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  1. Dear James:

    I am not sure you are active in this site now, but you posted a comment on Sforza and Don Winters. My father, Charles Peter Brooks, knew both. And I am tracking down some information. Do you happen to know if Don Winters is still alive? and if so, do you believe you could connect me with him? I have several letters that mention him, and I hope he would remember my father as well.... thank you very much in advance! Cheers! Jennifer

  2. Earlier in this thread, a question was asked regarding whether Morales had a scar over his eye. Also regarding Neck Scratcher Man. He seems to have a long neck where Morales is much stockier. Just my opinion.
  3. Thanks, Shane. That was awesome. Great to hear about the events of the day from someone who was there.
  4. Tommy, no idea regarding the name Xinques other than it appeared in some of the news stories of the day and in some on the agency generated files. The mug shot of Eugenio Zaldivar Cadenas I posted earlier is of the man who was part of the Tony Cuesta led mission of 1966. Zaldivar was born in Camaguey, Cuba on April 28, 1945. He entered the US in 1960 and joined the ranks of Commandos L in 1963. When Castro gave George McGovern a list of agency sponsored raiders who were sent to kill him, Eugenio Zaldivar Cadenas was one of them.
  5. Not really, Tommy. His name appears in the various documents spelled with both an 'S' and a 'Z' and 'Xinques' pops up in the various news stories and some agency generated documents. The mugshot would have been taken after he was taken into custody by Cuban authorities. That would be 1966.
  6. That is not Manuel Aguilar, not Seymour, not Hall and not Harber. Sorry.
  7. Hi Tommy, I don't think that is Morales. However, at 3:43 there is a short clip of the Cubans leaving the courthouse. The guy in the white shirt bears a striking resemblance to Emilio Rodriguez who at the time was being handled by Tony Sforza. James
  8. My apologies, Tommy, I confused you and indeed myself. Common names are designed to do exactly that. Maurice Bishop, Lee Oswald, Richard Hamilton, etc, have caused many lost hours trying to figure out who is exactly who. Which of course is by design. James
  9. Tommy, Michel Nicole is not Manuel Garcia Gonzalez but did he did use that name. Like Souetre and Mertz, they liked to use names of real people. Manuel Garcia was a name that Bernardo de Torres teased Garrison with. It was all designed to confuse. The names and people are ghosts, not real people but based on real people. Like Oswald, which is why he can be in two places at once. And down the rabbit hole we go. James
  10. Thanks, Tommy. Interesting indeed. The only image I have of Victor Hernandez is the one attached. Not of great help unfortunately. James
  11. Larry, HDG had associated with Cuesta quite often after his arrival. He spent some time in a training camp run by Eloy Menoyo and was participating in missions into Cuba. There are certainly connections between HDG and Rosselli, as well as Rip Robertson. I think there is very little doubt the Cuesta mission in 1966 was a set up. BTW, the guy who gave up Vidal to the Cubans was Pedro Diaz Lanz. James, Fascinating. Diaz Lanz was with Carlos Prio and Paulino Sierra when they visited HL Hunt looking for funds. Diazl Lanz was also close to Frank Sturgis. Both Diaz Lanz brothers and Sturgis/Fi
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