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I am now convinced that the search engines are sanitized by the government. There were not even any listings for the many times I myself have posted on him.

I now believe, more than ever, that this is a culpable individual...

What do you have on Marshall Carter? I would like to add it to his web page.


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Marshall Carter, like Richard Helms and Thomas Karamessines, is a

"structural" suspect. He would have known, he should have known,

of the assassination itself -- and he was elevated to positions (DDI, NSA)

where he would be a critical 'choke point' for information. He was

either supervisory to (as DDI) or fully aware of (via SIGINT/NSA)

the activity of Shackley, Clines, Philips, Morales and the various

military intelligence joint paramilitary domestic activities.

The "abort missions" "the autopsy photos" "the Warren Commission/FBI files" etc., would have all come

under his authority in the 1960s. If there were findings of Presidential

Incapacity, or any issues of Presidential fitness to serve, they would have been

"judged" by Marshall Carter, and he would have had the authority to

order destruction of evidence, sanction of witnessess for "national

security" and place tails and wiretaps on "leakers."

He interests me because if he had wanted to expose the facts and had had the

courage to do so he could have blown the case wide open by 1970.

He is a strong lead, rarely mentioned.

Marshall Carter is the man who controlled all CIA/MI/NSA

signals intelligence during the Warren Commission/ 25th Amendment period.

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