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Hale Boggs seeking the truth?

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I thought forum members might find this newspaper clipping interesting. It was printed in the Western Australian, a Perth newspaper on November 26, 1963.

In this early stage, Boggs was aggressively calling for an inquiry to get to the bottom of things. I'm sure the irony of him being a part of the Warren Commission which handed its findings over to LBJ in 1964 won't escape anyone.


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As I recall, he perished in a mysterious (no wreckage/no bodies) plane crash. Those coincidences just keep piling up, eh? (Greg Wagner)


I have some FBI telexes and other documents that chronicle the crash which includes information from an anonymous source claiming to know where the plane went down. If you want a copy of these, just email me and I will send them on.

Finally the question of the bullet path is now solved. We just have to look at the map found in Oswald's room! What a waste of money for poor old Gerald! (George Bollschweiler)


That certainly was a handy map. Reminds me of the 'RFK must die' note found in Sirhan's apartment. It's nice of these lone nuts to leave such incriminating evidence behind which make investigators jobs so easy. :rolleyes:


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Malcolm Liggett was John Liggett's brother. John Liggett was a mysterious mortician in Dallas and he went on a little trip away from work and family on November 22, 1963...

I got a copy of three episodes of Nigel Turner's TMWKK from another member and I listened to that vile story again. John Liggett was working for Malcolm. Malcolm terrorized John's wife after the assassination and seemed to get very wealthy (with John) after the dirty work was done. She fingered him as a character in a photo with Jack Ruby at the Carousel, and Malcolm and Ruby were photographed there with a women who "helped" (handled) Mrs Liggett after the "death" of John.

It was great watching Mrs John Liggett tell of Malcolm Liggett talking to her in a park, saying she could never again contact her husband. The arrest and staged 'death', and relocation to Las Vegas, all seem to have been staged by Malcolm Liggett to protect his little brother John.

Liggett is my "bernardo de torres" -- a guy so scary you are not supposed to mention him. I think he has being suing people about the History Channel show....

Very dirty scenario here and , I need to look into the story around the Carousel photo...

John Liggett was the Michaelangelo of post mortem reconstruction in Texas and he had disappeared for many outside jobs before 11/22 .... he damn near went crazy with fear until Oswald died....and Malcolm Liggett was the "heavy..."

Was there room in Air Force One to work on the body in flight?

That is what Mrs Liggett suggested happened ...


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The Secret Service casualty is an interesting news story.

It may be totally false, based on the rumors and excitement of the day.

Or it may indicate an actual incident.

Perhaps there was return fire, cross fire, friendly fire or "fragging" going on

during the ambush...it is not unlikely.

With false identification being flashed at the Knoll by Bernard Barker and

others, it is certainly possible that a conspirator with false federal I.D.

was wounded or killed, reported initially and then hushed up.

I have a hunch JD Tippett and LH Oswald were involved in the plot

to kill the President, but tried to "turn" the effort.

A shot across the grass from the TSBD to the Fence/Wall would explain the

puddle of blood and the wounding of a "Secret Service" man....

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