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Gerald Posner and the Eyewitness Accounts

Guest Stephen Turner

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We have the testimony of Emmett Hudson, in which he is standing with ONE man. A young man who parks in one of the secured Knoll parking lots, and knows shots are being fired at the President, while everyone else is in a state of shock and confusion. He goes prone, and urges Emmett to follow suit. Emmett is prone when a shot is fired over his head. Emmett has Kennedy struck in the side of the head when the Lincoln is much further up Elm

The "operative" aspect of this "much further" is that the vehicle was further up Elm than was the location alongside Elm of the sidewalk on which Mr. Hudson was standing.

And, in that content and context, Z-312/313 is "much further" up Elm than was the location of the third/final/last shot.

By about 30-feet.

Therefore, one might want to add in what Mr. Hudson had to say in relationship to the location of the Presidential Limousine at the time of the last shot which he heard and did not see any results of impact.


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Guest Stephen Turner

BACK FROM THE GRAVE Sorry its taken me so long to get around to this.

Lets take a look at Posners take on the Mexico city incident.

He says all of the reported contacts with Oswald in Mexico city were with the real LHO (pages 170-173, 181-196) A lot of this however flies in the face of the evidence. There are hugh holes in Posners case, here's a few.

Oswalds alleged bus tickets were found only a few days before the Warren report was to be published. The tickets were supposedly found in some Spanish language mags that Oswald had allegedly brought back from Mexico. As the story goes, Marina supposedly took these mags with her to the Hotel where she was detained following the assassination. There, at the last minute, she found the tickets in one of the mags, no one has ever explained why she would have taken Spanish literature with her when she did not evn speak the language. Nor has it been explained why it took so long to find the tickets. Fbi agents had already carefully searched the motel rooms where Marina and the children were being held. The agents testified that every scrap of paper had been examined, but nothing of interest had been found. The rooms were searched again by a different team of agents, they didn't find the tickets either. It was only after the W/C finally seemed to get suspicious about the lack of hard evidence, tying Oswald to the Mexico city trip that the tickets miraculously turned up.

Every name in the Sept 27th register of the hotel where Oswald allegedly stayed is in the same handwriting, except Oswalds. The W/C tried to explain this by claiming that on the first night a guest would write their own name, but that on succeeding nights the Hotel clerk wrote them in Yet, " Eight other guests checked in on Sept 27, and, on the regiter for the 28th, Oswalds name is again in a unique style. To make it even stranger, the handwriting is not the same as that of the previous day."(Jim DiEugenio)

Oswald allegedly traveled on the Flecha Roja bus line. This line normally kept a manifest for each of its runs. The original was sent to Mexico city, and a duplicate was retained at Nuevo Laredo. However, four months after the assassination, when the FBI went to Mexico to examine the original passenger list, they were told that Mexican Goverment investigators had taken the list and had not returned it. These unnamed "Investigators" the Fbi was told, had also taken the duplicate, neither copy was ever located.

(1) Michael T Griffith, More than a reasonable doubt.

To be continued...

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Guest Stephen Turner

Here are a few more Oswald impersonations that the good Wall St Lawyer ignores.

*On Oct 11, 1963, while the real Oswald is in Dallas, someone in New orleans filed a change-of-adress card in Oswalds name to foward his mail to a house in Dallas. The card is signed in Oswald's name but the signature is not in his handwriting.

* Two weeks before the assassination, a phoney Oswald asked about a job as a parking attendant at the Southland hotel in downtown Dallas. When the manager wrote the applicants name down as "Lee Harvey Osborn" the man corrected it to "Oswald" The imposter then asked a strange questionthat would later have sinister significance: He wanted to know how high the hotel was, and whether it provided a good view over Dallas.

*On Nov st, 1963, A cuban man entered a gift shop in Dade county, Florida, and told an employee that he had a friend called Lee who could speak Russian, and German. The man addedthat his friend lived in Texas, or Mexico and "Was also a sharpshooter"

* On july 26th, 1963, when the real Oswald was in N/O, someone visited the Atomic energy Museum in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, and signed the register "Lee H Oswald, USSR, Dallas Rd, Dallas Texas. The imposters intention, it appears, was to make it seem as though Oswald thought of himself as a Soviet citizen.

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[quote name='Peter Lemkin' date='Jul 7 2006, 01:16 PM' post='67506']

For newcomers to the case.

Posner never fooled me for one nano-second. Even before his book came out I knew who he was working for. Most pay no attention to his prior book on Joseph Mengele and his steering the reader away from the evidence that Mengele had CIA and other American intelligence connections post-War that protected him [and other Nazi]. These media assets are recycled.


He is beyond despicable. Total CIA whore. I too was onto him from the first second. Now he's all over the map on all the cases. On tv all the time. I had a wonderful letter to ed. published in the local rag (Austin American Statesman) back in 93 where I took on on both Posner and Rather. Got a lot of response, mostly positive, but my favorite "negative" response was by Former AG Waggonner Carr!!! It's a true classic. Fortunately for me I signed only my name, omitting that I am an attorney. It took all my energy to suppress the urge to call him and have a little chat. :). Somethings are better left unsaid, that is if one wishes to remain a member in good standing of the Tx. Bar.


ps Steve:Great to see ya back.

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Guest Stephen Turner

Quote from the thread EJECT! EJECT! EJECT! on the political conpiracies forum.

Quote on "I recommended Case Closed, by Gerald Posner- without question the best piece of critical reasoning, research and logic I have ever read-bar none." quote off.

Some people ARE easily impressed.

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Gerald Posner shot himself in the foot last 2/21 on the Op-Ed page of the New York Times.

From the Gray Lady's website:

Single Bullet, Single Gunman

February 21, 2007, Wednesday

By GERALD POSNER (NYT); Editorial Desk

Late Edition - Final, Section A, Page 21, Column 1, 576 words

DISPLAYING ABSTRACT - Gerald Posner Op-Ed column says newly-revealed home

movie made by George Jefferies shows Pres and Mrs Kennedy in Dallas motorcade

seconds before assassination, and reveals that president's coat was bunched up in

way that explains position of bullet holes in jacket and shirt; explains that issue has

long fueled conspiracy buffs; urges others who may have similar movies to reveal

them, since even most innocuous-seeming artifacts can sometimes put enduring

controversies to rest.

Gerald Posner:
The new film has finally resolved the issue. At the end of the clip, as the camera

focuses on the backs of the president and the first lady, Kennedy's suit is significantly

bunched up, with several layers creased together. Only 90 seconds before Lee Harvey

Oswald fired the first shot, Kennedy's suit jacket was precisely in the position to

misrepresent the bullet's entry point. (emphasis added)

Here's the Jefferies film, taken 90 seconds out. The jacket was "precisely" in the position

consistent with the trajectory of the SBT, according to Posner, and please note the shirt

collar wasn't visible at the nape of JFK's neck.


Here's the Towner film, taken 4+ seconds out.


The shirt collar is clearly visible at the nape of JFK's neck.

The jacket dropped in Dealey Plaza -- the exact opposite of the "bunch up"

theory to which all LNers must subscribe.

The Single Bullet Theory stands debunked by Posner's own analysis.

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Guest Dale Thorn

Posner is a debunker in the classic and most common sense. He "knows" that Kennedy was shot by Oswald as a lone gunman, much as we know that psychics can't bend spoons and magicians really can't levitate people.

Think about that for just a moment. What if someone challenged you on levitation or mind-reading? Would it be fair to say that you have your mind made up? Or could you say that you "know" based on a lifetime of experience? In the case of debunkers, you usually don't get proof that they are being paid for disinforming, yet you can see immediately that they have their conclusions fixed and it's going to be a one-way conversation.

So, I'm curious as to whether we know any debunkers who aren't pre-paid and who do seem to honestly consider the evidence, without twisting facts or ignoring facts contrary to their conclusions. I've never heard of one...

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