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Jean Souetre-Michael Mertz

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Appreciate your input here Steve. 

And your input elsewhere, - which I encountered several times, - in the search - frenzy, you now initiated. The result is that it contributed to a much more interesting evening for me personally, - at the same time as reading some articles/postings etc. , --  I can not recall ever having read before. So I thank you. Again.

Nothing to contribute with as of now. The same thing happened, - as the other day , regarding Orcaberrio.

Started taking notes, - searching at quintuple arenas. Trying to do it in a somewhat creative way. Mostly name / identity - searches. But one finds that so much has been covered. Results, just initiate other searching - processes. The notes themselves may be of value some day.

It started with your post, - and ended indirectly with a post from you. Me searching for a, - for some obscure reason, unknown location in Germany called Metz. :) -- as you said. How can someone be transferred from Metz , ---- to Metz ?  

As names of individuals, are translated, - some names of cities / towns / locations are also translated in different languages. Wish I had a better German vocabulary, - as well as knowing French, Portuguese, Italian, and Chinese for that matter.

So the complexity of it all, --  once more became overwhelming.  - - - - At times, so many of these different issues, - if segmenting, --- may seem  intertwined with eachother.

Bugliosi : " It's now the most complex murder case by far; – nothing even comes close – in world history. "

It is easy to feel that the more one know, - the less one know. So then it may be best to do as the wise man: ---- "Once , -  a wise man said nothing".


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