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This Interview Of Parkland Hospital Dr. Robert McClelland Always Astounds Me.

Joe Bauer

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Uncut Interview - JFK's Emergency Room Doctor : Dr. Robert McClelland

Doctor McClelland states the hole in the back of JFK's skull was at least 5 inches in diameter and he saw significant brain tissue falling out of it onto the table. Dr. McClelland was the only doctor who was at the head of the exam table and he was just 18 inches from the back of JFK's head.
He stated that Jackie Kennedy actually handed one of the doctors a chunk of JFK's brain matter that she had been holding in her hand since grabbing it from off the top of the limo trunk when she crawled out from the back seat to retrieve it.
Please be sure to watch the entire interview and especially the very last two or three minutes as McClelland expresses his believe that JFK was hit in the left front of the head...not the back.
McClelland also responded to the gun shot wounded Lee Oswald soon after his arrival to Parkland the morning of 11,24,1963.
I wish his interviewer had asked him if he remembered Dr. Charles Crenshaw in the surgery room attending to Oswald.
Dr. Crenshaw who was well known of course for his claim that Lyndon Baines Johnson himself had called and was directed to Crenshaw and asked how the alleged gunman was doing. And told Crenshaw there was a man in the room who LBJ said was there to get a death bed confession out of Oswald. 
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3 hours ago, Chris Bristow said:

Dr Curtis and Dr Baxter both testified to the WC that Dr Crenshaw was present in the room.


The hospital telephone operator also verified the LBJ call to Crenshaw.

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I would ask at least some of our members to watch this videotaped interview of Dr. Robert McClelland and share their thoughts about what he stated in it?

Do you believe what he is proclaiming in this? If not...why not?

In my mind McClelland's observation recollection is block buster stuff!

He is the closest doctor in the entire Trauma Room 1 scene to the top of JFK's head.

His observations about the size of the rear head wound blowout hole and how much brain tissue had dropped out of this wound just in the time he was next to it counters many other accounts of JFK's brain being more intact than such brain tissue loss he observed. Include Jackie's hand full of other blown out brain tissue and that which splattered the inside of the limo back seat, onto Jackie herself and the Dallas PD motorcycle officers immediately behind the limo at the time of impact.

Proof the official brain weight finding of 1,400+ grams can't be even close to accurate.

McClelland had an academic and medical achievement background that was stellar.

You can't say he didn't have solid peer respect gravitas.

He and Doctor Perry both believed that a bullet struck JFK on the upper right side of his skull. And Perry and McClelland never waivered about their shared belief until their dying day.

McClelland cleared up the confusing account of the different trach work done first by Doctor Carrico ( breathing tube inserted down JFK's throat ) ...followed by the throat cut incision trach by Dr. Perry after.

McClelland's account of the actions of Jackie Kennedy during the time they were treating JFK and the things he overheard others saying to her ring true to the accounts of others like Nurse Phyillis Hall.

Dr. Kemp Clark to Jackie Kennedy... "Madam, your husband is dead." etc.

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