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Richard Cain In Mexico City

David Boylan

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This doc has some new names that are now unredacted - Warren Dean and Horace Speed. The third version in the MFF DB has them redacted.


Cain was a source for DCD's Horace Speed. Seems he reported on the FPCC in Chicago and on members of the DRE in their weapons purchases. He also claimed he worked for Task Force W.


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Unfortunately still not new other than the redactions, I was working off Cain documents fifteen years ago from NARA.  They showed him as a source on Cubans in Chicago and offering numerous times to work for the CIA in Mexico City, to collect information either in person or electronically.  The CIA turned him down every time over issues with the possibility he would be shopping information to multiple "clients" and for background issues related to Chicago and likely criminal connections there. 

I suspect that at least was a good call by the CIA,  Cain was shopping himself pretty widely and in doing so made lots of claims that were hard even for agencies to check. 

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