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  1. Hi Mike, Thanks .... and thanks for the info. Interesting document. Hope to be around more in the near future. Bests, Barb
  2. One of my all time favorite docs, ran across it last night while plowing through some files; do not recall seeing it here on the EF before .... I call it the, "Psssst, just say NO" doc. Barb
  3. Heavenly tomatoes. RIP, Jack. And again, thank you.
  4. Here is a report that we can use to keep an ongoing box for roundup of thoughts, proposals, votes, etc from discussions taking place in the individual reports. This should help prevent confusion .... hopefully ..... particularly when there are many reports in one thread. This should make it easier for all of us to keep things straight, make decisions, and then for admin to act on whatever actions we conclude are necessary by consensus. Just one idea ... worth a try, I hope. This post has been made invisible on the forum, and will be deleted once I see the report show up in our reports section.
  5. Hi Evan, I think what you meant was clear to most. The short answer is a long history in which his "method of debate" has always been the 'you're either with me or you are against me' mentality ... and if you happen to be in disagreement with whatever he is espousing at the time, there is something wrong with you personally .... and he makes that loud and clear incessantly. You are suspicious, an intel op, stupid, unqualified, dishonest, and one of the greatest sins of all is that you obviously haven't read all of his wonderful materials as he has told you to do so it is no wonder you are so stupid. Unfortunately, many of his friends, for whatever reason, went along with him and lauded his behavior. Until it happened to them. But in the last few years, there have been several who put their foot down about something, stuck to their guns, and the result has been a few quite public falls from his grace. The most recent example is one case. There were a few during the Judyth Exile thread, perhaps most notably the quite public "divorce" from Jack White who was deeply hurt, but to Jack's credit, he stuck to what he believed was right, and in the Limo Windshield thread, Doug Weldon. Both, as well as several others did do exactly what you asked about ..... saying 'on this we disagree, let's just leave it at that and move on and keep it on the evidence' and some, like Greg, as I recall, asked for an apology. It only works when *both* parties have the ability to do that. Fetzer, in my 15 or so years experience with him, has never demonstrated that ability. It seems apparent to most that he doesn't even listen, read or consider what the other party is saying .... he just pronounces himself right and there is something wrong with anyone who does not agree so he just repeats himself over and over and over. I got messages from a few different people during those threads from people who told me they didn't know how they could have ever been so blind and were just devastated at the loss of what they had thought was a real friendship with Fetzer. They felt so used. It is sad really .... not just because people, including Fetzer, get hurt, but because whatever anyone believes about any element of the case, if we could step back and consider things from the other guy's perspective, we could all learn more and just maybe actually resolve some issues and move things forward. As someone I admire once said, if you keep at people long enough, they are eventually going to respond in kind. And I think that is one reason this thread you started, the question you asked, and people's ability to vent a bit, is important. Thank you for that. I hope we can move on to a better place in this crazy arena, and have important rigorous debates that attack evidence, not one another on a personal level, just because they disagree. Bests, Barb :-)
  6. There is also the forum rule about posting disparaging remarks about other members that needs attention from Dr. Fetzer. Please go through your post, Dr. Fetzer, and edit all areas that do not conform to the rule (Revised forum rules, posted by Evan Burton, Nov 16, 2010, post #281), which reads: "Civility and Decorum Politeness is paramount. Of course, we expect to have spirited debates! That's fine, as long as the people involved extend one another basic respect. Disagreements are inevitable, but even in those situations you must still be civil. Members are forbidden from questioning the motives of posters, nor should members research abilities be questioned. At no time may a forum member call another forum member a xxxx, nor accuse them of posting / telling lies. Infraction of this rule will result in the immediate deletion of the offending post and the immediate moderation of the offending poster. The duration of moderation (or possible expulsion of the member) will be determined by consensus amongst moderators and / or administrators. Attack the ideas, not the person(s) presenting them. If you've got concerns with what someone is saying, feel free to dismantle their arguments, but do not resort to ad hominem or personal attacks. Be mindful and respectful of others' feelings. If you feel that someone has crossed the line and insulted you, please contact one of the moderators, preferably via the reporting mechanism described here, or by PM or email. Don't write scathing posts in the forum to try and humiliate people publicly. If these guidelines are not followed, the administrators/moderators will take appropriate action, so please behave accordingly." These posted rules can be found here: JFK Forum Rules Thank you, Barb
  7. I have this memo, the NARA slug is dated 6-1-95, NARA initials look like "J.J." and notes, "RELEASED PER P.L. 102-526 (JFK ACT)" ... I've had this and the other memos following the two day Z-film studies since 1995. Other than that slug at the top, it is a 2 page document on plain white paper (8-1/2 x 14"). It carries no other markings. I would be happy to upload a copy, but after a complete computer crash, I am just now getting things together on my new computer and all files and programs have not yet been loaded, recovered, etc. Hopefully, by weekend's end, all will be complete and ready to roll ... then I can get a copy to you if you'd like. Bests, Barb :-)
  8. Post #60, page 4 of this thread, Josiah Thompson to Pamela Brown: "You were referenced in our piece. We pointed out that you described Evalea Glanges as "a nursing student at Parkland Hospital." Is that true? Doug Weldon interviewied her in 1999 and said she was in 1963 a second-year medical student at Southwestern Medical School and later became Chairperson of the Department of Surgery at John Peter Smith Hospital in Forth Worth. Could you clear up the confusion? Was Evalea Glanges a "nursing student" or a "medical student" in 1963 at Parkland Hospital? Josiah Thompson" Post #64, also page 4 of this thread, Pamela Brown responded: "It was my understanding that Evalea Glanges was a nursing student; as Weldon interviewed her, he would have the specifics. The article at my site was posted prior to his interview. I will be updating it. I am not sure what difference this makes, unless a nursing student is even less credible than a med student who became successful?" It was a simple error based on misinformation from another researcher. Glanges was a medical student, not a nurse. It was pointed out, it was discussed, it was acknowledged and corrected. Medical student vs nurse has no bearing on anything. It was a simple error....that should not have happened ... but, nonetheless, a simple error that had nothing to do with our evaluation of the evidence that there was or was not a through and through hole in the windshield. 'Nuf said ... by me at least. :-)
  9. Also? Just to be sure there is no misunderstanding, Bernice, by saying preserved, I was not saying it should be sealed in a vault never to be seen or "presented." Doug's wishes, as I think you know from Doug himself, as do I ... and the concerns and wishes of others in the research community, as well as those of Doug's family, are that all his work ... book, papers, files, tapes and CDs, documents, whatever other word I am forgetting to put in here,etc, be preserved and protected as a collection and be available to all ... whether they check it out of a library or buy it at a bookstore .... whatever. It was his life's passion and work and NO one is saying it shouldn't all be available ... and it should go without saying it must be Doug's work, what he wanted published, known, etc. Of course the family makes all the decisions on all of this, but they want to honor their father by getting his work out. We should all be good on this, seems to me. Good. By the way, in the morning I will be emailing all the condolence messages to Doug's family. If anyone has yet to do that here, and wants to ... go for it. If anyone wants to include a message they prefer not to have published here on the forum, please feel free to e mail it to me at barbjfk@comcast.net and I will include it in what I send. Thanks, Barb :-)
  10. Doug obituary, services and guest book information: Doug will be buried privately on Tuesday, a memorial service will be held next Sunday at the church he attended for over 20 years. His obituary appeared in papers this morning and the guest book is now available online. It can be seen and signed here: http://www.legacy.com/guestbook/kalamazoo/guestbook.aspx?n=douglas-weldon&pid=155399017&cid=view There are also directions and information at that site about sending flowers, cards, etc. Here is the obituary from the Kalamazoo Gazette: http://obits.mlive.com/obituaries/kalamazoo/obituary.aspx?n=douglas-weldon&pid=155399017 He will be missed, but his children will see that his legacy of work is preserved for all of us. God Bless them.
  11. Yes, two days later, after feeling the best he had felt for a very long time, he developed cellulitis and ended up back in the hospital, and also developed what I recall as the first blood clot in his left arm. The photo was taken in late July 2011, he spent all of August in the hospital. The day he sent me the photo, August 26th, had been a particularly tough and disturbing one for him as one of the physicians from the palliative care section had come to his room and told him he would qualify for hospice if he wanted to consider that. He wanted me to call him, and I did. He was stunned by what the doctor had said and told me he hoped to prove them wrong. He sure tried, God bless him. If I am recalling correctly, he was never able to go home again. It was mid-September before he was moved to a nursing home, then was shortly back in the hospital, and so it went, back and forth. That photo, taken so recently, gave him hope and made him smile! And he did have some encouraging days and laughter too.It's a great photo for all to see and remember him by! His daughter expects to have the link to the online guest book/obituary sometime this weekend. I will post it as soon as I get it. Bests, Barb :-)
  12. Jim, Pat, all... Doug and I had talked about this .... his book, his papers, interviews, etc. Once his family has had some time to deal with the immediate needs of the present, I will be talking to the daughter he put me in touch with a few months ago. Doug and I were in close contact over the last year and a half; and I have been in close contact with one daughter over the last couple of weeks. It really wasn't appropriate during this time to talk to her about disposition of her dad's papers, manuscript, etc ... they were hopeful, expecting even, that he would make it through this most recent crisis. But, it will happen soon. Bests, Barb
  13. Heartbreaking news this morning. Doug Weldon passed away overnight.Doug has been entrenched in a nightmare health battle since early September 2010. It all started with a sore on a toe after a long bike ride. Doug was diabetic. From there it progressed to amputations, infections, and multiple incidences of pneumonia ... one thing after another putting him back in intensive care, or at least back into the hospital, every time it would seem like he was making some progress. I can only recall about 3 very short spans of time (days) over the last 15 months that Doug was not in a hospital or a rehab/nursing facility. Doctors have been amazed at how strong and determined Doug was able to stay. I was amazed for the physical doggedness, but not the mental. He was so mentally strong and determined. Please keep his family in your thoughts and in any prayers you may be able to offer. As details become available, including which address to use for cards, flowers, etc, I will post that information. Miss talking to you already, Doug! Barb
  14. This lists all the places JFK made speeches while campaigning ... several stops in Arizona on April 9, 1960, for example. This is from the JFK Library, but note it is "Part II" so there must be a "Part I" rattling around there somewhere too. JFK campaign speeches part II Here are the Arizona entries in this document for speeches (It also lists dinners, luncheons, etc): 0322 Address of Senator Kennedy, Democratic Dinner, Tucson, Arizona. The Democratic Party; U.S. Economic Problems." February 22, 1958. 29pp. 0956 Address of Senator Kennedy, Phoenix, Arizona. "Natural Resource Development." April 9, 1960. 24pp. 0980 Address of Senator Kennedy, Yuma, Arizona. "High Interest Rates; Tight Money." April 9, 1960. 3pp. 0983 Address of Senator Kennedy, Democratic Luncheon, Tucson, Arizona. "National Resource Development." April 9, 1960. 8pp. 0528 Address of Senator Kennedy, Airport, Phoenix, Arizona. "The Importance of the 1960 Presidential \ Election." Novembers, 1960. 3pp. 0531 Address of Senator Kennedy, Westward Ho Hotel, Phoenix, Arizona. "The Importance of the 1960 v Presidential Election." Novembers, 1960. 2pp. 0533 Address of Senator Kennedy, Street Rally, Phoenix, Arizona. "Criticism of the Republican Party." Novembers, 1960. 9pp. This should help anyone interested in chasing down the Arizona allegation. Easier to locate news stories with dates in hand.There should be a similar document at the JFK library that covers all his travels once President. Barb :-)
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