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Needed proof from Judyth Baker

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Judyth you once stated that you have proof.

What we get is words yours verses whoever it is that is so called attacking you.

So what is your best defense?

Monica Levinsky had proof of her affair it was a dress, now that is REAL EVIDENCE of the words she spoke.

What is your real hard evidence that you were ever with Lee H. Oswald?

NOT WORDS JUDYTH ANYONE CAN COME UP WITH WHAT YOU SAY. Look at books read up on the subject, ect. Fill in a few blanks. Yes, you know more than me that is for sure but where is your proof.

Now, most people who do have relationships tell a close friend, you have never done that? NEVER?

Most people that are involved come up with something?

Yes, you told me a few things.

Do you have a personal picture of LEE and you together holding hands walking in a park? At a party sitting on each others lap?

Do you have a letter from Lee stating his dire need to be with you?

Do you have a lock of his hair that can be proved that it is Lee?

I mean Judyth you come up empty handed.

I once did believe you but now I don't and to be blunt those cards don't truely show much except for a J on them. YEs, it proves that you knew him and did in fact cover for him. Well, Judyth that could be anyone to do that for him and not have a personal relationship with the man.

You were at a hotel and Clay Shaw let you go in under what name CLAY SHAW? That is it.........

Boy, now is that cover or what. You could have walked into the hotel on the same day Clay staw walked into it and knew he was there and he was having an affair?

WELL what ever he was into?

Yes, I know you said it was you that stood in the background in a certain picture that Lee was handing out Cuba phamlets. OK fine but that still doesn't prove that you were with him to know full blow out details of everything.

Tell me what was in the letter that Mary took and tore apart? From whom to whom was this letter. Lee to his wife or Marina to Lee? Date if you can remember it? One page or two? Did it state about you in the letter at all? Does Marina know about you ever? Did Lee ever tell her or not?

Well, Judyth I know how much goes around in usual lies when it comes to affairs that is for sure? A lot. Just look at what Clinton did to cover up for what Monica told a friend and then when to a dress to uncover a cover up?

Yes, you stated that Lee named a place that the two of wished to go and marry? Did Lee as of yet make arrangements for a divorce at that time?

Now, Judyth I don't do a lot of reading and that is better that I don't keeps me more open minded than get a fact from someone that doesn't have it straight that is why I really do wish at some time to talk to Marina? Not into depth but more to any or if any letter was writen between the two of them while being separated.

I do look for not half answers from you. You wish to be blunt with me OK I will repay the act equally to you. I have been nicer than you would ever dare to think I was. Really. Used by you perhaps I was. I did believe what you stated but Judyth you do have a tendancy to dodge the bullet of words and I am really getting tired of putting up with a lot myself of dodging all the bullets I go under as well. WORDS BULLETES THAT IS.

Most DO NOT BELIEVE YOU and when they do start to they too drop it after some time. This is a true fact. Unless you can prove beyond a question of a doubt you lost me even as a believer.

I have been hinting for you tell about the letter that was destroyed by Mary in front of you. You know Judyth that is very important information. IT SHOULD BE TOLD AND UP FRONT. If they have all ready destroyed your evidence well then lets it it back and it can be from one that is alive to tell it and while she is alive to tell Marina herself?

I look forward to hearing all the answers to all of these questions.

By the way, it still was fun looking up information and talking to the FBI because of the time cards. WONDER WHY the special attention? That to me Judyth is the only proof I told them to much to try to get the cards for you. That still ins't much to go on why? Because you could have overheard something that is why? NOT ENOUGH PROOF.


Marina will know?

That is for sure.

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I was asked to name what Mary am I referring too that many may not know who this is?

OK it is Mary Ferrell that I am referring too.

I hope Judyth comes back soon. But I will try to keep bringing this forward.

Yes, I am testing this to see if Judyth will actually answer. I know if she comes on she will see it for sure. But, if she doesn't then I guess I am wasting my time.

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I know you were on this forum last night. Saw that. I also moved this topic up as fast as I could so you would hopefully see it.

I keep doing this so there isn't a doubt in my mind as to you seeing this.

Now sure you go beyond to bring anything forward?

So giving this another chance and hopefully you will see this finally tonight and answer.

Many people stated new topics so fast and that kept moving the posting down and onto the second page.

Now, maybe tonight it will slow down and you can get a chance to see and read and hopefully answer.

I will not make any more excuses soon because I will be out of them FOR YOU.

I have so often in the past over to Uwe and if you don't believe me ask him? I have and he will tell you that as well. Maybe this and maybe that. ALWAYS given you full benifit of doubt.

One or two more times I will do this of bringing this forward for your convience to answer.

However, if at the end of it all you don't.

Judyth my decisions about you will be perminent and it will be on a negative listings as being honest by yourself to all of the story you tell.

I am going to add another question and this is it.

There was a time you told me privately that

and this is YOUR WORDS.

"I didn't know my right from my left when they were done with me, sometimes I still have a hard time even now."

Wish to clear that up as to what you meant by it?

I know what the words were prior to that and you made ME look like the fool

Judyth you don't and refuse to answer this thread it isn't me looking like a fool anymore it is you I am afraid to say this but very true.

Do I ask to hard of questions on proving an affrair.

I had asked you prior in an email

DO YOU HAVE PROOF and what your response to me was this,


What you showed me was you on the street and I don't doubt that was you some did. I did not.

But that is just that you knew and was there. Yes, you told me circumstances surrounding that. Again it is just a fact that YOU KNEW AND YOU COVERED FOR OSWALD PRIOR FROM THE TIME CARDS PERIOD AT REILY. That is all that this proves.

When a person is totally in love with someone they want a personal picture of the loved one. You were not married at the time so there was not any fear of anyone seeing the photo. Do you have a photo of Oswald that NO ONE HAS EVER SEEN BEFORE? That would be some proof as well.

A picture of the TWO of you together. Again that would be something more than just a public photo and the two of you standing apart and just a public function.

That is like going to a school dance and just being near someone and waiting and hoping to get a chance to talk to him. That is all that shows.

Now, to be FAIR TO ME which you should be.

Why Judyth did you tell me information that you never shared on the forum, then turn your back on me after wards?

Truefully I did nothing wrong to you at all. Also, I told you things heck you could post it up if you wished. I don't know if you passed it around to people or not. Well. Judyth I don't care if you had. KNOW WHY? I never kept a secret about anything in my life. WHY? Well, even in my own wrongs I always told the ones that needed to be told.

IF you did the same thing you should not have any problem telling people in the open more facts that you told me.

Tell about your fears of what they told you they would do to Oswald"s papers they stole.

You want to make friends again with Debra Conway. Well first of all Judyth how about being honest with yourself?

Sorry, guess my patience is getting out of hand again.

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Nancy, I feel sorry for you.

I foolishly befriended you when everybody over at Lancer was picking on you. have often felt sorry for underdogs. I was a mental health counselor for years and was certified by the State of Florida, District VI, in 1988.

I recognized that you had some serious problems and wanted to help you. I offered a friendly hand.

But it was hopeless. You often misunderstood what you heard and read and believed things happened to you that were impossible. You've gotten worse this past year.

Now you are trying to make people believe additional impossible things about me.

For example, you told Bob Vernon that I sent you an email (which you conveniently could not find) that I said I had been placed in a mental hospital and had gone through electroshock and tortured to forget Lee Oswald's name. You gave Mr. Vernon some shocking details. You gave him some "quotations"even.

I told you that I had worked for a psychiatrist, Dr. James Stuart of Hauser Clinic, and had WITNESSED electroshocks. I suppose I should not have used the word 'witnessed." That did NOT mean 'experienced them.'

You have some problems and need help, nancy. I tried to help, and eventually, you resented that.

You make up a lot of things.

I do not wish to embarrass you any more than I have. Tonight you exploded with similar junk on other newsgroups. You want me to answer Mr. Vernon's questions. the man deserves nothing but to be ignored. I privately gave my answers to several others to prove I knew the answers to his questions. I don not respect Mr. Vernon enough to answer him.

You posted tonight on another newsgroup that I lied to you. I could send people copies of your emails where you accused me of lying, and the emails to which you were responding to. They are ridiculous. You have problems understanding what you read, Nancy.

I befriended you because everybody picked on you and I felt sorry for you.

Do not force me to say more to defend myself.

Please see a doctor.

Best regards,

Judyth Vary Baker

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To anyone who accuses me of not having evidence:

Besides the documents and materials proving my proximity to Lee Oswald, I have

statements (made before witnesses) of several persons, not related to me, who say on film and on audiotape that they observed me and Lee together as lovers.

I also have supporting statements from my sister, yes.

These films and audiotapes in the hands of several honest researchers now. They have been released to be made available to researchers everywhere at no financial gain whatsoever to me. I gave them freely, just as I also gave up the deMohrenschildt tapes after selling one set to make enough money to send the tapes to be copied and then to send them out free to researchers everywhere, after they had been kept from the public by a selfish person for thirty years.

As I said, I am working to get the truth out.

My book will be out this year, with quotations from these living witnesses and supporting witnesses, as well. People can consult Martin Shackelford on how to obtain tapes and films of my witnesses.

Best regards to all,

Judyth Vary Baker

Edited by Judyth Baker
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I am glad that I gave that over to Vernon.

Very much so.

That is holding information that is called by law "withholding" a crime. WHY did you call me your friend and give me that kind of informationand expect me to stay silent over it?

That is NOT ANY FRIEND TO ME. One to get me into trouble.

Bob was right on this one.

He said to me it is serious and so did you.

Now, if you lied about Debra Conway then you lied too and about her.

IF you told the truth about Debra Conway then you were withholding serious crime activies. This is bad on both parts.


By my attorney I am not to go to the FBI and you knew I was worried about that.

Also, this is something that you should have turned in yourself.


I am grateful to Bob for posting it up and letting it out.

VERY much so. This he didn't do wrong he did right on.

I told him to keep it private and yes I was angry with him when he posted it.


I am not allowed to withhold information. This is what I am about and this is what I do. I am not sorry for what I have to do either. I HAD NO OTHER CHOICE.

You can't answer my questions here and the reason you can't answer them is because IT NEVER TOOK PLACE OF YOU AND LEE BEING LOVERS.

What did you tell me in the private email you just sent to me.

"I don't remember the building.' NOW JUDYTH I JUST GOT THE EMAIL FROM YOU.

TRY hard to remember PLEASE.

I am still counting on you to tell the whole truth.

THINK and relax. Name some people who were around you that you knew well.

I know you worked there a short time. YES< but Judyth I usually remember what a cafa, looks like. FOOD and Tables and where a bathroom is. How many floors a bulding has. YES this is what Vernon asked of you.


Think hard.

I am angry with you YES and I am knowing I would NOT wish to be in your shoes at any price for LOVER OR MONEY. But you have to think and answer and be honest.

Judyth you lied to me about your address and your email address.

Uwe told me if you moved out of the country you will not be able to have the same address. YOU LIED TO ME.

I have those emails for sure Judyth to prove it.

For you even ONE LITTLE LIE will kill your entire story. That is why I would not wish to be in your shoes now at this time.

If Debra Conway has put a law suit on you which you claim then you best start telling the truths about everything.

I am going to post up the time cards now.

Sorry Judyth to let them tell it then over you.

Let them judge your J on the card and let them

decide for themselves. I have to tell the facts and I am going to.

Even about those time cards. ALL OF IT.

What I went through and what you stated about them.

Oh did you give MATT a hard time too? WHY HE NEVER GAVE THEM OVER TO YOU?

He was smart I was stupid. I thought I was doing something good.





I also told enough to the man who got the cards looked up for me. YES< I DO KNOW HIS NAME HE HELPED ME OUT AGAIN THE NEXT TIME I WENT TO NARA.

Now, as to you feeling sorry for me. NO I WON'T SAY THAT ABOUT ME.

I feel sorry for you, instead.

Mr. Simkins please don't erase this thread. WHY Judyth would hope it would be.

So these questions can be taken off that she can't asnwer after all what we are really looking for is the truth and not the misrepresented stories that some wish to plant for what ever reasons.

Yes, Judyth it is also on another forum. ALSO and I don't think they erase threads there at all.

Yes, you could post up my emails to you and we can go back and forth but now I have to say my final decisions about you as for me I am feeling good about those decisions I have made and it wasn't easy on me either. I am GLAD that I gave those emails over to Vernon. I am glad I do tell the truth and I am glad I don't hide facts.


I also told you Judyth that you are a public person. You said you never thought of yourself as that. Well, Judyth when you go on film and you tell a story out to the world you better have facts straight and also know that you are up for questioning especially when this is so hard to PROVE.

When you give silent informations out to people and wish for them to be your friends then it better be a private family issue and not one that is aboout breaking the law or laws type of issues.

Don't expect me to go down to a level of breaking the law. SORRY that is not my defination of being a friend.

When I talked to Bob about it WHY did you do this.

He told me it was the right thing to do of what i did by turning it over to him.


Yes, I knew he probably would. He would also know if he held it then he would be also breaking the law of withholding information of a crime. OR statements that are a crime of which you made.

Back to the past on the statement.

UWE may have read that email. He remembered it.

That means if he can remember me showing it to him then he is a wtiness to what you are calling me a xxxx on.

HE knew for sure I told him. But I put him into Via remote with me and let him see some of the emails and made him promise NEVER to make any copies of them.

I DID DO THAT MORE THAN ONCE AND IT WAS ON SOME THAT YOU TOLD ME TO KEEP PRIVATE. Judyth this is far to serious of issues to keep to ones self and expect anyone to be adbiding to your style of doing things. NOT MY CUP OF TEA EITHER BUT THIS IS WHAT I MUST DO GIVE FACTS. If you never wished to give info then Judyth you should NEVER HAVE TOLD ANYONE ANYTHING EVER.

Uwe said to me Nancy I know you are telling the truth.

I am even NOW telling the TRUTH.

I did tell you that I whispered next to the agent and what I had said. HE did hear me. HE ANSWERED ME.

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Judyth I am still rooting for you even if you think I am not, I don't know why but I am.

But I don't know why now. You beat a person down when they do right.

By any lawyer's terms I did what was right in the eyes of the law. What you should have done and I MEAN THIS ONE.

IS to go to a private investigator with the informaion and as much proof as you could show him and turned this inside out yourself. YOU DID NOT EVER DO THAT.

Then you judge someone who tries to get it out.

NOT GOOD by anyone's standards.


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IS to go to a private investigator with the information and as much proof as you could show him and turned this inside out yourself. YOU DID NOT EVER DO THAT.

I went to Sixty Minutes, they hired private investigators, I have emails proving they did not walk away from the story. Enemies arose, they were blocked from higher up. I am still on good terms with Sixty Minutes, who also paid me for lost wages, I have the check copies, something they would never have done if I had been the slightest thought dishonest. They knew i was telling the truth.

Don Hewitt said so on C-Span.

Nigel Turner took 38 hours of film and condensed it into 44 minutes. He interviewed dozens of supporting witnesses. He interviewed me for two weeks, every day, all day. He ended up for the first time ever devoting an entire MEN WHO KILLED KENNEDY to ONLY my story. Because he saw the evidence. He also understood why it should not be published.

Do you know how many people's lives have been ruined over this?

Mine has been, yet you demand what you do not understand, and over which blood has been shed.

You have not gained my trust or you would have seen why it has to be protected, why the witnesses need protection.

People were scared spitless to be seen as witnesses. One received a threat from the Mafia.

any more ideas?

You still have a job. I lost mine speaking out. An FBI employee complained and after 17 years of teaching, my teaching career was wrecked because now I am a 'notorious' character who 'had a love affair with an accused assasssin.'

You still have a car. Mine was totalled in an 'accident' in Dallas that destroyed my health. A second 'ACCIDENT' ruined any chance of being healthy again. Two car in cidents. Two brain concussions. By the grace of God, I'm still alive.

I had to sell my third car because I rec'd a death threat and left the country. Overseas, I wasn't harrassed, followed, pestered, hounded, but I am very lonely and miss my family.

You have your daughter and family and a job. Be grateful and leave me alone.

I have had to sell everything, just to pay rent in a foreign country. And at my age and now in poor health, I have to look on with amazement as you demand that you will not ait for the book coming out this year, but demand everything NOW.

I know you have a car, a job, family nearby, you can walk well, you can see well, you do not have daily headaches and memory problems, and you have opportunities to go to the Archives that I never had. I had to leave the country after being harrassed and threatened and terribly miss my friends and children and grandchildren. I'm paying a price. Demand away, you'll get no more trust or answers from me.

I have already placed everything in the hands of TRUSTED people. That is NOT you.

It is not meant at this time for publication on the internet, so go ahead, carry on because I'm not doing as you want. David Weaver, John McAdams, Dave Reitzes, and Bob Vernon. Those are your friends, I hope they treat you well.

You have not earned my trust, on the contrary, you handed over emails I wrote to you to Bob Vernon, and just recently, you sent out some more. God knows why. You are your own worst enemy.

Judyth Vary Baker

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ELDRETH WROTE>>>>Judyth you lied to me about your address and your email address.

Uwe told me if you moved out of the country you will not be able to have the same address. YOU LIED TO ME.

Uwe (David Weaver) hasn't told you the truth, if that's what he told you. I moved, but I pay for a server to keep my old Holland email address. I have my mail forwarded to me from my old address as a friend lives there now. I kept my Holland bank account but that doesn't mean I live there any more than my Dallas bank account means I live there.

People have been getting my emails quite awhile describing the country I now live in, and that includes the weird food. I have had to eat a LOT of squash and pumpkin here.

You call me a xxxx as easily as you blow your nose. Go ahead and believe what you like. My REAL friends know I am not lying when I said I moved.

Find somebody else to accuse of lying. I am surprised John is allowing you to carry on like this.


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Subj: private and confidential --but I know that means nothing to you

Date: 1/6/2005 11:35:22 PM Eastern Standard Time

From: elect63@xs4all.nl

To: NEldreth@aol.com

Sent from the Internet (Details)

I said tell the the

truth SHE SAID NO. =

Nancy, that is a lie.

Sorry Judyth you got me on this one. I haven't any ideal what tense and from where you get this one because it is out of context.

You have told other lies, too.

Judyth NO I HAVE NOT. I got one thing wrong and I made it public when I did.

You actually told Vernon I had been placed in a mental institution and

had electroshocks and was told not to remember Lee's name and got


What an imagination you have, and how destructive you are. I wrote Ionly

OBSERVED somebody getting an electroshock. You mix everything up. You

cannot be relied upon to get things straight, nor can you be relied upon


be a faithful friend.

OK now on this one. I added the ONE LINE I REMEMBER and Uwe may have seen the emails Judyth. MOST OF THEM I LET SOMEONE SEE. MOST OF THEM and he was via remote with me and I let him see many and with the promise NOT to make copies while he is VIA remote with me. NOt sure he can. So Judyth Uwe does remember this and is a bit hazy if it was me telling him about it much sooner than it came out even. I thougth for sure I kept it and I have the ones that surround it and it does tocuh upon them. Sorry but it is thin ice here all the way around. Thin Ice for you that is. Vernon talked to me on the phone about it too. I told him the one line I do rememmber so well when you got out. NOW as to my imagation. WHY don't you answer the questions Judyth? Just simply answer them. YOU CAN"T CAN YOU BECAUSE IT NEVER HAPPENED? Guess so or you would have answered them and all were NICE and easy questions.

I indeed remember a lot of details about the layout at Reily's. I do not

remember as many as I used to because of my head injuries. I also do not

respond to Mr. Vernon because he is a confirmed xxxx.

Did you ever deal Judyth with a dective asking you questions they twist the story in front of your face over and over again. They keep asking the same questions over and over again and they hope you sliip. Well Bob Vernon many a times does that style. You just sort of slipped a bit here. YOU REMEMBER BUT ALSO YOU FORGET AT THE SAME TIME. BOTH JUDYTH and Sorry you can't have it both ways. FORGET or REMEMBER which is it????? SO if you remember then answer the questions. It is that simple. We don't believe you because you never answer the questions and that causes us as much grief as it causes you I am sure that is IF YOU ARE TELLING THE TRUTH.

You now say I told you I refused to tell the truth. That is a lie. I am

ashamed of you and very sorry I ever wanted to be your friend, which was

because other people were picking on you.

I am never ashamed first of all. NEVER of anyone or of myself. What I am is frustrated with your lack of care to be open and just answer the questions and or the NOT wish to because of your book. By the way patience is a vertue and you seem to cause me to have loss of it and you have done lost it.

I have always tried to be nice to people who had no friends. I have to

say I've usually been punished for it, just like now.

IS this what caused you to care for Lee H. Oswald too. Because his marriage is on the rocks and you hit the rebound. Just wondering here?

You said you'd never send my private emails to anybody, but you did. Now

you've sent the rest you had. What a sense of honor you have.

Judyth I have far to many emails of yours to send out. That would take a lot of time and I don't have a lot of time on my hands with a full time job and the problems mounting on what they are trying to get into trial and make come out. SO I am busy. Tonight I haven't slept a wink and last night was only a few hours. Yeah doing this to myself again grief and worry usually does this but this is something that needs to be clearned and cleared up about you and what is going on here? As far as honor YES I do think I have that. YOu would like me down because you can't and won't answer simple questions but I have honor. Where is yours of truth to answer these easy questions in this thread?

I thanked you for getting Lee's time cards. I haven't been able to

thank you for anything since then, because all you've done since then is

break your word.

Again the gravity of the situations is what makes the move. YOU were agressive and you lied to me about the address the move all of sudden. Judyth be surprised of what I have kept still in emails from you. NO I haven't sent them all out but Uwe saw most of them. I am not going to weigh on this situation alone. He kept them to himself like he told me he would. BUT just to let you know HE DID SEE A LOT OF THEM and enough to know I am not telling falsehoods. This is why now he backs me many times. You have cause Uwe and me to be at stress many times. I know you did appoligize to me for that. But it was MANY TIME MORE AFTER THAT. I kept picking up for you to him. HE wished he never gave over your email address to me. I am not I am glad he did but not so glad to go through some of this with you.

People should know you cant be trusted with anything.

I am sending copies of this to people but you will not know to whom. I

am advising tyhem that you should not be trusted with ANY private


OH now Judyth this is the reason I am posting this up for this one sentence. THIS IS A THREAT. IS this what you do to others? IS IT JUDYTH? BE aware that Judyth baker is after me and it is big time now. YES judyth I am making fun of you and this is one you should never have written. You should thnk of how this really looks on the screen to people. Sending out BULK MAIL is what made Uwe angry with you on what you did to him. YOU DID THIS TO MANY. GEE are we puppets at your string control and you pull the strings on how we are to be acting for your proformances. ARE WE?

How would you feel if I sent your private emails to other people? I

still have not done that, despite what you've done to me.

[color=green Again Judyth this is a threat. I don't care if you do that. NO PROBLEM WITH ME EVEN THOUGH I GAVE YOU PERSONAL INFORMATION. :BY the way remember what you said about it and I really did scratch my head over it. I am in grief and all you saw was a good novel of my life in what I wrote to you. Then you complemented my writing. GEE how nice. Well, Judyth I am honest with my family about things I do, I am honest with the chruch on things i have done wrong, I am honest with people who deserve to be treated fairly and with love and care. If I did somethng wrong I admit it but YOU NOW That is another ball park. YOU can't answer the questions and you can't tell the truth of hidden facts that are important enough to looked into by a proper investigator. SO Judyth don't cry spilled milk when it happens. IF you don't wish for something to be told then DON'T TELL IT.

You will never receive another email from me again. You are now in the

category of Reitzes, Weaver, and Vernon, who have all lied about me.

Now Judyth who is going to be next on your list of poeple to put into this category? Anyone that sees you make mistakes will be the answer to that. I picked up for you with Uwe/Weaver, Vernon I also did many times MORE PRIVATE THOUGH, Reitzes on Lancer to the point he even said, if it is proven then he would change it looks forward to your book. Now me why because I sent an email out and did remember something you stated. I backed down only because I could not find the email but I did find the ones surrounding it and they touch upon it.

Nobody will trust you again, Nancy. I should have listened to people

when they first told me not to trust you. I thought you had a reading

problem. I did not realize it extended way past that.

WRONG again Judyth this is what made me so angry with you on the bulk mail and a reading disorder. I don't have at all and told a fact about me that wasn't true. It is about time I address this publically. How would you like if I said well they placed her into a menal fac. and she needed to go. Judyth I never ever said that to anyone and never will.

You write "peace' at the end of your messages. So does Bob Vernon. Hope

you enjoy that kind of 'friend' because that's the only kind you're

going to have left because nobody can trust you.

Peace is a lovely word to end posts with. I also end SO SO many with GOD BLESS YOU and Take care and other additions as well. Maybe you should end them with peace be with you as well. Maybe you would feel better in the end.



OK Judyth to sum this up. I don't like threats and don't threat them kindly from anyone not even from you. I am tied of feeling belittled by many. NOW YOU. I don't care I will pick myself up and dust myself off and get into the groove of it again. This is posted up because of that. Also Judyth I think the public should see what I have really dealt with you on the side with. HOW YOU ARE and anyone that wishes to see any email that you were go good to deliver I wil send it off too.

Judyth I am open and honest with most. IF you slug you will get slugged back and that is the way this goes with you. I have explained how I felt in many a email and have triied to deal with you.

DO you know what Dankbaar really says about you? DO YOU?

Do you know what many think about you? Really? I don't thnk you do.


I told you that you were your own worst enemy and I do mean just that. Your head injury was years ago now. DID YOU HAVE A CAT SCAN? Because if it does effect your memory and your visions that should be looked into. Judyth most of the emails we had were about care and you are the one that turned with a drop of a hat and on a dime. Those expressions are just about as good as a summary as I can say.

You drive things into the ground and you then step on it. Well, Judyth I don't feel you so above me that you can put God's judgement on me as you did in one email as well.

All you have to do is simply answer some simple questions and you don't. YOU CAN'T and that is the real truth of the matter. BEcause I have a feelng you were with Lee one or two times he used you in a rebound situations and you ad lived for a novel. YOu may know some facts you picked up from books. DId Robert know about you? I doubt it. Did Marina Know about you? I doubt it.

Now you belittle me well Judyth if you can't answer the questions then why in the world did you think you could pass even the most simple minded reseacher and expect us to take the adbuse from you and take the lies you make up with it.

Tosh doesn't believe you? I doubt if Files ever heard of you? Yet Files knows of Ferrie and you say that too. WELL JUDYTH. I don't know. Most on this forum do NOT BELIEVE YOU and if you thnk they do your just kidding yourself. THEY DON'T.


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JUdyth I am glad I let the email you sent me out for them to see.

I have over and over again picked up for you and most that read my posts and know me know this to be true.

NOW why would I turn isn't because of me it is because you don't and still don't answer simple little questions.

DO YOU HAVE PROOF? You told me in an email you did.

So I asked if you had any letters from Lee.


John McAdams I don't know never wrote to him ever. NOR has he ever written to me. Don't know where he lives and or anything else.

BOb Vernon and i on and off fight.


Dave Weaver asks you simple questions you do the same thing to him.

I like Dave and yet we went into most of our arugements about you.

I pick up for you.

Judyth, I don't care what you do. Nigel Turner well he is on the run Judyth and i have your email on that one. Sad I did lose his answer. I may have sent it over to you.

I am glad you have some good standing but Judyth if you continue to down people then they are going to turn on you as well.

Better you had kept it private between the two of us than what you have done by making it go onto the fourm.

I am glad it is on because people do need to see how you are. YOU think you are above us and hate to tell you this you are not.

Maybe you should have thought things through before you ever spoke up about being Lee's lover and all of this joke.

When I named to go back to your family and back into the country you snapped at me. OK fine. Don't you know if they wanted to do anyone in they can get to them most anywhere. EVen now where you are. EVEN FOR ME.

I have my family JUDYTH GET REAL.

My son may be going to prison over this thing, my daugher was raped over this and I am at a loss. SO DON"T GIVE ME THIS I HAVE IT BETTER THAN YOU. By the tip i got I may have two weeks to two months to live.

Maybe you forget more than you know. I get threats too.


So Judyth tell your story and help it out and not just the parts that you thnk should go because without backbone of who wants to kill you and behind it YOU DON"T HAVE A STORY>



Debra ////////////


The paper torn in front of you about Lee????????????

David Lifton??????????????????

What do I want from you Judyth is the FULL truth not the litlle half of it, that won't do my family any good.

YEs, I have a job. I barely can do it.

My legs hurt and I don't tell it

My arm hurts because of pins in it


what does that have to do with this Judyth on your cry?




That is why I am losing patients with you and many all ready have.

ME TO GO AWAY. Judyth you are AWAY.


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Please take this off the forum.

If you have a beef with Judyth do it in private.

This forum is for serious research.

Please understand. If Judyth is lying it will come out.

You were friends, now enemies, this is sad to see.

Why did you "go over to Vernon" when you know he is Judyth's enemy???

You did even tell me Vernon is "deep throat", which is just crazy Nancy. You are smarter than that. You must know better.

You have a lot o f knowledge, this I know from our private talks and emails.

I do hope and pray that you and Judyth can mend this problem.

I have tried to help you Nancy- (at your request)- but it did not work out. I cannot help that. I tried.

In the spirit of forgiveness, please stop this.


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My son was arrested because of this JFK part and pressure was put on him.

My daugher was raped and we have the reports to prove this. Nothing was done in the state of PA at that time to help her out.

Dawn you don't know all of this to impossible to tell you all of it in just short hours and Judyth knows all of it. She is afraid Dawn that is all, just plain out afraid.

WE are all being threatened and to the full limit and YES nerves are on ends right now.

IF this is taken off of the forum we lock up truths rather than get them out.

THIS is the Wrong position to play now.

All of these reports are for REAL and just before my son on Christmas night did this attack on my daughter he asked me if I was going to give up on working for dead presidents. THAT IS WITH AN S at the end. He is referring to Nixon and also JFK. Dawn just center on one thing now, what I told you and what you heard and was surprised to hear me say this. "the same group that set Nixon up is the same group that killed JFK." Now, you have your souces and they are silent ones. THIS IS GOOD and I glad that you know those words to be very true because they are.

Dawn, Judyth fears for the thruth of what she knows to come out. She is afraid they will get rid of all of Lee's hidden documents. THEY CAN"T NOW. I keep telling her that because to many are named. They know the finger is pointed at them and this NOW IS A VERY CRITICAL TIME.

My son tipped me that they will kill all of us and our protection is gone now. Then on the same night he had to by more force than I ever saw attack my daugher.

This is BAD and it is also crazy for me to say this is also GOOD. Good because it gets the PA police and the DEL police to work together. To get the ones behind all of this. IF all goes well. THIS IS A VERY BAD GROUP AND NOT GOOD TO DEAL WITH. WHen they attacked my daughter she heard in the background this one was a prior incident that Spector paid for this. TO MANY LEADS TO THE TRUTH.

I don't have a family and this is very very bad. IT is wearing on all of us. Dawn truth sometimes comes with much pain and without it there is NO GAIN. You are in a position of cross examinations well right now you should well understand that is just that.

Judyth Baker is holding back for FEAR and in that keeps a BIG TRUTH FROM COMING OUT to the surface. SHe knows full well what I am talking about.

IF she doesn't give the antidote there will be no solution. WE NEED THE ANTIDOTE AND to fullfill the soluntion for the case of JFK to be SOLVED ONCE AND FOR ALL.

I think the world of Judyth and told her when she was so upset that I wish I could hold her I knew she was crying and I know her way of writing enough to know in several of the posts on top she was crying all the way through it.

IF she doesn't tell it they will KILL US and they may go for her as well. WRitning on the forum is right now MY BEST FREIND IN THE WORLD. IT CAN AND COULD SAVE OUR LIVES.

YES< if anyone needs this I will go to my son and get the police report from him and make a copy of it and also make copies of my daughers reports from the medical examinations. FINE no problem this is as REAL AS IT GETS.

I need Judyth right now and she needs us more than she even knows. SHE HOLDS ONE BIG KEY. THAT KEY and YOU know this too is also a very small part put into your own knowledge as well. THOSE TWO OF YOU HOLD THIS.

Dawn, I know this is frighening and most of the time here lately I am in shock of what is going on. NOT THE FORUM but in the real world of this.

I need Judyth right now to help us out VERY VERY MUCH SO. ALSO FOR HERSELF.

Dawn she knows most of the things they did to my daughter because I told her some months back. BUt this is now getting worse.

WE HAVE TWO WEEKS TO TWO MONTHS. The unspoken words are what worries me. The sentence before this was OUR PROTECTION IS GONE NOW. So you add up what that means. THey tell them what to say to me and know I will figure it out


Mr. Simkins knows my feelings and he knows I do wish to respect the forum but more than the forum I RESPECT THE RIGHT TO LIVE IN PEACE and with threats on us we won't live they will and they mean it kill us off onc by one. YEs, the police are beinging to know more facts. They made me talk to a shrink for my daugher and they talked to her as well. Also gathered up other facts from all over in just one night. THEY WERE VERY IMPRESSIVE the DELAWARE CHAPTER OF POLICE. PA they dropped it. Who is the Senator Arlen Spector. Who was named to my daughter the night of the first big major attack well it was Arlen Spector. HE as stated to have paid for it.

Judyth was told that they wanted all of what was in James FIles letter from her. SHe didn't know and didn't even know who James Files was I never told my daughter the name of the prisoner and she would never let me tell her facts about it either. So, when I told Judyth this for the first time she said I think I am beginning to beleive in the James Files story from this. I have that email from her.

IF she continues to go the wrong direction and NOT TELL THE FACTS NOW she will and could very well be harming all of us. SHE HAS TO TELL THE MORE OF WHAT SHE TOLD ME IN PRIVATE.

Bob Vernon takes a side and he is both directions to be what he needs to be. I think there is a lot of strngs on him and he is being pulled to do what he must DO.

Just like I am being pulled to do what I must do. Just like poor Judyth is over there crying her eyes out and wondering why I am being so mean when I was so kind to her. I am being what I must be. SHe is needed for what she must do now.

Very much so.

Judyth PLEASE THINK HARD AND TAKE A GOOD NAP AND WHATEVER but THINK OF WHAT COULD HAPPEN> I REALLY DON"T WISH TO DIE and I want my family back. THEY WILL KILL HER and they did many threats to her in many ways. SO far they are right on. I was there when my son did this and he is gentle and this is not easy for me to take. I screamed and he didn't even stop and NO HE WASNT DRUNK. Also they told her on Christmas day they would kill her well she was attacked and I told Vernoln this information not to long ago. He would be the one to know I am right on this.

So, Dawn you wish for peace on this so do I. You wish for the truth to come out so do I. To cover this is to take a gun and kill us all now. The best exposure to this coming out is the best way to get things done and keep the bad guys hands tied so they have a harder time to get away with it. YES it stirs them up and they get hot under the color so what, they did the crimes and I wish for them to pay the time. NOT LET THEM GET AWAY WITH IT ALL THE TIME.

So, Judyth I do hope you will come to grips you know this is true or I have to question what side are you on? GOOD OR BAD it is one or the other. I believe you to be good but I will know soon won't I.

I hope I never have to say on this forum they did it they killed my daughter and or my son. So Judyth it is up to you now. I have said my peace about this. Now it is up to you to tell the hidden facts you know and have heard and have seen and have witnessed. PLEASE DO.

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With all due respect, after all everyone has been through on this forum, I find myself dismayed to see one member making demands of another member for any reason. I fail to see how that can be of benefit to anyone.

In Judyth's case, you know some of what she has been through and that she hopes to have her book published and available in the near future. With circumstances as complex as Judyth's are, I hope that you can see that allowing her to produce a product where she is in charge is the best and maybe the only way to appropriately assess her statements.

There is so much that still needs definition in the assassination. I really hope that you will find an area where you can contribute.

Pamela :)

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