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For years there is an undertow of people who not just have an idea THEIR OWN idea's they have an adjenda.

The adjenda is to scout forums and take a good look at who writes what. If it goes into a area that is a real problem to them, they make threats be it on the forum or underneath the forums. The do their emails and send them out in bulk groups. They try hard to bring the person down. They call on other people and get them to see what is posted up and they come in annonously, or they get sent the post so they know what it says.

Now to how bad is this???

They pay certain people to do just this. YES PAY THEM to keep certain truths just off the forums.

This is one of the most damaging concepts behind their system.

For one they try hard to discredit the person who is in the right to tell facts to anyone that is truly interested into JFK facts and for things to come into light to the mass media.

They also destroy documents this is one that certainly will bring down truths to ever come out and they also threaten that they will destroy documents if they can't actaully get the documents to be destroyed.

They send out their scouts for sure and this is something told to me by several of the ones that have worked on JFK for many years. Not just from me but also from a rather large number telling me this fact.

I do aim to destroy the group that wants to bring down the real truth from coming out if it takes me and others a life time to do. But you know these people are really on their last legs. They are losing and losing rather badly I might add.

The more that comes out to the public the more that good researchers work together the more we bring ourselves out and off the shelves the less chance they have to winning.

Felt being announced isn't a victory it is a defeat for them. Gee, they hoped it would have been later not sooner for this to happen.

The watergate tapes were thought to have never come out. This was not against Nixon's wishes in fact it was very much for his wishes.

Don't believe me, go to his WILL.

I thank God for a kind group that helps me, I am not alone anymore in what I do. They aim to protect me and I do thank God for them. Also that we communicate a lot and they are my real friends. I won't name them but do have them.

I know many thought I don't have anyone I just aim and shoot and go out to no where well this isn't true. I do have friends that do help me out.

There have been people who have been killed to try to get the truth out about JFK. Many and many more terrified to tell what they know. I beg that they stand up and tell what they know and not to be afraid to do so.

Papers that are known to be destroyed tell it please.

People who do these threats to others, please tell on them, they are rats that need to be sent to prison, just like the terrorist they really are.

I know we have come a long way. The 201 files released out is just part of it not all of it but part of it.

In the last 5 years there have been big break through's. I hope for more and soon.

Some day many will know I don't lie about what I have experienced in spite of some who would love nothing more than to drag themselves down just to drag down others who are experienced in what is said.

Judyth does lie to make the truth. She has to or they will kill her. She knows this and so do I. But the groupie that surrounds her isn't her friends and she knows this. SO DO I.

No I am not a friend to Judyth at all. She is far to involved for me to want to be her friend. I can't be that and I don't proclaim to be that either and she doesn't want me to be that either. Not any more because she let me know far to much.

Don't worry I dont know all that she knows. But enough to know about these so called groupie of paid off's to do anything to stop the real truth from coming out.

You can spot them in a second if you look at the forums long enough. They are the ones that go to ALL OF THE FORUMS EXCEPT FOR McADAMS FORUM. They tried to down him as well. They will do anything they can, use facts up against them even though they know it is based on a lot of truths of what they say.

They make fun of people and think it is in the right. When they know it isn't right at all.

Well, I do hope for cleaner forums in the near future. Where you are not stopped for expressing what you see and what you learn and what you wish to let others know by the ones that say the words muddy the waters they are the ones that muddy the waters. PAID TO DO SO. Why else would they do it?????

I know that Bob Vernon wanted to take Mr. Simkins to court. I know why. He said it is because he allows people to post up. So what is wrong with that. NOTHING even if it is learning and growing for them to do so? What is wrong with that?

Well, he never took Mr. Simkins to court and I highly doubt if he can. He will fall flat on his face. Glad he gave up and frankly it was the best choice he did when he gave up on it.

I wish more would give up, just so that way facts can come out.

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After reading one that is with bad language in another post on another thread that needs to be banned from this forum. I too need a drink but I felt it better to say it blunt rather than to resort to drinking. You have not a bad idea though.

Maybe that is why Nixon gave Felt a bottle once after Felt's hearings. Maybe you got it right. Tell him to get plain out drunk would have been better than doing wrong. Who knows? That is a good angle to look at it.

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