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CNN Trumpets Biden's Release of JFK Records

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National Archives concludes review of JFK assassination documents with 99% made public

By Sam Fossum, CNN
Published 9:41 PM EDT, Fri June 30, 2023
CNN — 

The National Archives has concluded its review of the classified documents related to the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy, with 99% of the records having been made publicly available, the White House said Friday.

“This action reflects [President Biden’s] instruction that all information related to President Kennedy’s assassination should be released except when the strongest possible reasons counsel otherwise,” White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said Friday.

President Joe Biden released a memo Friday certifying that the archivist had completed the review in May and affirmed the remaining documents authorized to be declassified had been released to the public – meeting a previously set June 30 deadline.


I wondered how the media would play the Biden snuff job on the JFK Records, if mention was made at all. 

CNN has become a state-propaganda outlet---how else to say it? 

The JFK Records having been snuffed, next up:  The RFK Jr. campaign. 



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8 hours ago, Charles Blackmon said:

The snuff job is probably legal because of that rider that GHWB insisted be included in the Records Act, as a previous poster reminded us all.

Schnapf says Bush's rider is meaningless. 

As a layman, I concur. 

There is such a thing as "black letter law." That is, one cannot construe a law to mean something other than what it literally says, even if in informal practice people have made exceptions.

This popped up in California years ago, when Wall Street types were doing large real estate transactions, but without having real estate brokers' licenses. The law was that you had to have a license to act as a broker, and the law was upheld, even though Wall Streeters had been doing large transactions for years. 

A chief executive can put out a statement on what the legislation says, but what matters is what the legislation says. 

Of course, what really matters is that Biden can get away with this snuff job, and he has. 

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