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If the ET story is true it is the most top secret and well-guarded program to ever exist in the history of mankind. By standards and means beyond imagination.

Way beyond even the Manhattan Project.

And those who own it and control it have higher authority than any other branch or official in our constitutionally mandated form of governance.

This control group is beyond our constitutional mandate balance of power and oversight.

When this ET secret control group can tell the highest elected officials in our nation ( our presidents ) what they can and cannot know regards this secret...who is the higher authority?

If this scenario is reality...we no longer have a Constitutional Republic as 99% of Americans since 1776 believed we have had since that time.

That concept and reality has been breached by a new higher authority form of government.

Obviously, it's a truly scary concept to contemplate.

A possible indication of this new form of non-elected higher authority government power and control are the reported TRILLIONS of dollars spent by our government since the 1950's that are separated from normal congressional oversight and knowledge. Commonly referred to as the "Black Budget."

While Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld once made a miniscule covered reference to this black budget / black hole of trillions of our tax dollars missing from any accountable records of it's destination and use.

Then again, if the ET visitation story is untrue, then maybe all this scary scenario worry is unfounded.


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