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  1. David Morales

    It is Bonnie Ray Williams.
  2. David Morales

    Earlier in this thread, a question was asked regarding whether Morales had a scar over his eye. Also regarding Neck Scratcher Man. He seems to have a long neck where Morales is much stockier. Just my opinion.
  3. Your Best Big Fact of a Conspiracy

    I'm not sure how the man could be so specifically wrong given his position, the timing of his comments and the importance of the events that day. To simply say he was wrong is a very weak and unconvincing argument. I guess it's out of the question that Gregory was wrong?
  4. Your Best Big Fact of a Conspiracy

    Do you think Shaw was lying? The man had just been standing over Connally operating, how could he not have the facts regarding his injuries? I think Gregory said what he had to say, as did a lot of people.
  5. Your Best Big Fact of a Conspiracy

    Sorry, David. I'll go with Shaw's immediate comments after leaving the operating theatre, not something said months later when agendas had been established.
  6. Your Best Big Fact of a Conspiracy

    A couple of pages back, I made a post regarding Dr. Robert Shaw's press conference after operating on John Connally and him saying a bullet was still lodged in his thigh and would be removed at a later date. Anyway, that discussion seems to have been lost amongst anagrams, song lyrics and pointless back and forth. So back to Shaw's comments. Do they negate the SBT? Yes. Is Shaw wrong? No. Given he has just come from the operating room, he would know what was going on there. Regardless of what was to later happen, Shaw's comments at that moment are powerful, telling and proof that evidence was conspiratorially manipulated to frame LHO as a lone gunman.
  7. Your Best Big Fact of a Conspiracy

    The single bullet theory itself is ludicrous enough, but during Dr. Robert Shaw's press conference immediately after operating on John Connally, he states very clearly that the bullet is still in his thigh and will be removed when his condition is stabilized. I think the man would know what he was talking about so there goes the future SBT right there. The fact that it was proposed in the first place is proof the WC was dishonest and had an agenda in making Oswald guilty; and the only reason to have this agenda is to conceal a conspiracy. .
  8. It's not about bragging, it's about truth

    Thanks, Shane. That was awesome. Great to hear about the events of the day from someone who was there.
  9. It's not about bragging, it's about truth

    Tommy, no idea regarding the name Xinques other than it appeared in some of the news stories of the day and in some on the agency generated files. The mug shot of Eugenio Zaldivar Cadenas I posted earlier is of the man who was part of the Tony Cuesta led mission of 1966. Zaldivar was born in Camaguey, Cuba on April 28, 1945. He entered the US in 1960 and joined the ranks of Commandos L in 1963. When Castro gave George McGovern a list of agency sponsored raiders who were sent to kill him, Eugenio Zaldivar Cadenas was one of them.
  10. It's not about bragging, it's about truth

    Not really, Tommy. His name appears in the various documents spelled with both an 'S' and a 'Z' and 'Xinques' pops up in the various news stories and some agency generated documents. The mugshot would have been taken after he was taken into custody by Cuban authorities. That would be 1966.
  11. It's not about bragging, it's about truth

    Born April 28, 1945.
  12. It's not about bragging, it's about truth

    As an aside, Eugenio Zaldivar Cadenas was 18 in 1963.
  13. A list of assassins

    That original list of names I posted was the one Castro gave to George McGovern as the men who were involved in assassination plots against him.
  14. Gerry Hemming and Interpen

    That is not Manuel Aguilar, not Seymour, not Hall and not Harber. Sorry.
  15. The Cuban with a deadly secret: "I shot JFK."

    Thanks, Doug. I also submit that Herminio Diaz Garcia was the driver of the Rambler that picked up Oswald on Elm as seen by Roger Craig and a couple of other witnesses. FWIW.