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CIA cryptonyms

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I had seen this before and saw it tonight on another forum.

Can anyone spot any errors in it, or do you have any additions to the list?



Tim: I forget to mention this on the telephone 27 minutes ago. As to CIA cryptonyms: The digraph indeed refers to the country, the criteria or category of assigned tasks, etc. -- the style used now is totally distinct. Read your Agee ["Company Diary"] and discover that for example: "AM/LASH" does not refer solely to Cubela, he was AM/LASH-17 or 21. AM/THUG-1 is Fidel, "2" is Raul, etc. -- and remember that MO/ONGOOSE came about when Lansdale suggested to his CIA clerk that the Thailand digraph ("MO") be used for the Op.

The US Gov't digraph is followed by -1 (the Prez, etc.) -- and the forward slash "/"found in Agee's and the Church committee reports was never used in cables, files, docs, etc. to and from the field; but was only used on the 4th and 7th floors at Langley.

As I have related before, despite the fact that indeed NARA docs show me with MH/CHAOS in California [the "Project" cryptonym is redacted]; I worked with Angelton's counter-Op against those rogues, which he crypto'd as "MK/CHAOS" !!

Don't forget to check out "The Old Boys", and then look into the private Intel group known as "The Pond" [one of Mary Ferrell's favorites].

And once again, I was NEVER a career Intelligence Officer with the CIA, just a contract agent. Jim Woolsey spelled out the differences during a speech in Cleveland during 1997 -- "....a CIA employee involved in the clandestine services is an 'Officer', not an "Agent" -- and he recruits snitches, informants, traitors, et al. to betray their comrades, their party, their country, and their mothers...Case Officers, especially those under diplomatic cover in our embassies abroad [Foreign Service "Reserve" Officers] do NOT spy, their job is to hire, bribe, extort, coerce, blackmail, etc. local folks to do the actual spying !!"

Hasta Luigi,



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Thanks GH

I knew AM/LASH was a program, not an individual.

(people may remember that from another thread)

I love the classified code terms.

Robin posted those three "declassified" NSA sheets on another thread and the code word stencilled across the top appeared to be


Now that is funny.

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He has been recieving information from this source:

(sorry about the quality of the photo)

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