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I was wondering if any forum members in the course of their research on Logue have come across any information that connects him to the Flying Tigers and or William Pawley?

In March of 1967, Logue sponsored Brig. Gen. David Lee Hill (ex Flying Tiger) for speaking engagements in Dallas; the topic was to do with Vietnam and where things were going wrong.

I am just curious as to what Logue's interest in this would have been.

Any information would be appreciated.

Logue below.


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On February 12, 2017, I started a thread in the Education Forum enttitled: Revolt of the Colonels?


In that thread, I asked if anyone had confirmation that Lester Logue was a Colonel in the Reserves.

The closest I have come is this:


JFK Files: Who Was Lester Lloyd Logue?

Complied By Ralph Thomas And Jessica Shores
"LESTER LLOYD LOGUE has been a wealthly oil man in Dallas, Texas with extreme right wing views that had connections to and had likely been involved in covert military intelligence activities. He had associations with and was a good friend of George De Mohrenschildt. De Mohrenschildt admitted before he committed suicide under suspicious circumstances that he had been sent by the Dallas CIA office to babyset LEE HARVEY OSWALD before the assassination. Professional Mercenary, solider of fortune and former Army intelligence officer


LESTER LOGUE had been an army officer. Considering his background before that, he was likely Army Intelligence."


So far, I have not been able to confirm that. What I have found is that during WWII, Lester Logue was a Staff Sergeant with the 587th Engineering Squadron, 75th Air Service Group, 315th Bomb Wing.

75th Air Service Group


Lester L. Logue Serial# 37217565 Staff Sergeant 587th Squadron


587th Engineering Squadron: Captain William Lee Wood, Jr., 1st Lt. Frank L. Springer, 1st Lt. George 0. Terlinden, 2nd Lt. Hill W. Beasley, 2nd Lt. Andrew J. Corrigan, 2nd Lt. James E. Donnelly, 2nd Lt. James P. Duffy, 2nd Lt. George W. Kekauoha, 2nd Lt. Waldo C. Kester, Jr., 2nd Lt. Paul P. Plovanich, 2nd Lt. Richard F. Skinner, CWO. ClydeW. Doyel.”


The 75th was a Service Group, not a Combat Group.

History of the 75th Air Service Group

by Al Seeloff


The 587th was an Engineering Squadron

This military organization had its origin in early 1944, stationed at Tinker Field, Oklahoma, in the headquarter's squadron (replacement pool) and was a small group of men under the command of Captain O'Conner. The personnel shipped into this group were unassigned and after talking to the classification personnel they were assigned to various Air Force schools: Sperry Gyro School, Clerks Schools, Mechanics School, etc., whatever the classification section thought the man would be best in doing.

"The air service engineers were trained to repair, maintain and service the B-29's, The Air Materiel Squadron had to get the material to the right place at the right time.”


"This is the authorized strength of several of the units at Northwest Field, Guam.

From Twentieth Air Force Station List for APO 182 SF (Northwest Field, Guam).
Data provided by Mark Boland.”


587th Air Engineering Squadron





10 officers, 1 Warrant Officer, 239 Enlisted men, 250 Total

75th Air Service Group


Barracks were waiting for Headquarter & 581st Materiel Squadrons on the south side of the runways Service Center "G". The 587th Air Engineer SQ along with the Engineering from the three other Service Groups, were quartered on the north side of the runways Service Center "H". The Engineers lived in two men tents for a while. They went about the task of making the area livable for it was to be their home and no one knew for how long. They made paths and roads from pieces of coral and coconut trees were planted for landscape. They worked with the seabees build-ing ad strips, parking ramps, etc.”


75th Air Service Group


587th AES photos courtesy of Mr. Glenn Pendleton

Specific individuals not identified.



Lineage: 75 Air Base Group, HQ & HQ Sq redesignated 75 Service Group, HQ & HQ Sq (AG 320.2, 10 Jun 42). Activated 22 May 1944.

Stations: Greenville Service Group Training Center, Greenville, SC c. Aug- 43-unknown;Herbert Smart AAF, GA 6 Jun 44-5 Nov 44; Tinker Field, OK 7 Nov 44-4 Dec 44; Walker Field, KS 4 Dec 44-5 Apr 45; Ft. Lawton, WA 10-15 Apr 45; Shipment #4804-H, -K, -J 15 Apr 45; Northwest Field, Guam (315 Bombardment Wg, 501 Bombardment Gp) 11 May 45-Sep 45.

  • Hq and Base Services Sq

  • 587th Air Engineering Sq

    • Activated 22 May 1944, Robins Fld, GA per GO Hq, Warner Robins Air Service Command dated 11 May 1944

    • Moved to Herbert Smart Apt, GA 7 Sep 44

    • Moved to Tinker Fld, OK, departing 5 Nov 44, arriving 7 Nov 44. Move included Hq & Base Services Sq and 581st Material Sq

    • Moved to Walker AAF, KS 4 Dec 44

    • Moved to Fort Lawton, WA 3 Apr 45

    • Shipment #4804 departed 15 Apr 45, arriving Apra Harbor, Guam 10 May 45


So far, I haven't found anything that tells me Logue remained in the Reserves after he was discharged from the Air Force.


Steve Thomas

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