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Despite what Morley wrote the DIA did not destroy all of their records.  

DIA documents have RIF numbers that start with 111.  There are many of them. Unfortunately, only a scant few are available at MFF

111-10001-10001 through 111-10001-10102 exist.  Four of these are online at MFF.  

1.) 111-10001-10091

2.) 111-10001-10093

3.) 111-10001-10099

4.) 111-10001-10102

BTW, all of their records would include copies or records sent to them from other agencies.

There is no information if there are documents with the middle range 111-10002, or 111-10003. 

RIF #111-10004-10001 through 111-10004-10035, are all online at MFF.

Some DIA documents that were created by them are under other RIF numbers because they were sent to other agencies.

An example of this is RIF#197-10002-10174.  Malcom Blunt copied this, whole and intact, he even copied the RIF page. ( I'm so happy. ) Look in the Malcolm Blunt archive at DPUK.  Look in file for DIA.  File is named - DIA - Status Soviet Military in Cuba Dec 23 1963.  

There were some released Dec 15, 2022.  9 of them.  

I am very busy looking at what is listed here -Agency Postponement Documentation

I would draw your attention to the CIA Document index.  


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