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Bob Woodward just lied tonight

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This is a very BIG LIE not little and I am going to say this.

On Larry King Live Woodward and Brunstein was on tonight.

King asked Woodward after showing some artcles from the Watergate tapes that Nixon in fact knew about Felt to the leaker. I also have a newspaper article that shows this fact as well on another segment of tapes that was not named on Larry King live.

So when Woodward answered King he said well there is a lot of names on the list and that is why I didn't get that.

Well, hate to say this I am not sure Woodward even bothered to go to them than.

I have the Watergate packett and I have seen the listing of names and it is surprising there is not that many names on the list. One would think that there would be NOT TRUE. Why? Because Nixon talked to the same people groups and so there could be a thousand calls or talkes with 30 of the people so it limits the list and the list is also right there in the room with the tapes.

Nixon talked about this and not too this man as much. So if Woodward wanted to know all he would have to do is go to the listings and see if the name is entered.

Now, this gets a bit sticky and I do hope I make this clear.

In the article I have it states this.

Felt was seen as the most likely suspect in The Bureau, The Secret History of the FBI, a book by Kessier, a former Washington Post reporter; "In Deep Throat: An Institutional Analysis," a monthly artical by James Mann, a former colleague of Woodward's at the Post, and in articles in Washingtonian magazine by it's editor; Jack Limpert.

Felt was suspected by the White House, according to the notorious tapes.

Nixon: "Well, if they got the leak down at FBI, why the hell can't Gray tell us what is left? You know what I mean..."

Haldeman: "We know what is left, and we know who leaked it."

Nixon: "Somebody in the FBI?"

Haldeman: "Yes, sir. Mark Felt....If we move on him, he'll go out and unload everything...I think he wants to be in top spot."

Nixon: "That is a hell of a way for him to get to the top."

When I posted this up on another forum last night I didn't look up and really study what exactly is being said in this article. How in the world did others know about Deep Throat way PRIOR around Woodward and post things up that were with Woodward and yet they knew this.


Yeah, I know keep this confidental but then why is it others knew. Printed this out into books and yet Woodward was not consulted on it for this to be out. Close to him.

Also if kids knew and did a report then he said words sort of in a dittle way over it. I forgot what exactly he said on that part.

Seems like Woodward didn't keep his secret so secret after all.

Not to mention if he went to the tapes as he was to have stated he did then he would know the list isn't that long and it isn't where he can't just pick up the paper and look to see if he is on it. Probably not but I will look to make sure, found the large book they sent to me but not the papers on the names yet. I know I have moved it around thoughtout the years.

There are certain people that can't be ID as to who they are on those tapes. As well. It shows up on the phone tape in the oval office and I do think one other room that is it. The person would have to be in the room or on the phone to be on the listings.

IF there is 50 people on this list of names that Woodward said is far to many to look at to see if he was on it. Well, this is untrue. That is about it or less on that listings.

I am keeping this article and if anyone wishes for me to send it would be happy to do so.

As I do catch Woodward in Lies I am going to express them and I am going to now keep to this same thread about it.

I have to say that I knew sometime back that Woodward also sent his papers to students. Now, I have to say this as well. He gave them more clues, some of those clues were off. I know he did this to so call protect his informer. To students he had them work on it with those lies as clues. Was that fair to them? I don't think so. Fair to anyone, no. Telling others who did tell what they heard Nixon say about Felt sometime back seems another thing odd if you are going to keep confidental the issue of Deep Throat's ID.

Sorry, but as things do come out more there is so many holes in Woodwards story and it was a conspiracy this is how I even have seen this prior and even more now.

Had been better they acted the part of NO CLUES OR HINTS not giving notes out and NOT even telling people that would report it in books articles ect.

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On Larry Kings show Woodward was asked if Felt kept any notes and the answer is NO but we don't know for sure. Prior King asked them when was the last time that Woodward talked to Felt. Woodward stated two years ago and he wasn't able to talk coherent he has dementia. So if that is the fact then how did Felt who is 91 years old with Dementia and maybe has not any notes to write on this tell that he wanted the story out as they are stating that he did. If he is not able to then who did this for him or in his place.

Somehow I doubt if his daughter would have the power in this matter. Also it is his family that states he told them about who he was several years ago. Well, Woodward stated that two years ago he talked to him and he was not able to talk well then.

This is major than the story just isn't making any sense at all.

Sorry to say this but facts here don't tie in and add up.

Bob looked solumn and Carl laughed off on Kings show this fact that after Woodward stated "well the deal was that when he dies then we would let this out."

Carl laughed at one point here on all of this and said well we are reporters and we never know how things will turn out.

So, this was done and Woodward had no knowledge of what is going on with this, also a man who is incoherent to make any sense is stated that he is wanting to tell it and we have not a coming out that makes any sense done by any of them.

I have to state my own feelings now.

I don't think any of them made the decision I think that strings are being pulled for this story to come out in a forced way at this time and it is done by just whom I am not totally sure. I can give a guess list and would love to hear what anyone would have to say on this guess list.


Sen. Spector




Nixon's Compromise papers working for due process?

I am really not sure which side this would lean towards but someone is pulling strings for this to take place at this time.

They are really not prepared for this at this time, that is a for sure.

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I am saying that Woodward statements are not consistant with other statements.

Several years back Felt told his family from what his family said who he was.

Woodward statements, two years ago he talked to Felt and he was not coherent.

This is one thing off based.

Another is King asked Woodward if he knew of any notes then.

Both Bob and Carl admitted they didn't know of any notes.

So, if he was not able to tell as they said that he told for them to let the truth out how would this be possible? He is not in full factulity of his thoughts and would not be able to be taken seriously on anything that he would say.

His daughter would not know enough to do this if there were not any notes.

Also, in it all Woodward was not prepared to do this at this time his thoughts were what they had planned and this spun him totally around.

His statements are way off from what is told.

None of it makes any sense.

SO who is behind this to pull the strings then, it isn't Woodward for sure, not Felt for sure his mind it not right, so then WHO?

This one shows and is totally out of control on them.

Carl is just laughing it off. Trying to make light of it all.

Woodward looks like he is hit with a bomb

I hope this now makes sense sort of at least in my explainations of what I am gathering up on their information.

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I think I know what you're getting at Nancy.

There are 2 possible reasons Woodward wouldn't admit to knowing of Nixon's suspicions of Felt.

1. In the transcripts you mentioned, Haldeman tells Nixon that his source that Felt is the leaker is a lawyer at The Post. This is extremely damaging to Woodward. This indicates he consulted with a lawyer and thus exposed his snitch to an uninterested party. In this case it seems the lawyer was former FBI and was more interested that the FBI remain loyal to the President than that the truth be exposed. Admitting that this occurred could lead to an investigation at The Post as to the identity of the lawyer and the identity of the member of the Justice Dept. who called Haldeman. This could lead to the ruined reputations of two more men, something Woodward might actually care about.

2. A second more plausible reason is that he simply hasn't done his homework, and has been clueless to the developments of the Watergate story over the last twenty years. How many "experts" on the JFK assassination go on TV and cite out-dated theories, simply because they are not in touch? If you read the books of Specter, Baden, and Wecht, for example, you'll see that their grasp of the facts is little more advanced than a novice. They are frozen in time. I recently read "The Dark Side of Camelot" by the multiple Pulitzer Prize winner Seymour Hersh and was horrified to find I knew more about a lot of the details than he did. He simply had failed to properly research his book. For example, he repeatedly stated that Kennedy failed to allow a second air-strike at the Bay of Pigs, when Kennedy DID allow a second strike after his original refusal, only the CIA and Navy failed to co-ordinate their watches and the second strike got slaughtered. Now, why wouldn't Hersh mention this? Because he was deliberately trying to blame everything on Kennedy? Could be. But it could just as well be that the man was ARROGANT and failed to do his homework. I suspect Woodward has done the same.

And the name is Bernstein. You can hate the man all you want, but your constant mis-spelling of his name makes your arguments appear petty.

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Pat this is another of your excellent, astute posts. Don't think of any statements in it with which I disagree (other than the issue whether JFK authorized a second air strike at the BOP--very interesting but I need to research that). Your points are both intelligent and thought-provoking.

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Pat this is another of your excellent, astute posts.  Don't think of any statements in it with which I disagree (other than the issue whether JFK authorized a second air strike at the BOP--very interesting but I need to research that).  Your points are both intelligent and thought-provoking.

Hunt, in Give Us This Day, writes about the second air strike. A CIA historical interview of Jake Esterline also gets into it, and actually names the CIA agent who failed to synchronize the time. In Hersh's book, he claims the Alabama National Guard boys killed on the attempted second strike took off on their own in defiance of JFK, when in fact they volunteered to do the second strike (which HAD been authorized) when NONE of the CIA-trained Cuban pilots were willing to make the run. If I remember right, Bissell acknowledged approving their involvement without checking with the White House. As a result, three Alabama Guardsmen were killed over Cuba. To explain the presence of their bodies to the world, the USA disavowed these men, claiming they were mercenaries who'd acted on their own. After the heat died down, however, Kennedy quietly acknowledged they were working on behalf of the US, and arranged full benefits for their families.

The Bay of Pigs was one botched operation, from start to finish, head to toe.

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But it could just as well be that the man was ARROGANT and failed to do his homework. I suspect Woodward has done the same.


I have heard that a good reporter and jouralist is one who knows to get both sides of the story not just one. To be unbias is the root of a complete story. This is one of those and you are right Woodward did not complete his homework. Watergate is the most Bias story ever done and got away with at least to this point.

What I do hope for is that the other side presents itself with the Watergate story.

Woodward never asked the Preisent what is the Natioanl Security reason.

He never made an appointment to speak to Nixon. (no wonder Nixon said and who is this Woodward?) No one ever stepped out of the bounds of right doing as much as this new report on the block.

When I think of how many are saying this one line in no matter what new report now comes out by Liddy, Dean and even Woodward all have one common sentence.


A good reporter would know have it nailed and know that no one would be asking this after all of these years. He never got the answered on the other side enogh to make that known.

It is a shame for all of us we have a BIAS story and no Woodward and Bernstein did not do their homework to get it.

I have more of a mental block than hate of Carl Bernstein. I don't hate him in fact I should have done many months ago what was offered to me over a year ago and that was to met the man face to face and talk to him. I still put that off and maybe I am doing a BIAS backup of my own. I don't hate Woodward either. That was also offered as a possibility to talk to him as well and could go that way if I do the first step.

About two years ago I wrote to Woodward they reacted all three of them Bradlee Bernstein and Woodward. They made me think the wrong way and put me into this deeper than I wished to be in a wrong direction. This makes me with rage on their reactions to put off who Deep Throat is. Perhaps that was why Woodward contacted Felt and tried to talk to him. I won't know this for fact unless I do make a difficult task and speak to at least one of them directly and it could be face to face in front of each other.

I guess I have the same problems Woodward had and that is a bit shy when it comes to directness. Had Woodward done the face to face contact with Nixon on his reporting we might have had more insight on the hidden facts.

True they did contact Mitchell and he was horrible to them on what they were wishing to report. I would have thought that would have been more to go into a query of questions to them and not print the story on words that should have backed them off of it. When Mitchell gave a threat to Graham if you print this.

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On Felt's part if this is that, it is now coming down to money for the family.

Sort of sketchy to say the least that it is that factor alone somehow I doubt that is fully the truth on this.

Sounds more like Felt's daughter is speaking on this rather than from where it is really the ties that caused Felt to let the truth out.

Again, this story just don't add up.

There is something more to this than money for the family at this time.

Also, what a thing to do? Somehow doesn't seem right and or fair. Why not have let the truth out way sooner when Felt was of mind. Why not to have waited until he passed away like planned?

MONEY Well go follow the money is one of his remarks to Woodward now isn't that interesting it is now with them to follow the money on his part.

Maybe I am being petty just maybe I mean something more as well.

If Nixon were alive to hear this wonder what he would say?

I have a feeling the same thing. Go follow the money to the top while you brought down a president to get there. Under it all was not the truth about it all but he got away with it and if the real truth did in fact come out Felt would have been sent to prison for treason and for other crimes up against the laws of the FBI.

Still the factor is he did break the law and that is not a hero to do that and this is how I do feel.

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Bob Woodward just lied tonight.

Nancy, do you think it will make the morning papers?

I found it extremely interesting that Bob Woodward's lead was

"In 1970 as a Navy Lieutenant I was working for Admiral Moorer of the Joint Chiefs of Staff as a courier to the White House."

Admiral Moorer of course spied on the National Security Adviser at the Paris Peace Talks, and Moorer is most famous for sending YEOMAN RADFORD to steal Henry Kissinger's negotiation files for the Joint Chiefs of Staff..........

;) ;) :angry:;);)

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Wish it could make the newspapers on another angle.

Yes, a lot of things went on down in the White House some years back. Puzzling that things don't happen anymore, I wonder on that as well to this day.

They say that if it were today that Felt were to do this he would not be able to do that and no one can anymore. I guess they know the style and watch out for it. I do think things go on far more than we even know.

When I seen King tonight and watch Nixon say some of the things he answered and including his response about the convention he was on in Dallas when JFK was shot. He was not alarmed but made me wonder, a lot. He stated the part about conspiracies and also the need for papers to come out that are hidden dealing with JFK's assassination. He doens't feel it to be a conspiracy. This was in 92 this report was done with King and Nixon.

Well, I wonder about that NO conspiracy about JFK. Gee, what is that all about then?

Made me wonder why I do what I do?

Why any of us do what we are doing for that matter; however I do agree on those papers to be released and was glad he said that.

To say a conspiracy would have pulled him in because so many think he was involved. So interesting on how Nixon did answer this.

Papers to be releases is what he hoped for and not the wait on it. Well Nixon got his wish on that.

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Just FYI: In the mid-fifties, Felt was the Assistant Special Agent in

Charge of the New Orleans FBI office, working under Morton P. Chiles,

the SAC who preceded Harry Maynor. This was before most of the NO cast

were involved in anything significant, but I'll bet he was acquainted

with or aware of former SA W. Guy Banister, who left the FBI to join

the NOPD and later started a PI firm in that city.

This is something that was posted about Felt on alt.assassination.jfk I found it to be if this is true than it is possible that Felt did in fact wish to COVER UP and use Nixon as a target to set him up.

This is what I am getting at.

How much Woodward and Bradlee were involved I am not sure. By the looks on their faces at least Woodward he is caught off guard by this sudden development. Carl I am not sure knows anything and tries hard to laugh it off as maybe this is better at least he is still alive.

I wonder how much Felt can write now? Because Woodward sort of blew that as well by saying well he will get with him to write the book? Then also says he is incoherent in conversations.

This is the whole thing is this thing still a cover up. So mixed up it is messed up in the process?

Well, we need to know more about Felt his life, what he did and who he was with?

Who crossed his paths in his life?

He did set Nixon up, for sure.

IN the film he says it was for culvert operations but donesn't go into it at least on the film.

I also wonder how much of the conversations were told to Woodward, they say just clues and not much.

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Just FYI: In the mid-fifties, Felt was the Assistant Special Agent in

Charge of the New Orleans FBI office, working under Morton P. Chiles,

the SAC who preceded Harry Maynor. This was before most of the NO cast

were involved in anything significant, but I'll bet he was acquainted

with or aware of former SA W. Guy Banister, who left the FBI to join

the NOPD and later started a PI firm in that city.

Nancy, I don't want to start a disagreement...but IIRC, wasn't Bannister an FBI SA in CHICAGO, rather than New Orleans? Not sure, but I believe I read that on this very forum...and it was only AFTER he left the FBI that he returned to New Orleans?

If that's the case, then Felt's duties in New Orleans MIGHT or MIGHT NOT have brought him into contact with the Chicago-based Bannister...just my take on the situation, you understand.

But Nancy...Nixon, on his own White House taping system, is heard to be involved in discussions regarding the obstruction of justice. That is NOT being "set up;" that is his own system recording his participation in the breaking of laws. If Felt or the FBI had been in charge of the taping system, and Felt or the FBI had coerced Nixon into making the statements that he made, THEN you might have a case that Nixon was "set up." But Nixon taped HIMSELF as he conspired to commit a felony...so I fail to understand how in the world he was POSSIBLY "set up."

Now, if you can offer any facts, rather than just feelings, that Nixon was "set up," then I'm sure that's something the entire NATION needs to come to their attention. Or were Haldeman, Erlichman, Dean, Colson, Liddy, Mitchell, Stans, Haig, Butterfield, et al, involved in the "setup" from the beginning?

Please shed some light on this.

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Took some time today to see just what Dr. Kissinger had to say about Deep Throat.

None of his statements have been aired that I have heard. So I did find an article short not long on just what Kissinger did repond. I know this doesn't answer what Mark is asking me to give my opinions and knowledge on why Nixon would be considered very set up. There is a list of issues that would come to mind on how to show this. From NOONE names what is in the White House safe that Nixon refused to let known only to Haldeman this is one. To the Watergate key that was hidden for a long time and then when it came out did not show a big open acceptance of what is it's real purpose. To the fact that the watergate door was set to easy open and if they had the key to the desk than why would they need a door sealed so it is easy opening? To the fact that they already wired the room prior and they didn't do any wiring then. To the fact that they were sent to the wrong room to break into in the first place. To the fact that no one knew what was locked in the safe yet they knew it was enough to cause Nixon a great deal of problems. This is a long list of questions that are not answered to Watergate and that Nixon didn't even know at that time to battle over these problems.

Then to go now to the full picture of Felt is another issue. Just found out they did tell this now and it was for money for them and that was the only reason. This is rather sick when I come to think of it. Felt didn't do any action to the laws of FBI and it was for revenge kick and his issues rather petty. He didn't get what he hoped for so he cut the president down in any way he could do. Also hidding thoughtout the years if Nixon was alive it would be rather interesting to see if he would have filed charges on Felt for what he did to him.

Nixon wanted to take Watergate into legal action himself and never did he stopped and I can't help but wonder why he did. He wished he had fought it himself. Perhaps he felt it to involved because it did stem back to who was the total group that was involved in this. I have a feeling that was more the issue than just Watergate facts to gather alone.


Kissinger: Throat No Hero

While many are lionizing W. Mark Felt as a hero, including former President Bill Clinton who certainly got tripped up with Linda Tripp, Henry Kissinger, President Nixon’s secretary of state got it right when he said, "Hero’ is not the first word that comes to my mind."

Kissinger told Fox News, "I view him as a troubled man. I don’t think it’s heroic to act as a spy on your president when you’re in high office. I could fully understand if he resigned ... or if he went to the prosecutor. That would be heroic," Mr Kissinger said.

Recent events have put Deep Throat revelations matters in an even different light. Felt’s family has said that one of the factors for Felt to clear his throat regarding the entire issue of dollars. Money played a role in Felt coming out of the deep dark closet. Joan Felt stated that she is a single mom, her son has law schools bills and Deep Throat himself has medical needs.

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