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Outside Political Pressure From Washington Controlled Oswald Transfer

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Dallas Police Detectives claim that "outside political pressure from Washington" insisted Oswald be given exposure. That "world exposure" was at the cost of security, which resulted in Oswald's death.



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So obvious!

"They" kept wanting to put Oswald in exposed situations.

Publicly announcing even a "general" daylight time and place Oswald movement plan?

One which generated an Oswald threat yelling crowd just across from the DPD basement exit ramp?

Shoving, jostling, yelling, camera cable tripping press crowds right inside the DPD building with Oswald being pushed through that circus?

This was "the opposite" of even the most basic common sense rules of police detained suspect physical security.

Especially the security of the "most threatened" criminal suspect in American history!

Of course, resulting in the absolute "worst" security failure result in American police history.

The murder of Oswald right inside the DPD's own building.

The whole Oswald security failure event was so improbably and impossibly illogical...it "forced" tens of millions of Americans to instantly suspect inside complicity and lose faith and trust in our entire criminal justice system.

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