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Roscoe White?

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On that page, Beverly Oliver is claimed to have said, "In recent years, she has begun claiming to have seen young police recruit Roscoe White on the grassy knoll just after the assassination, without a hat,..."

About halfway through the Hughes film, there are movie pictures taken in the railyards. Just to the left of the relevant frames, there is a policeman standing there without a hat.

Does his body type correspond to Roscoe White?

I think maybe.


Steve Thomas

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Steve I posted a similar question a day or two ago, only I asked if this was Badge Man.

He is hatless and appears from that distance to resemble the image from the Moorman photograph.

Also, he appears to have an accomplice possibly placing something in the trunk or back of the car? - the figure in the railroad hat to the side of Badge Man in the polaroid?

Didn't White have the same stocky build?


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It certainly seems unusual for a uniformed police officer to be hatless, at least outside of headquarters or his vehicle. It would be particularly surprising if the officer or the person wearing the uniform were a gunman or accomplice, since he would not want to look unusual.

If the Badgeman is real, why would he choose to be hatless?

I wish we knew if the cop encountered in the knoll parking lot by deputy sheriff Bo Mabra, who told Mabra "there hasn't been a thing move back here in an hour or more because I've been here all the time," was hatless, and if that's him in the Hughes film.

As for Beverly Oliver seeing Roscoe White on the knoll, didn't she first make this claim in a book she wrote (Nightmare in Dallas) published in 1994? That was 4 years after Ricky White's story about his dad Roscoe made the news.

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