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Iler and Abbott on BOR--Very important

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If you did not listen to this you should.

Andrew Iler is  lawyer from Ontario who had done some very good work on the JFK Records Collection Act.  He wrote a good essay for K and K and he agreed to be interviewed by Len and myself on BOR.  It is very revealing about what the White House is up to with the executive order and how gutless congress is.  What Biden has essentially done is to overturn the JFK Records Act.  Which was passed overwhelmingly and Biden voted for it.  Simply amazing.  And where is the media on this?

Nowhere, nada, nothing.  Not one peep as far as i can see.

The second segment is Mr. Abbott who has done some remarkable work indexing the Garrison files.  There was one previous attempt at this by the legendary Peter Vea.  But this one goes way beyond what Peter did, mainly since so many more pages of those files have been recovered. There is a huge about of info in those files. contrary to what the MSM and some in the critical community have tried to convey.  For whatever reasons.



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Egads, how sad.

The Dictator-Puppet-in-Chief does a snuff job on the JFK Records Act, and legacy media looks away. 

I have a great deal of respect for Larry Schnapf and Andrew Iler, but fading respect for the judiciary.

How on earth can Biden's vulgar disregard for rule of law be upheld by the courts?

But Biden will be upheld, or the defense of Biden's snuff job dragged out so long with so many caveats and unenforcible codicils, as to uphold Biden in fact. 

I am a JFKA junkie, but also a serious citizen. I see no way to open up the JFK Records through the legal system.

The JFK Records must be opened by Presidential fiat. 

How does that happen? 



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If you listen to what Andrew says, Biden changed the law without consulting congress.

It was unilateral. As Andrew notes, the clear implication of the jFK Act is that its strictures would adhere until all the documents were released.

This diverting of the act began under Trump and its now continued with Biden.

The MFF lawsuit was filed before the Biden executive order.

Andrew specifically said he will not comment on that until the action is completed.  Which, as of now, it has not been.



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