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Maurice Baker

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Can anyone help Frank Cellura in his research:

I was wondering if you had contact of anyone in Dallas area that could check Times-Herald and Morning News newspaper archives for copies of obituary, if one was posted, and news stories, if any, related to the suicidal death of a Dallas Police officer Maurice Baker also known as "Monk" that occurred about a week after assassination. This relates to my furthering of an investigation of the assassination of JFK. I would think it should not involve more than a half hour of research since I have exact date of death of this police officer. I would gladly reward the person for their troubles and time with a copy of yet-to-be released Kennedy assassination book that I found on amazon.com by Sturdivant that I would have shipped to the research volunteer. Can you assist?

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If it will help, there is a thread on this officer on the Lancer Forum, though it doesn't include an obit. (It could be an interesting obit, since he was a bigamist. "He is survived by two wives . . . ")



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John, The writer of this site might be able to help. Apart from that it seems an intersting and detailed description of the DPD by a retired UK police officer.



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John, The writer of this site might be able to help. Apart from that it seems an intersting and detailed description of the DPD by a retired UK police officer.



Ian Griggs is actually a member of this Forum. He is actually a retired police officer from England. However, he seems to go to Dallas every year. I will email him about it.

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Another message from Frank Cellura.

I want to express my appreciation to the several people responding with information about Maurice "Monk" Baker, possible alias Elbert, including W. Brown and I. Griggs, and the couple of willing parties who indicate they will try to search the newspaper archives. The fact the man might have recently lost his DPD position late in 1963 before assassination improves his position in my mind as a possible actor or intermediary with respect to any DPD complicity involving Oswald or assassination.

Further, the source I read about this particular officer indicated he was among the closest affiliates of Ruby, and further that he lived in Oak Cliff neighborhood of Dallas on North Beckley Street, which we all know was same avenue as Oswald's rooming house. Consequently, I would hope we can exhaust all sources of info on him in an investigative phase. I would like to know his age, background and any active associations with other DPD members. Also, circumstances of his alleged suicide would also be relevant. The fact he was not active DPD officer at time of the assassination is not critical factor warranting short-circuiting the inquiry. If anything, it is a bit of circumstantial consideration to be explored.

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Maurice is a somewhat unusual name. Scratching my head . . . where have we heard that first name before?

Steve Miller Band...third line of the song, "The Joker."

Either that, or some secretive operative using the last name of Bishop, IIRC.

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  • 8 years later...

Dallas Morning News

December 4, 1963
Former Detective Shot to Death; Autopsy Ordered
A former Dallas city detective was shot to death Tuesday
in an apartment in the 80 block of Marsalis.
A witness said that Elbert Maurice Baker, 35, placed a .38 caliber pistol
in his mouth and pulled the trigger. Justice of the Peace W. E. Richburg
witheld a verdict in the death pending further investigation and results
of an autopsy. Baker resigned from the Dallas Police department’s
burglary and theft department October 10, 1963. He joined the force
April 19, 1954 and was promoted to detective July 26, 1957.
He served as temporary lieutenant from Nov. 16, 1961 to Aug. 24, 1962
The witness a woman, said Baker had been despondent and had recently
threatened to kill himself and her. She told police that shortly before noon
Baker was lying on his back on a couch when she heard a clicking sound.
She turned, saw him with the gun in his mouth and tried to take it away from
him, but he pushed her away and pulled the trigger.

that same day an obituary appeared, there was no other Baker obituary....


Albert M. Baker; survived by wife Mrs. Jackie
Baker; sons Mark, Allen Gary Baker; mother
Mrs. Hester Baker; father. Albert Baker.
arrangements pending
CAMPBELL 300 W. Davis

Birth: Jan. 5, 1926
Death: Dec. 3, 1963
Burial: Laurel Oaks Memorial Park
Dallas County
Texas, USA
Plot: Section 2
Created by: James Ellis
Record added: Sep 04, 2013
Find A Grave Memorial# 116557518

The Dallas Residential White Pages listed a

E. M. Baker 648 Odeneal EX1-7918

Mrs. Hester Baker 717 N. Clinton WH6-2503

Robert: If the obituary for Albert M. Baker is, indeed Elbert Maurice Baker, that would

seem to be a very slippery slope; And the 80 Marsalis street address cited

is your definite misprint....the only "Monk" I am aware of is Monk Zelden.

Ian Griggs this is for you......

Harry Neal Olsen - and Some Fellow Dallas Cops with Problems, by Ian Griggs
Dealey Plaza Echo, Volume 15, Issue 1

Ian's article is related to the above.....

BTW In one of the more serious JFK Specials, think it is the National Geographic Special,

there was footage in the immediate aftermath of the assassination, of a man wearing a hardhat, not THE man known as Hardhat Man, being led away with handcuffs behind his back, that was a new factoid for me....

This is not an "I think I saw," but the real deal.

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