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The new 4k JFK

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Wow, what a world of difference.

And man I have to get rid of my old version.   Bob Richardson must be really happy. 

You can now see why he won an Oscar, and two more since.


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😮 I need to check this out.  Those screenshots look amazing.  

I lost interest in super HD films a long time ago because I always felt like it gave the film a sort of “soap opera” look, for lack of a better description.  

This, on the other hand, looks amazing.  My old man is a big movie buff (way more so than me) and a big fan of Kevin Costner and Oliver Stone, but for one reason or another he had never seen JFK, so I picked up a copy of JFK on Blu-ray and a copy of JFK Revisited for him for Christmas.  Haven’t given him the gift yet since he’s out of state and constantly traveling, but I might pick up a 4k copy for him to switch out the Blu-ray.  

Whether you agree or not with the message, such a great film deserves to be watched in the best format.

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I think this was at least partly caused by the success of the Shout Factory version of JFK Revisited

Which, incredibly is still in the top ten for documentary sales at Amazon.

You wonder how did Warner Brothers screw up the previous transfer so badly?

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