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Last post here on this thread for those who missed it.

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"to the current neocon ignoramuses currently running the White House."

That comment is what started this thread.  Roger's being warned about using the term ignoramuses about the current administration.  They may well be.  The same warning would apply to "name calling" regarding any prior administration such.

This comment unfortunately comes into play too.

"So are we going to have a civil discussion about the topics you guys brought up, or is this just a cheap segue to talk about RK again? Because it sure seems like it!"

"How is that different from a dictatorship by troika? Or is it?"

If it was such this interesting and informative thread would have been terminated shortly after it started.  As for me, feel free to discuss how the JFKA led to where we are today, if, we can keep the discussion civil.  Which may not be possible.  

As for a dictatorship and in turn the moderators being fascists.  Mark created a topic specifically for comments to and about moderators.  

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Also, for those who missed it:


14 hours ago, Roger Odisio said:

Do I sense a commitment to not moving a thread to the politics forum, or deleting it, *as long as it is relevant to an understanding of the JFKA*?


I, like Ron, wouldn't move such a thread as long as it remains relevant and civil.

As for deleting a thread... it's highly unlikely I would ever do that. The only things I've ever deleted were individual posts that are pretty bad.


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