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The Men in the Window: Carolyn Walther

Gil Jesus

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Assassination witness Carolyn Walther says that she saw TWO men, one with a rifle, in a window of the Texas School Book Depository just minutes before the arrival of the JFK motorcade.



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Whether Ms. Walther was mistaken in her account or not, she sure sounds so damn sincere.

Some people don't count the bottom ground level as a floor in counting floors in multi-floor buildings.

Walthers never wavered however in her seeing "two men" in the same window.

One with a white shirt and a gun. The other in a brown suit holding a shorter gun.

I've never been East past the Grand Canyon and Reno in my 71 years here in California.

So, I can't say how easy it would be for someone to see men in the Texas School Book building from the sidewalk where Walthers was standing in Dealy Plaza that noon time as JFK was driving underneath.

I have however found some general distances from where Walthers was standing to the 6th floor windows.

I did a walk through of our Monterey, CA hometown downtown where we have two high buildings. One with 7 or eight floors and one with maybe 10 or 11 floors.

I walked across the street from the buildings and put myself at a distance Arnold Rowland stated he was when he saw the men with rifles in the TXSCB upper floor windows. Same with Ms. Walther.

I even timed this to the noon time hour. 12 pm to 1 pm.

Both these buildings faced the full sun as the TXBD building did on 11,22,1963.

A few windows were open on these buildings higher floors.

I was really amazed at how much I could see through those open windows.

Illuminated so brightly with the noon-time sun.

I could easily see men standing next to or even two or three feet back behind those windows.

The Dallas, Texas sun at noon time lit up the motorcade facing windows in the TXSBD as bright as if they had a huge Hollywood Premier lamp shining directly upon them.


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