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Tim Gratz Posted Today, 10:06 AM

  A police officer tasting blood!

Wouldn't happen now, of course!

Not that it really matters, but a reporter, not a cop, as I recall. It was the ime before HIV and other stuff.

Interestingly, neither the DPD or FBI really bothered to investigate the blood and whether it was related to the murder that took place within yards of it's location. Or if they did, they pretty much kept the result of that investigation to themselves.

What an investigation!

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quote=Antti Hynonen,Apr 14 2005, 11:01 AM]

I seem to remember reading some time ago that the so-called pool of blood was most logically soda pop--Cherry Nehi, or Cherry Crush... This made sense to me at the time. Was not the pool by the bench precisely where the black couple was seen drinking soda pop? And didn't Marilyn Sitzman say they broke one of the bottles? Or am I mixed up?


You could be right about the soda. However, there were two distinctly different pools of "blood". There was a thread not too long ago on this Forum where these two pools of "blood" were discussed.

From what I remember, the pool by the TSBD, was actually identified as blood by a few reporters (one of them tasted it). As far as I recall the other pool was not "examined" as thoroughly, so as far as I know it could have been blood or soda or something else. In that thread there is a clip of video, including a few shots of the section of walkway by the retaining wall, with a glance at the concrete walkway which clearly contains some sort of liquid on it. It is impossible to say what this liquid is, but we do see someone in the clip, looking like Det. Buddy Walthers looking at this liquid. At any rate, it looked suspicious enough for Det. Walthers to look at it and for someone to film it.


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From the Executive Sessions of the WC.


Rankin clearly Mentions his concerns regarding the SBT.

How did the "BACK" wound with a downward trajectory, then change direction and exit the throat.

Notice he says "Back" and not "neck"


What fragment came out of the front of the neck. ?

That's news to me.


Credit Chuck Robbins.

Edited by Robin Unger
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As I'm sure you well know, the Dallas doctors intiially thought the neck wound was an entrance wound. Since the FBI stuck to their story for as long as possible that the back bullet fell out, they theorized in their January report that a fragment from the head wound had created an exit at the throat. They weren't exactly studying the Zapruder film, except to create a timeline for the shots. The FBI had also intially refused to read the autopsy report, and continues to refuse to study the autopsy photos. As far as I know, no FBI investigator has ever analyzed the autopsy photos. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Anyhow, this story of a fragment coming down the neck was leaked by the FBI to a number of sources, including the Journal of the American Medical Association in January 1964. Clearly, Rankin, who had the autopsy report, was confused by the FBI report of a fragment coming out the throat, and the autopsy report in which Humes decided the bullet creating the back wound had come out the throat, and merged the two together in his mind.. After all, the trajectory wouldn't matter if the fragment had come from the head, as that bullet had exploded in different directions.

I believe a number of the Dallas doctors, modifying their early statements that the neck wound was an entrance, and having never seen the Zapruder film, where Kennedy reaches towards his neck long before the fatal head wound, also embraced the fragment theory. When I first read about this theory in Six Seconds in Dallas, it helped convince me that what at that point for me was only half-baked conjecture, that an object had passed down Kennedy's neck, was possible. After all, all the doctors who inspected Kennedy's neck in Dallas seemed to think an object had passed down his neck. Only in my theory, as discussed in my seminar on this website, it is a bullet.

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