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"Three Patients at Parkland"

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Good Day.... Can anyone, please, reference online, or, can someone, please, provide/email a transcript/scan of the January 23, 1964 article in the "Texas State Journal of Medicine" which published the primary Parkland physician’s team summary entitled, "Three Patients at Parkland."

Thank You in advance.

Don Roberdeau

U.S.S. John F. Kennedy, CV-67, "Big John" Plank Walker

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Dr. DONALD THOMAS during his NID-2001 presentation, "Hear No Evil":

The x-ray of the President's head taken at the autopsy revealed a metal fragment on the outside of the cranium located 10 cm dorsad of the occipital protuberance. The scalp wound in apposition to this piece of metal was described in the autopsy facing sheet (7 HSCA 253) as "ragged, slanting" with an arrow indicating an upward trajectory. Dr. RUSSELL FISHER, the chairman of the forensic pathology panel appointed by Attorney General RAMSEY CLARK to review the autopsy materials concluded that the piece of metal was, "...most likely a richochet fragment" (interview in Menninger pp. 64-66).

I am not a forensic pathologist, but Dr. FISHER's expert diagnosis meshes well with the filmed evidence of the President's reaction, the accounts of the eyewitnesses, and explains the ragged nature of the scalp wound. Or, we may choose to rely on the HSCA Forensic Pathology panel's expertise on how this piece of metal came to be lodged on the outside of the President's skull. The Warren Commission's doctors elected not to report this piece of metal in their autopsy protocol. The forensic pathology panel met with the Chief Prosector, JAMES HUMES, and asked him about the fragment and scalp lesion. Transcripts of the panel's discussion elicited the following opinion from Dr. GEORGE LOQUVAM:

COE: "The reason we are so interested in this, Dr. Humes, is because other pathologists have interpreted the..."

LOQUVAM: "I don't think this belongs in the damn record."

HUMES: "Well, it probably doesn't."

LOQUVAM: "You guys are nuts. You guys are nuts writing this stuff. It doesn't belong in the damn record." (7HSCA255)

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Notice that in Dr. Malcolm Perry's section on Kennedy he describes a "right lateral injury to the trachea."

A poisoned dart from Umbrella Man?

Kathy C

That's covered in the thread on a poisoned trach stab at Parkland, thread started by Ashton Gray. Happened to read it recently.

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