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David Talbot on We Have a Right to Our History of the JFK Assassination

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David Talbot posted this on Facebook:
We Have a Right to Our History... I've come out of holiday hibernation briefly to help spread the word about the mounting pressure on President Biden to release ALL of the CIA documents on President Kennedy. Tucker Carlson of Fox News has reported that according to a source who has access to the CIA files, they confirm that the spy agency was involved in the assassination of JFK --- "a coup d'etat from which the country has never recovered," commented RFK Jr. No matter what you happen to think of Carlson (personally I regard him as a scumbag who occsionally tells the truth) or Bobby Kennedy Jr. (whom I regard as a friend who has done much in service of the truth, but with whom I disagree on his vaccination politics)... the awful truth about November 22, 1963 seems to be on the brink of coming out.
And the liberal corporate media is working hard with the intelligence community to make sure the truth remains hidden. Don't be hoodwinked by the New York Times and all the rest, when these media institutions try to uphold the threadbare story about "lone gunman" Lee Harvey Oswald -- who was actually working for the CIA and on whom the agency amassed a large file before the assassination.
The liberal media routinely ridicules conspiracy theorists -- and because the media doesn't do its job of thoroughly investigating power in America, the press has encouraged the growth of the most far-out conspiracy mongering. But some of these conspiracy "theories" are demonstrably true. That's the way power prefers to operate -- in secret.
-- Yes, Virginia, the Johnson administration (and the mainstream media) hoodwinked the American people about the Gulf of Tonkin incident that led to the tragic escalation of the Vietnam War.
-- Yes, the Nixon administration lied about its secret assault on the Constitution that led to Watergate.
-- Yes, the Reagan administration covered up its secret dealings with Iraq and the Contras.
-- Yes, the George W. Bush administration lied about the WMD -- a lie that paved the way to the disastrous Iraq War.
The list goes on and on. Government agencies and corporations lie to us all the time. They cover up. They CONSPIRE. If it weren't for a few brave journalists and congressional investigators, we'd know next to nothing about how power in this country really operates.
So, yes, it's time to demand the full truth about the JFK assassination -- and all the political violence that changed the course of history in this country in the 1960s. And when we truth-seekers get called "conspiracy freaks," turn the argument on our accusers. THEY'RE the cowards or collaborators who want to keep the truth hidden.
PS... Know the CIA officials below: they conspired to kill JFK and cover up his murder. Allen Dulles (getting a medal pinned on him by JFK after he fired the agency chief); and from top to bottom, Richard Helms, James Jesus Angleton and William Harvey.
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Nice job  by Mr. Talbot.


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