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The conspirators' case: How do you convince the Federal Government that the President has to be removed by violence?

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...I've found the post about how to post here a large number of files. Since it requires knowledge I don't possess, I will need a few days to  go back to my "Decoding Dallas" presentation. I told you I am not of the PC generation...

Meanwhile, I'd like to raise what I think is an interesting issue.

To make it short, with the notable exception of the LNters, serious researchers have coalesced around two hypothesis:

- JFK was done in by a conspiracy hatched by a combination of hostile groups (choose your pick), who took advantage of "hidden skeletons" in the closet of secret Intelligence shenanigans (the CIA/Mafia deal) to get away with it and  somehow coerce the Establishment to hide the truth

- The removal of JFK was a State sanctioned removal by the Federal Government of a man deemed a National Security Threat

My personal research establishes that the shooting in Dealey was not some James Bond/Mission Impossible daring stunt by some disaffected powerful interests. There were about a dozen people on the Knoll participating in the assassination, most of them wearing Dallas Police uniforms, and half of them behind the fence. That's quite a number: you have to move them in before, and out after, all this under the supposedly watchful eyes of Dallas law enforcement officers. Indeed, the use of uniforms may help, but what about the testimony of the DPD officer stationed on the overpass, with a direct view of the parking lot and the fence ? His statements to the WC are quite interesting...

So I favor the second hypothesis. And I'd like to ask members this question: what was the case presented by the hardcore conspirators to convince the Federal Agencies that JFK had to be killed ?

I would presume that all the individuals who made the final decision to go ahead with the plan (just as reminder; the plan means 1- bringing JFK to Dallas 2- identifying the most suitable kill zone 3- planting a credible patsy there -4 authorizing a motorcade route breaking several crucial security rules to bring the motorcade to the kill zone  5- reducing and displacing the motorcycle escort of the President 6- no physical protection whatsoever of the President by the Secret Service during the shooting   7- illegally high jacking the body before a lawful autopsy has been done 8- delivering the body to Military Authorities)  were not all Fascists, Cold Warriors, Bigots or Billionaires.

I would believe that the core conspirators, those who wanted this done in the first place, must have "made a case" that conviced the other players at the Federal Government level to aquiesce that the killing of JFK was the only solution.

Now what would that case be? I am not sure that even severe political disagreements with the President's policies would convince the Federal Establishment that they have to subvert the democratic process by killing a sitting President.

Just an additional thought: I have an habit of running parallel trains of thought when tackling a problem, and I was wondering whether any study/research has been done on the eventual connections/similarities/coincidences between the JFKA and the Profumo Affair?


Thks in advance anyway for your comments and feedback...



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  • Christian Toussay changed the title to The conspirators' case: How do you convince the Federal Government that the President has to be removed by violence?

Imho, I don't think it's one answer that applies to all participants.

Prior to the assassination, for the upper echelon the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Bay of Pigs probably made the case for them that JFK was a "danger."

After the assassination, I think many of them that weren't involved ahead of time went along with it believing it was a Soviet/Cuban plot, and that by assisting in covering it up they were helping the world avoid nuclear war.

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When you had the CIA ("betrayed" by JFK at the Bay of Pigs plus the firing of Dulles), the JCS ("Vietnam, here we come!"), LBJ (a Get Out of Jail Free card as POTUS), and the FBI (J. Edgar would be rid of his boss Bobby), what more did you need? The Mafia, anti-Castro Cubans, some Dallas cops, some SS agents and various other JFK haters would be glad to lend helping hands as may be needed. We know for a fact that the mainstream media would be no problem at all, though I do have to wonder how much the media's disgraceful conduct could have been foreseen.



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Regarding the media, you can see in real time how their stories changed dramatically as the day and the weekend unfolded. Its like they "got the word" sometime after the prez died.

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