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Another FBI lie exposed : altered witness statements

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Gil, one of the most egregious examples of FBI alterations is their affidavit reports after interviewing Julia Ann Mercer.

Ms. Mercer stated the signature on the copy of their affidavit was not hers, there was no notary present when they questioned her and they lied regards her identification of Jack Ruby as the driver of the stalled truck at the far end base of the grassy knoll through pictures they laid out in front of her.

She also was not called before the Warren Commission.

And never forget that Dallas FBI agent James Hosty stated ( chuckling ) years after his WC testimony that he held back telling the commission that he destroyed their Lee Harvey Oswald file the day or day after Oswald was shot and killed upon orders from his boss James Gordon Shanklin. Which he immediately did within minutes of being given the order.

Can you imagine the nuclear reaction by the Commission if Hosty had told them the full "truth, whole truth and nothing but the truth" the day of his testimony regards his agency's destruction of Oswald's file just 2 to 3 days after the JFKA?

When asked why he held back this destruction of specific mind blowing important evidence information from the Commission, Hosty simply stated "they didn't ask."

They didn't ask?

How could they ( the Warren Commission ) ask about something they didn't know existed?

Hosty's Warren Commision testimony oath was to "tell the truth, the WHOLE truth and NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH ...so help me God."

Hosty knew he was not telling the Commission the "whole" and full truth and "nothing but the truth."

And the man was of the Catholic faith. He also violated his "so help me God" part of that oath as well.

He chose to protect his employer and obviously his own pension employment status in the agency over making sure the American public knew the full truth of Oswald and the Dallas FBI.


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