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Guest David L Sharp

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Guest David L Sharp

In my book, "Opium Lords," the following assassins are identified:

- Lucien Sarti (fired the head shot which killed JFK)

- François Chiappe

- Jean-Paul Angeletti

These men later became the top lieutenants for French-Corsican heroin trafficker and convicted Nazi collaborator, Auguste Joseph Ricord. He was living in Argentina at the time of the assassination. Later he moved to Paraguay which became a major hub for smuggling heroin into the United States.

To read details about the assassins, click here.


Salvador Astucia

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Guest David L Sharp
I once asked William Reymond if Chiappe and Angeletti were the other two unnamed assassins.

He told me no.

Steve Thomas

Everyone has a right to their opinions. The best thing for serious researchers to do--if Chapter 5 of Opium Lords did not convince them--is watch Steve Rivele's interview of Christian David in Nigel Turner’s documentary, "The Men Who Killed Kennedy;" then read "Contrabandista" (1973), by Evert Clark and Nicholas Horrock. The same cast of characters appears, but with more detail. In Chapter 5 of "Opium Lords," I transcribed David's interview, fleshed out more detail with facts revealed in "Contrabandista," which led me to a different conclusion than Rivele's. (Rivele claimed the assassination was sponsored by the American Mafia.)


My suggestion is to read Chapter 5, then verify it in the manner just described, and draw your own conclusions.

Salvador Astucia

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My suggestion is to read Chapter 5, then verify it in the manner just described, and draw your own conclusions.

Thank you. I have read both Chapter 5 of the Opium Lords, and Contrabandista.

In the TV Documentary, The Men Who Killed Kennedy, Steve Rivele said that "as well as Lucien Sarti he also named Sauveur Pironti and Roger Bocognani as being involved in the killing. However, Pironti and Bocognani both had alibis and Rivele was forced to withdraw the allegation."

Recently Rivele commented that: "I believe that Sarti was involved, but apparently I was wrong on the other two. If I were working on the case today, I'd look at Paul Mondoloni of Montreal...

In his book, Autopsie du Crime d'Etat, William Reymond names two other people besides Lucien Sarti as being in Dallas. One he called Ladislas a Hungarian ex-OAS member and a man he calls Etienne. After reading your Chapter 5, I wrote Mr. Reymond and asked him if the two men he mentioned were Chiappe and Angeletti.

He wrote me back and said no.

It seems to me that there are two trains of thought for the origin of

a plot to kill John F. Kennedy.

One line runs through the Mafia/CIA/Cuban exile connections of Santo

Trafficante. The other runs through the Corsican Mafia connections of

Antoine Guerini/Christian David as outlined be Steve Rivele and/or

William Reymond.

Lately, I have been wondering if there was some connection or

intersecting point between these two.

I got to wondering if it couldn't be found in Paul Mondolini who I

believe I read was Antoine Guerini's adopted son. I don't believe that

Steve Rivele ever said who placed the contract to kill JFK with

Antoine Guerini. Did he say it was Santo?

This is from a news article I read on the Internet concerning some

Montreal mobster getting married.

Remember that either Michele Nicoli or Christian David told Steve Rivele that the assassins were flown to Montral after they killed JFK.

I can envision Antoine Guerini placing the contract with either August Ricord down in Argentina or Paul Mondolini in Montreal.



"Singing for Their Supper"


"Lucien Rivard was a Montreal hood who worked his way up the ranks to

become a drug-ring operator for Paul Mondolini, one of the major capos

in the city. At one point in his career Rivard ran a casino in Cuba

for Mondolini before Castro came to power, and there are stories he

ran a few guns to the island for the Cotronis.

Rivard and Mondolini, according to one account, were associated with

Santos Trafficante, the powerful mobster alleged to be involved with

the CIA in plotting to get rid of Castro. This also brings up the

possible connection between Rivard's friends and one Lee Harvey


Anyway, let's just say Rivard knew a lot of things that certain people

would have preferred to keep secret. So, when a Montreal couple was

busted in October, 1963, at the Texas border trying to smuggle heroin

out of Mexico, alarm bells went off in mob circles when they fingered

Rivard as their handler.

Rivard was arrested in June, 1964, in Montreal by Canadian police and

parked in Bordeaux jail awaiting extradition to the U.S."

The author of this article does not say why or how Rivard's friends

were connected to Lee Harvey Oswald.

Steve Thomas

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