew this was happening well, but the average controlled minds of Americans hardly knew this at all was happening and American was being Swallowed up from within by a bunch of insurrection Crooks.

In the great scheme of things, the old ways of the controlling God Complex types were being replaced by a New Idea and more human Essene Person  named Jesus.   Jesus and the Essene knew most of the valuable information from the God's Garden of Eden and they had just as much or more knowledge as the Temple Priests and they didn't keep secrets,   They taught people the good foods and the bad the same as the Garden of Eden's good health Gods passed on needed knowledge.

Jesus and the Essene's "kinder and gentler" ways caught on in the 2 nd temple period to the point that people consider them to have God's knowledge..  Jesus was respected by the Romans and they took up that kinder and gentler grace of God teaching.   Meanwhile the dethroned "God Complex" ruling gang of old was not happen and sought to get rid of Jesus and all his followers.

The old God Complex types entered into conflicts with Romans in 70 AD and the Romans killed many Temple followers and burned down the Temple and the Great Architect's Symbols.   They went on out to Masada and killed all there, and what were left were told to leave and never come back.

Over the centuries lots of this hate worsened, Empires Formed, much blood was shed.

Then came JFK who took on the most dangerous Empire backers in US existence.   They were numerous down South and they all came to Hate JFK for disrupting their way of Life and backing MLK and Civil Rights.  They were trained by the Highlander Center in Monteagle Tennessee in the Ghandi Methods for how India managed to free themselves from England.   The Highlander Center was then called Communists, they got ran out of Monteagle and into Knoxville, where lots more KKK-Masonic hate built.  Long after all that they landed in New Market Tn area and were finally cleared by  FBI's Edward H Moody of being illegal or Communists.   They just taught the Ghandi non-violent protest methods and became part of history.

JFK came up against the hardened Masons in the South like George Wallace.   That built more and more masonic hate as Mayors, Police, Judges, and elected officials were all Masonic Gang members.   The article below tells of the most dangerous racists in the US---and in Knoxville and Oak Ridge that fermented into the kill JFK deal, the kill MLK deal, the kill RFFK deal and many more.

What most are too slow to realize is that all that involved deuterium cover ups for Oak Ridge and Zionists,  that long sordid deal has now become the kill themselves deal.


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Pike, who I consider to be an insurrection type against the US, gets torn down.    Pike is burred at the Main Lodge in DC,,  just a short distance from the White House.

That Grand Lodge really needs to be removed also..   It is disturbing that Trump seems to back Pike and Churchill---as both were serious "snakes in the grass."


Masons caused a lot of problems, like the Indians that got forced relocation,  Masons likely need a like deal to stop troubles.   From the looks of things with Trump's vaccine's killing folks and this---Trump may need forced relocation also.   He has not delivered on the JFK hit knowledge that solves things.   He should have pardoned LHO as an innocent man.   He should of had the Criminal Warren Report as Fake News and discredited it all.

And Trump should have pulled the deuterium temple down on the Mason's heads.

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Most in the South, both Black and White, know this deal exposing Pike, Masons, and the US Truman Insurrection that JFK exposed has been long overdue.

The Masonic Creator's statues are being torn down. Albert Pike was a bit of a Monster Maker Imperialist out to save England's Royalists. Slavery began from Liverpool UK's Atlantic Triangle Slave trade route and made Liverpool's bankers rich.

Ole MLK, who used Masonic Lodge meeting sites, likely got all the Noble Pike emulations gang mad as MLK was backed by JFK. Everyone suspects the Pike allied KKK and Masonic Noble gang had MLK offed. If the news for the Blacks showed evil England was the Slave makers, the reparations would be in trillions and the Nobles of England considered monsters.

Pike was the Imperial  UK agent, in the US, that used SR Masons to keep Blacks down. The KKK has been criminalized and it needs to continue with all Masons in the US and really the world.

The Masons, down here in the South, hated JFK with a passion to kill him for endorsing MLK. It follows that Masons killed JFK as deuterium and UK's family / religious origins came into view as involved in hiding deuterium. Oak Ridge is the deuterium stock pile and all the Mason Nobles know it highly affects UK and they all were largely Masons that hated JFK.

Down South all the radical Masons wanted Catholic JFK dead, especially over the Civil Rights Protests and clashes   Everyone was armed to the top and it is a wonder a huge conflict did not break out.   One of the more serious events happened next door to Oak Ridge in Clinton, Tennessee.  There a school was blown up and destroyed and kids had to be bused to Oak Ridge for school.   That pushed the Oak Ridge and Knoxville Masons into a fever pitch to kill JFK and MLK.

When that happens next door to a nuke plant---the plant protection types go nuts.  They don't want any radical types pushing "BirdCage" nukes close together.  "Birdcages" are deals that keep fissile bomb materials separated and if anyone took that out and did some bowling, a huge mess would occur.  The plant would be shut down and all the city.    The tensions in Oak Ridge were way over the top

When JFK's LHO got the deuterium secrets for the CIA kill Castro Project, that was the last straw and these Masons went full attack mode to kill JFK.  The lead was Alvin Weinberg's  ORNL Mason Raymond W. Tucker, Sr. using his Army Air Core Buddy that had Giancana alliances to ship killers to Dallas---namely Nicoletti and two others.

One Oak Ridge Mason  knew and worked Jack Ruby to kill JFK and keep the 1st temple's big time Jewish deuterium issues secret.

The deuterium cover ups highly involve Masons in Oak Ridge's Y-12 plant, and doing that made major health crimes against humanity. As such, the damages to Americans, and greater world are immense and a trillion dollars is much too low.

JFK getting the deuterium secrets meant he would make good on cutting the Masonic Allan Dulles CIA into a million pieces, as well as Masonic run Oak Ridge and their fate would be like UK Charles 1---total decapitation of their criminal associations.

Masons need to be criminalized, as the KKK, except that much more serious, worse criminal acts, and massive reparation costs taxed to them, and in many cases Death Penalty prosecutions, and extensive criminal attributes to each of their criminal history backed by each members Oath.

Being a member of this group need to be an instant criminal offense for keeping their members crime's concealed, Backing Pike's take over of the US, Foisting Black hatred of former slaves, deuterium health damages, and was massive Organized crime racketeering.

Everyone has known this Pike deal was going to blow up in the Mason's faces, sooner or later, and the whole temple deuterium gang would come tumbling down on their very heads in a huge dramatic ending.

Now it is happening--enjoy the Show    qqq
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Clinton Bombing set off Oak Ridge and Knoxville Masons:



Just a few minites from Oak Ridge and basically the "Clinton LABS"that  became the Manhattan Project here.



Clinton became a hot spot in Civil Rights due to huge KKK and Masonic activity



These radical Events in Clinton were the warm up for the JFK and MLK hit:



From blown up Clinton high school to bullets in President's head in Dallas, and MLK in Memphis----the "God Complex" in action.



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Deep thoughts and an interesting read Jim, but not sure what your point is- The queen of the United States of England and the masons were involved?

Sum it up in a couple of sentences for a feckless dolt as myself? 

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You first---point this out precisely   "The queen of the United States of England and the masons were involved"

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?? Still unclear- the sentence in bold IS your point and I summed it for you?

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Ok, I give up.

I’ve seen Orville Stone’s JFK two and a half times and nearly finished Crossfire but I guess I need to delve deeper……

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