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Has Marina discredited "Marina and Lee"?

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According to a contributor on a recent episode of Project JFK, "Marina herself has discredited that book ["Marina And Lee"] many years ago".

To the best of my knowledge, Marina has never discredited that book or its author Priscilla McMillan Johnson. While she might have verged more to the CTer side after that book was released, she has never specifically attacked the book "Marina and Lee" or went back on anything that was said in it. Did the Project JFK contributor simply mean Marina veered more to the CTer side after the release of that book and interpreted this as Marina "discrediting" or "disavowing" the book, even though Marina has never specifically discredited or disavowed the book?

LINK (1 hour 19 minutes):


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Marina Oswald told a friend of mine - one of the very few people who are friends with her from the JFK research community - that she thought Priscilla McMillen's book Marina and Lee was "about 30% accurate." 

Marina's friend, a longtime JFK assassination researcher, told me this in 2024.

I'm sorry that I have to keep his name anonymous.

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