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History Channel DVD on Assassination

Tim Gratz

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Oliver Stones JFK on The History Channel:

I was rather unimpressed by Ann Medina's post JFK (Stone) commentary about how although 78% (her figure) of Americans think there was a conspiracy ,Oswald alone shot Kennedy according to what she refered to as "irrefutable proof".

( A bunch of us Canadians think Kennedy got whacked by his own people as well, a point she seemed to miss...)

Her glib and uninformed prattle made me want to write the station but I noticed she rambles on at the end of every History Channel Feature Presentation, usually quite extemporaneously...

I would buy this just to see the footage of Ruby in the press conference (if this is on the tape) provided that Ann Medina (sp?) and her yakkity maw don't appear anywhere on the tape.

I know it's a tad off topic but Ann Medina makes my skin crawl, and when I think of THC, JFK and Ann, I get nauseous...

And she certainly can't be a media asset of the CIA as I'm sure even they have standards ..

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I'm pretty sure have it on VHS, that I taped off of TV, but there's so many of them ( I have over 80 taped items of life & death documentaries about the Kennedys ) that I don't remember this one.

If you haven't ordered it yet, I could dig it out later & give you a review.

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