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The Newly Renovated CIA Museum

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12 hours ago, Joseph Backes said:

When I click on the link Douglas posted I get bounced right back here.  Anyone else?

So, one thing on the CIA museum ( which is not open to the public ) is this - https://www.pbs.org/video/secrets-on-display-1680905113/


Thanks for the correction, Joseph. What you found and posted is what I attempted earlier to post.

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Not off-topic, here's one of the IC's public education projects, DC's International Spy Museum, a lovely venue where former officers and agents can collect lecture fees, flog their memoirs, and influence opinion.  I'm betting old spies can pull adoring, late-life hook-ups from among the groupies:

And, as a public service, "a virtual teacher professional development workshop to examine the crucial role intelligence played leading up to, during, and following the events of" 9/11.  Features "classroom activities and resources to assist them in teaching this important and complex event in our nation’s history."

Visit this chewy little nougat online, or in person: https://www.spymuseum.org/


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