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It seems to me that Mr. Philipps dug up some interesting stuff in Bloomfield's correspondence which he struggled mightily to get Canadian authorities to release. Then his posts suddenly stopped. Surely someone knows what transpired. I think this avenue of research into Bloomfield and the Permindex connection has gotten a bad rap, beginning from Garrison's trial of Clay Shaw, and from Lyndon Larouche and Dope Inc, but I agree with Philipps in a few respects. E. Howard Hunt's deathbed confession might be further disinfo from the expert. But what if its not? Howard names William Harvey, stationed in, or perhaps banished to Rome in 1963, as being involved operationally in the JFK hit. Philipps found a letter from Bloomfield tying David Rockefeller to Ferenc Nagy, the operational head of CMC. This looks to be the origin of what became NYC's World Trade Center. Regardless of the relative accuracy of Garrison's research, or Lyndon Larouche, it seems to me that anyone suspicious of the CIA top brass, such as Angleton, Dulles, Helms, Harvey, would want to see what else appears in Bloomfield's writings.

All of Philipps' work is still accessible, but the blog has had no activity for 3 years. So I am reposting again in hopes that someone reading this knows what happened to him, and to the further release of Bloomfield's personal papers.

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Great, and thanks for posting. The question is has he been successful in getting more access to the Bloomfield papers? Is he still trying? Does he still check in to the education forum?

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Great, and thanks for posting. The question is has he been successful in getting more access to the Bloomfield papers? Is he still trying? Does he still check in to the education forum?

Paul I dont know.

Now Shaw was part of manipulation LHO but probably near zero connection with the non-Walker real shooting team.

PERMINDEX can be seen as part of GLADIO. Permanent Exhibition (PERMINDEX) and is a perfect cover for movement of arms in a invaded Europe. (GLADIO'S original purpose was to fight Russia in invaded Europe,later GLADIO was corrupted to do political False Flags attacks in Europe.These false flag attacks in which people are killed is why GLADIO is mentioned in CT 911 research.)

Bloomfield Dallas connection ,probably zero.


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Hi Paul,

Few days ago, Marc Gendron leaves me a message on Facebook saying that you would like some infos. Marc, I apologize for not going regularly on FB and thanks for the message.

If you want to read in lenght about the last developments about the Bloomfield Archives situation, you can read this december 2010 newspaper piece at:


It is in French, but Google Translate should give you a good English version of it.

To resume the situation, after a first court procedure were the judge orders Library and Archives Canada (LAC) to respect Bloomfield's will to make his archives public 25 years after his death, LAC complied to this judgment but made an exception for document that they consider being under an atttorney-client privilege. For those documents, LAC decide, first, to use a 50 years restriction from the date when the document where created, then decided in 2010 that those documents should be kept secret forever.

In 2010, I did contest this decision, first in Federal Court then in Federal Appeal Court. The panel of 3 judges (who never ever look at any of those documents) took LAC's word that those documents were of private nature even if many of them where letters from lawyer Louis Bloomfield writing as a stockholder of Permindex and to his associates, something that is not covered by attorney-client secret. Since LAC 's lawyers told the Appeal Court that the Canadian Bar was to be consulted and that new guidelines will be created about lawyers' archives, the appeal court dismissed my request and let LAC keep under lock the Bloomfield's letters pertaining to Permindex.

The timing of those procedures and decisions, allow me in 2009-2010 to gain access to binded bookletters containing correspondance about Permindex dated up to the end of 1960. From those books I have reproduced the letters that I have posted in my blog at: http://somesecretsforyou.blogspot.ca/ and that showed that :

1- George Mantello was a 33rd degree Freemason;

2- Mantello was the true boss at Permindex;

3- Louis Bloomfield appears to have been an administrative lawyer in Montreal, often in conflict with Mantello, and that seeing Bloomfield as the engineer of the JFK assassination is exagerated.

The 1959-1960 letters also established links between Permindex, Baron Edmund de Rothschild and David Rockfeller. More importantly, this last link between Permindex and Rockfeller was in the person of Ferenc Nagy, a known CIA asset, and gave to Permindex all the appearance of a CIA's branch of the Gladio network. So the 1959-1960 Bloomfield archives gave substance to the notion that Rome's Permindex was in 1960 related to the CIA via Ferenc Nagy. Now the real question was to know what relation Bloomfield's Permindex had with Clay Shaw.

I didn't found any trace of Clay Shaw in letters from 1959-1960, but guessed that Shaw would have been in contact with Permindex mainly between 1961-1963. Unfortunately, when, between 2011 and 2013, I tried to gain access to the Bloomfield letters dating from 1961 to 1963, LAC decided to keep secret those documents past the 50 years restriction while it was reviewing its politic with the Canadian Bar.

Thus, to resume, I consider having published the most relevant available documents from the Bloomfield archives and having made two demonstrations:

  1. That Permindex which involved peoples likes E. Rothchild and D. Rockfeller was related by Ferenc Nagy to the CIA-BlackOps in Europe;

  2. That Louis Bloomfield wasn't the grand architect of JFK assassination as described in the Torbitt and Dope Inc. That is that even if he was, from Montreal, an administrative and financial actor of Permindex, he had really no control over G. Mantello's actions and any Gladio op. Perhaps Bloomfield knew what kind of black-ops was running Mantello and Nagy via Rome, but he really didn't seem to call the shots.

This last view was criticized by some participants from Education Forum who believed very hard in the Torbitt and Dope Inc version. Unfortunately, the big “Bloomfield Architect of JFK Assassination” theory doesn't hold scrutiny. But even if I dismiss the “Bloomfield dunnit” theory, the Bloomfield archives are solid evidences that we are living in a world where high level conspirators from around the planet work together to create and finance fronts such as Permindex.

Now the question is: Are the secret documents from 1961 to 1963 may show relations between Rome Permindex and Clay Shaw?

Personaly, I would like to fight again to try to gain access to those files. But to engage in another legal battle on this, I would need financial resources that I don't have now. To tell you the truth, when I lost before the court of appeal, I was very lucky that the Court and LAC consider that my legal request made LAC aware of a pertinent archival question (i.e.: treatment of lawyers's donation), otherwise I would have been ordered to pay a few thousands dollars to cover LAC's legal expenses.

With this experience in mind, I consider that I shouldn't engage again in this kind of procedure except if I can put aside a few K$ to cover those expenditures and lost of incomes from other activities. (If you're interested to contribute, I can give you my Paypal address... )


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Maurice - thank you very much for posting and bringing this as up to date as you were able. It is unfortunate that the records from 1961-63 are not going to be released. I see that you think Bloomfield was not so important. Still it is interesting that Rockefeller and Rothschild interests were being represented by Permindex, and perhaps that is the more important fact. My hunch is that what is being hidden from 1961-63 is not Shaw's importance but something else that we could only surmise.

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To be clear, I was never in the Torbitt camp or the Bloomfield did it camp. But Permindex is still a hidden story, and that makes it interesting to me, wherever it might lead.

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