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I have been contacted by a journalist who has been commissioned by a national newspaper to write an article about the JFK research community in the UK. Send me an email if you are willing to be interviewed for the article. He is interested to discover if this is a subject that only appeals to aging males like myself.

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"...aging males like myself."

As opposed to...males who are no longer aging, such as Dick Clark and George Hamilton?

In fact, I believe I recall reading somewhere that Dick Clark's production company had passed on the opportunity to get involved with a JFK invesitgative documentary.

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Can someone please give me the name of the UK based JFK research group? It's slipped my mind in a big way and I am collecting data about all of the upcoming memorials and events for the 50th. I would like to know if they are planning anything and if so if I can please have a press release for http://gregparke4.wix.com/jfk50th where the list of events will be stored.

Also, if anyone else knows of anything being planned around the world or in Dallas.

Two of the more interesting events being planned that I have come across today are:

A memorial to be held in Surrey http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-surrey-20874364

And a musical tribute in Dallas: http://www.examiner.com/article/jfk-assassination-to-be-memorialized-with-chamber-music-by-steven-mackey

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Is the Journo involved young ,vibrant and quick witted?.

Does he wear twisted jeans sport a floppy haircut and wear way to

Pointy shoes?.

If so I believe he will find his Humbert in a park somewhere eyeing up

Young ladies.

Can you imagine the dilemma of having to trawl through all the crap we have

With a fresh mind ?.

Just give him DVP's web address and leave the poor lad to stew for a few weeks.

Ian 56(ageing but fighting back) my daughter is 1year old on the 23rd!.

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The majority of " those asked" indicates a 75% belief that There was

A conspiracy in the murder of JFK.

The problem is we are not famous enough to be quoted saying so

Perhaps your journalist friend should start by asking those in the limelight

Perhaps Stephen Fry has an opinion ?.perhaps Richard Branson .

We know its pointless asking politicians for the truth .

Maybe Sir Bob Geldof could launch an appeal he could call it Truthaid

I am sure Mr Assange will help after his Bolivian holiday.

The problem is when the ball starts rolling it is hard to stop.

If Hooke and Cinque (mr Lynne did not show) can get that much publicity

For the farcical "re-enactment " I am convinced a minor celebrity

Could make a dent in the public perception as long as it is not Mr Bean

Or a footballer.

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I have been contacted by a journalist who...... is interested to discover if this is a subject that only appeals to aging males like myself.

Of course everyone is ageing, especially the little ones. Sunrise, sunset. No shame in that.

I suggest this journalist contact Vincent Michael Palamara, a researcher from the next generation.

I'm guessing Vince is barely into his forties. Your journalist friend might want to review Vince's book

on the Secret Service. Vince has probably met all the British researchers at conferences down

through the years and can provide a good perspective on the value of the British contribution.

British research is highly regarded in the JFK community. Personally, I would recommend that this journalist

CAREFULLY read Ian Griggs's NO CASE TO ANSWER for an example of the best of British research on the case..

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