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Agent Oswald ?

Gil Jesus

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Deputy Buddy Walthers' report of what they found at the Paine residence during the search on Friday afternoon:


If the authorities found files indicating that someone associated with the residence was keep track of Cuban sympathizers, did the FBI follow this up ? Where are the files ? Why wasn't this published in the Commission's Report ? Was Oswald responsible for these files ? Was this what Oswald meant when he allegedly commented to police that "everybody will know who I am now " ?


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2 hours ago, Gil Jesus said:

Deputy Buddy Walthers' report of what they found at the Paine residence during the search on Friday afternoon:


I have always been fascinated with this part of Wlather's report:


This is so totally at odds with what Hosty described as his experience with Ruth Paine.



Mr. HOSTY. The next day was the 1st of November. I worked in the Fort Worth area in the morning and on my way back from the Fort Worth area at approximately 2:30 p.m., I stopped at the residence of Mrs. Ruth Paine, 2515 West Fifth Street, and identified myself as a special agent of the FBI,


I then told her the purpose of my visit, that I was interested in locating the whereabouts of Lee Oswald.


I asked her if she knew where he worked. After a moment's hesitation, she told me that he worked at the Texas School Book Depository near the downtown area of Dallas. She didn't have the exact address, and it is my recollection that we went to the phone book and looked it up, found it to be 411 Elm Street.
Mr. STERN. You looked it up while you were there?
Mr. HOSTY. Yes; that is my recollection that we looked it up in her telephone book to show it at 411 Elm Street, Dallas, Tex.


She told me at this time that she did not know where he was living, but she thought she could find out and she would let me know.

Mr. STERN. Anything else about your interview with Mrs. Paine?
Mr. HOSTY. Yes; after Mrs. Paine told me that she would try to find out where Lee Oswald was living, I then gave her my name and telephone number.


Mr. STERN. Mr. Hosty, at your interview on November 1 with Mrs. Paine, do you recall whether you asked her whether there was any telephone number that she knew of where Lee Harvey Oswald could be reached?
Mr. HOSTY. No, sir; I didn't ask her about a telephone number; no, sir.
Mr. STERN. And she didn't tell you?
Mr. HOSTY. She didn't volunteer. She told me she did not know where he lived.


Mr. HOSTY. Yes. Then on the 5th of November, I was on my way to the Fort Worth area, and stopped at Mrs. Paine's very briefly.

We went to the front porch. I rang the bell, talked to Mrs. Paine, at which time she advised me that Lee Oswald had been out to visit her, visit his wife, at her house over the Weekend, but she had still not determined where he was living in Dallas,


I didn't ask, and she didn't volunteer. Defies belief.

Steve Thomas

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