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Fox News Host Suggests The Republican's Obvious True Hope For RFK Jr.s 2024 Election Candidacy.

Joe Bauer

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Fox News co-host of the "Five", "Dana Perino" came right out yesterday and publicly stated on this show what everyone knows is the hope for and support of RFK Jr.'s presidential run candidacy by the Republicans next year.

Perino: "He ( RFK Jr. ) should run as a 3rd party candidate."

Her fawning over RFK's Jr.s viability in this role revealed what the Republican's truly hope will happen. Thinking RFK Jr. could do to the Democrats next year what Ross Perot did to George H.W. Bush in the 1992 presidential election.

Perot garnered 19.2 % of the votes in that election. Pulling away many more Republican voters than Democratic party ones.

Perot's candidacy created a plurality only win for Bill Clinton.

RFK Jr. must know that a 3rd party candidacy run by him next November will guarantee a Republican victory in 2024 with the same vote pulling mathematical model that framed the 1992 Presidential election voting results.

Everyone knows this will be the results. 

RFK Jr. already looks like he could easily pull 10 million votes if he runs as a third party.

And he is also clearly framing himself as an alternative to a two party candidate choice election.

And RFK Jr.s stating he won't support the Democratic candidate next year if it isn't him is just as ominous as his possible third party candidacy run regards likely dooming the Democratic party to losing this election.

What is RFK Jr. really trying to do with his candidacy that can only hurt the Democratic party next November?

Trump praising RFK Jr. makes RFK Jr. proud?

As Dallas/Oak Cliff used car salesman Ted Callaway shouted to a supposed Lee Harvey Oswald running from the J.D.Tippet shooting scene a block away from him around 1:PM on 11,22,1963, ...

" Hey man, what the hell is going on?"



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  • Joe Bauer changed the title to Fox News Host Suggests The Republican's Obvious True Hope For RFK Jr.s 2024 Election Candidacy.

I don’t know, do you really think RFK Jr. will pull more Democrat votes than Republican as a third party candidate? I feel like the vaccine stuff alone will deter the vast majority of “mainstream” Democratic Party voters. 

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