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  1. FATAL FLAWS IN THE DEEP STATE-IS-OUT-TO-GET-TRUMP THEORY 1) The FBI played a crucial role in defeating Hillary Clinton in 2016 Remember all of those weekly front page stories in the mainstream U.S. media (including the NYT) in 2016 about the Hillary Email-gate nothing burger? Most of these weekly headlines were based on leaks by anonymous FBI "sources"-- culminating in James Comey's "October Surprise" letter shortly before the election about re-opening the "investigation" of Hillary's Emails. Recall also that Rudy Giuliani (PNAC's 9/11 man in NYC) had announced the Comey/FBI "October Surprise" in advance. Meanwhile, Dean Baquet and the NYT had put the kibosh on any 2016 stories about the Trump campaign's collusion with the Kremlin. 2) Russia definitely hacked the 2016 U.S. elections to put Trump and Congressional Republicans in office The evidence that Russia hacked our 2016 elections to put Trump and Congressional Republicans in office is overwhelming. It was a multi-faceted Kremlin op based on Gerasimov Doctrine strategies of creating social divisions in the U.S. (ethnic, religious, cultural) in close parallel with the campaign strategies that helped Trump win the GOP nomination and Electoral College -- e.g., fear-mongering about Mexican immigrants, Muslims, blacks, etc. 3) Trump and Congressional Republicans have repeatedly obstructed investigations of their close ties to the Kremlin, and have also blocked efforts to prevent ongoing Russian interference in our U.S. elections 4) Trump has betrayed the research communities investigating Deep State crimes-- both the JFK assassination and 9/11 After vowing to release the classified JFKA records in October of 2017--- as required by a unanimous act of Congress-- Trump abruptly declined to release the JFK records. After saying during his Republican primary debates that, "When (he is) President, Americans will find out who really destroyed the World Trade Center on 9/11," Trump never said a word about what really happened on 9/11 subsequently. In fact, his first trips abroad after his Inauguration were visits to PNAC's 9/11 co-conspirators in Saudi Arabia and Israel. 5) Trump's main accomplices in obstructing investigations and suppressing the evidence of Republican collusion with the Kremlin have been Deep State insiders-- especially William Barr, the former CIA lawyer who was recruited to the DOJ from the Company by GHWB to manage the Iran-Contra pardons. Another Deep State insider working for Trump has been Rudy Giuliani-- Dick Cheney and PNAC's crucial resource in NYC during the 9/11 op. (Giuliani managed the sequestration and destruction of the WTC forensic evidence after 9/11, while telling everyone that Ground Zero was non-toxic. He also told Peter Jennings on 9/11 that he had been forewarned by the OEM about the impending collapse of the WTC Twin Towers-- a claim which he later denied to Phillip Zelikow's 9/11 Commission.)
  2. Dennis, Let me respond to this ROCOR comment and your previous comment about Putin's annexation of the Crimea in a single post. 1) CRIMEAN ANNEXATION Putin's military occupation and annexation of the Crimea in 2014 was illegal on multiple accounts-- and continues to be regarded as illegal by the international community. The Russian referendum in Crimea, itself, was illegal-- and was conducted after Russian troops had illegally occupied sovereign Ukrainian territory. The Crimea was a part of the sovereign, indissoluble nation of Ukraine in 2014-- and was subject to the Constitutional laws of Ukraine, which, among other things, required a nationwide referendum on matters pertaining to the secession or annexation of Ukrainian territory. 2) ROCOR HISTORY (Hint: Don't trust Wikipedia on this one-- the FSB has aggressively edited the true history of the ROCOR since 2007.) The Bolsheviks assumed total control of the Russian Orthodox Church in Russia by 1921, after poisoning Patriarch Tikhon (arsenic) and murdering or imprisoning most of the Metropolitans, Archbishops, and Bishops in concentration camps like the former Solovki Monastery. Many Russian Orthodox Churches throughout the U.S.S.R. (including the Spaasky Cathedral near the Kremlin) were demolished by explosives, and even more were converted into skating rinks and gyms. Meanwhile, the Bolsheviks re-organized what was left of the Russian Church hierarchy under the nominal supervision of Metropolitan Sergius Stragorodsky and other NKVD puppet bishops and priests (including the eventual KGB Moscow "Patriarch" Alexey II and the current Patriarch Kyril.) The concept was to use the outward form of the "Church" to advance the agenda of the atheistic Soviet state-- which did not preclude using the confessional as a form of state surveillance of the citizenry! So, following the Bolshevik murder of St. Tikhon and the Church hierarchy, and the torture and "conversion" of Metropolitan Sergius Stragorodsky to atheistic Bolshevism, the Russian Orthodox bishops in exile organized the ROCOR Synod outside of Russia to preserve what was left of "Holy Russia." To describe them as advocating "armed rebellion against the USSR" is tantamount to accusing Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany of advocating armed rebellion against the Third Reich. It's a patently absurd statement. The main difference is that everyone today knows the horrifying details of the Nazi Holocaust, but very few people know much about the worst genocide in world history-- the Bolshevik genocide perpetrated against Russians and Ukrainians in the Soviet Union (including the Ukrainian Holodomor.)
  3. Jim, As a member of the (White) Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia (ROCOR) during the past 25 years I have seen, up close and personal, how Putin and his FSB people operate. They skillfully infiltrated and seized control of the ROCOR in Western Europe and the U.S. in 2006 in a bloodless internal coup that was scarcely mentioned in the Western media. Part of their operation included intimidation (and probably kompromat) of several ROCOR bishops, including one whom I knew, personally, who was threatened and beaten up in his apartment. I also know of one ROCOR priest opposed to the Act of Canonical Communion with Moscow who died in a mysterious ladder "accident." (The Moscow Patriarchate was under the control of the NKVD/KGB/FSB since 1920, and had been anathematized by the ROCOR Synod for decades prior to 2006.) At the time of the ROCOR coup, Putin even proclaimed in a TASS interview that, "Religion is one of Russia's most effective means of self defense!" Putin worked as a KGB agent in East Germany for many years, and is, doubtless, an expert in the age old KGB tactics of intimidation, murder, and blackmailing compromised targets. He has, certainly, been involved in the murders of journalists and those (like Litvinenko, Gorokhov, and Erovinkin) who are seen as threats to Kremlin agendas. In my opinion, Trump has been targeted by Putin's FSB people and compromised for use as a Russian asset. Putin's oligarchs have also dangled a lot of carrots to manipulate Trump and many key Republicans in the U.S. Congress. We know that Russia has funneled a lot of illegal campaign cash to Republicans-- through the NRA, and also through shell companies set up by people like Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman. Mitch McConnell has repeatedly blocked legislation to secure our elections from Russian hackers. As for Congress and the Mueller Report, William Barr has worked tirelessly to prevent even the U.S. Congress from seeing the full, un-redacted Report. And we all know by now that Barr distorted the findings of the Report in his misleading four-page "summary," while withholding Mueller's own summary, which was intended for public and Congressional review.
  4. Jim, Putin annexed the (Ukrainian) Crimea, and has been waging a border war in the Donbas region of eastern Ukraine in recent years. As for Mueller's investigation, let's not forget that Trump and his 2016 campaign associates persistently lied and stonewalled it from beginning to end. Paul Manafort even continued to lie about his 2016 contacts with Konstantin Kilimnik AFTER his plea deal to cooperate with Robert Mueller! And Trump adamantly refused to talk to Robert Mueller-- finally submitting some lawyerly written answers that consisted almost entirely of, "I don't remember." (Odd for a stable genius who claims to have "one of the great memories.") Mueller documented ample evidence of Trump's campaign "colluding" with the Kremlin, and at least ten counts of obstruction of justice-- but was strictly prohibited by Barr's DOJ from indicting a sitting POTUS. Trump's 2016 Campaign Manager, Paul Manafort, who worked for the Kremlin in Ukraine for years, will most likely die in prison. Manafort's lobbying partner, Roger Stone, may share the same fate. Don, Jr. -- who met with Kremlin lawyer Veselnitskaya in the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting-- also refused to talk to Mueller. As for the Steele Dossier, much of it has, in fact, been verified by now. And let's not forget that Oleg Erovinkin-- thought to be one of Steele's main sources (from his tenure as head of MI6's Russia desk) was found dead in his car in Moscow right after Putin learned about the Dossier. One thing is obvious. In addition to aggressively obstructing the Mueller investigation, and the disclosure of its most damning details, Trump has repeatedly denied the fact that Russia hacked our elections ! How do you explain those facts?
  5. Not trying to hijack this thread about Zaid and the Ukraine-gate whistleblowers, but I'm posting two references about Putin's geopolitical modus operandi, for anyone interested in the subject. They were both real eye openers for me. IMO, it's impossible to understand Russia's recent meddling in U.S. politics and foreign affairs without understanding what makes Putin tick.. I. The Gerasimov Doctrine It’s Russia’s new chaos theory of political warfare. And it’s probably being used on you www.politico.com/magazine/story/2017/09/05/gerasimov-doctrine-russia-foreign-policy-215538 September/October 2017 Lately, Russia appears to be coming at the United States from all kinds of contradictory angles. Russian bots amplified Donald Trump during the campaign, but in office, Kremlin-backed media portray him as weak. Vladimir Putin is expelling U.S. diplomats from Russia, limiting options for warmer relations with the administration he wanted in place. As Congress pushes a harder line against Russia, plenty of headlines declare that Putin’s gamble on Trump has failed. Confused? Only if you don’t understand the Gerasimov Doctrine. In February 2013, General Valery Gerasimov—Russia’s chief of the General Staff, comparable to the U.S. chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff—published a 2,000-word article, “The Value of Science Is in the Foresight,” in the weekly Russian trade paper Military-Industrial Kurier. Gerasimov took tactics developed by the Soviets, blended them with strategic military thinking about total war, and laid out a new theory of modern warfare—one that looks more like hacking an enemy’s society than attacking it head-on. He wrote: “The very ‘rules of war’ have changed. The role of nonmilitary means of achieving political and strategic goals has grown, and, in many cases, they have exceeded the power of force of weapons in their effectiveness. … All this is supplemented by military means of a concealed character.” The article is considered by many to be the most useful articulation of Russia’s modern strategy, a vision of total warfare that places politics and war within the same spectrum of activities—philosophically, but also logistically. The approach is guerrilla, and waged on all fronts with a range of actors and tools—for example, hackers, media, businessmen, leaks and, yes, fake news, as well as conventional and asymmetric military means. Thanks to the internet and social media, the kinds of operations Soviet psy-ops teams once could only fantasize about—upending the domestic affairs of nations with information alone—are now plausible. The Gerasimov Doctrine builds a framework for these new tools, and declares that non-military tactics are not auxiliary to the use of force but the preferred way to win. That they are, in fact, the actual war. Chaos is the strategy the Kremlin pursues: Gerasimov specifies that the objective is to achieve an environment of permanent unrest and conflict within an enemy state. Does it work? Former captive nations Georgia, Estonia and Lithuania all sounded the alarm in recent years about Russian attempts to influence their domestic politics and security, as the Obama administration downplayed concerns over a new Cold War. But all three countries now have parties with Russian financial connections leading their governments, which softly advocate for a more open approach to Moscow. In Ukraine, Russia has been deploying the Gerasimov Doctrine for the past several years. During the 2014 protests there, the Kremlin supported extremists on both sides of the fight—pro-Russian forces and Ukrainian ultra-nationalists—fueling conflict that the Kremlin used as a pretext to seize Crimea and launch the war in eastern Ukraine. Add a heavy dose of information warfare, and this confusing environment—in which no one is sure of anybody’s motives, and pretty much no one is a hero—is one in which the Kremlin can readily exert control. This is the Gerasimov Doctrine in the field. The United States is the latest target. The Russian security state defines America as the primary adversary. The Russians know they can’t compete head-to-head with us—economically, militarily, technologically—so they create new battlefields. They are not aiming to become stronger than us, but to weaken us until we are equivalent. II. The Current Political Chaos was planned more than 20 years ago www.dailykos.com/stories/2019/8/25/1881360/-The-Current-Political-Chaos-was-planned-more-than-20-years-ago?utm_campaign=trending August 25, 2019 I recently had an in-car conversation with my nephew about WW II. He wanted to know what possessed Hitler to attack the Soviet Union. We ended up talking a little bit about geopolitics, and the role that oil & gas reserves played in Germany’s decision to turn against its ally. The conversation was very general, because I had few concrete facts or sources to give him. I promised that I would do some research and send him some links. Upon my return home, I fired up google and started browsing around about geopolitics. I happened upon a Wikipedia article that discussed a book written by Aleksandr Dugin called “The Foundations of Geopolitics: The Geopolitical Future of Russia”. What I discovered was both amazing and frightening. I strongly urge you to go and read the (relatively short) article in full. “The Foundations of Geopolitics: The Geopolitical Future of Russia” was written in 1997. Since then, it has risen to the rank of textbook for the Russian military’s “Academy of the General Staff”. It lays out a Nationalist, Eurasianist political ideology and strategy for Russia to rebuild its influence and rise to world dominance. The strategic objectives laid out in the book are clear and systematic. The main tactics to accomplish them are not military; rather, The textbook believes in a sophisticated program of subversion, destabilization, and disinformation spearheaded by the Russian special services. The operations should be assisted by a tough, hard-headed utilization of Russia's gas, oil, and natural resources to bully and pressure other countries. First off, the textbook says that the United States need to be weakened internally. Russia should use its special services within the borders of the United States to fuel instability and separatism, for instance, provoke "Afro-American racists". Russia should "introduce geopolitical disorder into internal American activity, encouraging all kinds of separatism and ethnic, social and racial conflicts, actively supporting all dissident movements – extremist, racist, and sectarian groups, thus destabilizing internal political processes in the U.S. It would also make sense simultaneously to support isolationist tendencies in American politics".[9] The book also recommends: • Isolating the United Kingdom from the rest of Europe • Annexing Ukraine • Dismembering Georgia • Creating a vital alliance with Iran • Destabilizing Turkey • Minimizing the influence of China At the end of the article is a 2017 quote from news.com.au which says the book Reads like a to-do list for Putin’s behaviour on the world stage. I couldn’t agree more. And now, with both the U.S. fracturing internally and the U.K. About to cut ITSELF off from the rest of Europe, I can’t help but wonder: are most of today’s major political current events simply part of a plan laid out more than 20 years ago?
  6. Interesting to read the Kennedys and King article about Zaid being a Company man, but it seems like an overgeneralization to assume that the Ukraine-gate whistleblowers must, therefore, be involved in a "Deep State" conspiracy to undermine Trump's truly disastrous Presidency. For one thing, Trump has repeatedly denied publicly (at the Stinky in Helsinki and elsewhere) that Putin's GRU cyber warriors are hacking our elections! Two interesting Russian military documents that seem to explain the chess game that Putin has been playing on the world stage are; 1) the Gerasimov Doctrine of asymmetrical cyber warfare, (to divide and weaken foreign societies along racial, ethnic, and religious lines) and, 2) Alexander Dugin's 1997 strategic treatise about Russian control of Eurasia-- weakening the EU and U.S./NATO alliance, aligning Russia with Iran, Syria, and the Kurds, and destabilizing Turkey. I believe that Donald Trump is a compromised pawn (or rook?) in Putin's geopolitical chess game.
  7. Bravo !! It will be interesting to see how the mainstream U.S. media responds to this.
  8. Jim, What is your opinion about LBJ's role in issuing NSAM 273 on the heels of JFK's murder? The timing is certainly suspicious-- especially in light of LBJ's longstanding disagreements with JFK's (and RFK's) policy opinions about Vietnam and the Cold War. LBJ was openly allied on those issues with the Joint Chiefs and Cold Warriors in JFK's administration-- the men who were, presumably involved in the 11//22/63 coup d'etat. All things considered, it seems inconceivable, to me, that LBJ was not "in the loop" in the coup d'etat, on some level. Wasn't he also very closely allied with J. Edgar Hoover before and after 11/22/63 in covering up the Crime of the Century?
  9. Joe, You bring up some valid points about LBJ here. There is ample historical evidence that the man was a major league sociopath who would do just about anything to promote himself-- stuffing ballot boxes, selling political favors, and even employing hit men like Mac Wallace. And let's not forget about his role in; 1) reversing NSAM 263 by signing NSAM 273 right after JFK was murdered, and 2) setting up the Warren Commission-- as an alternative to a bona fide investigation of JFK's murder. As for LBJ's Civil Rights Act and Voting Rights Act achievements after 11/22/63, let's not forget that he had repeatedly obstructed Civil Rights legislation during his lengthy Congressional career. My belief is that LBJ's post- 11/22/63 Civil Rights and Great Society initiatives were motivated chiefly by self interest and vanity, rather than by any sincere moral convictions. The man was a sociopath. Didn't he even arrange the murder of his own sister?
  10. Perhaps more Tom Hanks/Parkland "history" films are in the works-- Magic Bullet and Magic Bullet II. 😬
  11. Ron, I read a study many years ago about inpatients at a VA hospital in the 1950s being dosed with amphetamines until they became psychotic-- paranoid, agitated, and experiencing visual hallucinations. It's the kind of study that would never be permitted nowadays, for obvious reasons. But who knows what men like Sidney Gottlieb and Jolly West were doing to study drug-induced psychoses back in the day? If they were overdosing human subjects on psychotomimetic drugs, they certainly wouldn't have published papers about it in the scientific community. West famously overdosed an elephant on LSD, as you mentioned. Did he do the same to Jack Ruby? Perhaps. I have treated methamphetamine addicts who experienced protracted psychotic symptoms, but they usually clear in a few days (or two to three weeks in one case.) I'm buying a copy of Chaos forthwith.
  12. Thanks for the info, Jim. I got my bad information from Phillip Nelson's book, LBJ-- Mastermind of the JFK Assassination. Nelson describes the Altgens photo as definitive proof that LBJ was in the loop on the assassination plot. I don't recall where I read about Ralph Yarborough's observations in the limo-- possibly in Nelson's tome.
  13. Convenient murder narrative for the DPD, if true-- an interstate drug deal gone bad, in which a witness against the DPD in an impending civil suit gets killed by a shot in the mouth...
  14. Thanks for the references, Ron. Chaos and A Lie to Big Too Big to Fail are, definitely, on my reading list. Haven't found anything of substance (or substances) about Jolly West on Google. I may call an old med school friend who is on the psychiatry faculty at UCLA to find out what he knows about Jolly West, UCLA Neuropsych, and the CIA (though the topic is hardly an ice breaker. "Hey, Dan, how have you been? Long time no see... Dan, it's about Jolly West and MK-Ultra.... ") 🤪
  15. Is this in reference to the Altgens photo of LBJ's limo, where Lady Bird and Senator Ralph Yarborough were sitting up and smiing while LBJ appears to be crouching down out of sight? Didn't Yarborough report that LBJ was, in fact, crouching down in the limo as the entourage entered Dealey Plaza? If true, it suggests that LBJ knew that JFK was going to get whacked in Dealey Plaza, while simultaneously worrying that the assassins might also whack him...
  16. Geez... this is looking more and more like a DPD/KKK retaliation/witness intimidation op. Joshua Brown was, apparently murdered Sam Giancana "omerta" style, with a gun shot to the mouth. Meanwhile, the neighbor lady who filmed Amber Guyger after the murder has been fired from her job at a Dallas pharmaceutical company for being a "black activist" (i. e., uppity n-gger".)
  17. Great film. I think I own copies of every film Fellini ever made, including I Vitellone, which he produced for Italian television back in the day. Satyricon is another Fellini masterpiece-- based on the extant fragments of the Petronius manuscript from the first century A.D. (And the Fellini film, itself, consists of fragmented vignettes.) Watching Fellini's Satyricon is like time traveling to the first century Roman Empire during the reign of Nero. It offers a profound, detailed view of the pre-Christian, pagan culture of that era. And Fellini brings it to life in a way that Hollywood never could.
  18. I really need to read up on the history of MK-ULTRA and Jolly West's work for the Company. Any advice about good articles and books on the subject?
  19. Amarcord is my all-time favorite movie-- bar none-- partly because the characters in the Rimini epic remind me of my Slovenian aunts and uncles. I've probably watched it at least a dozen times over the years, and I'll watch it again, any time. As for great movies about Christ, let's not omit Franco Zeferelli's magnificent Roman Catholic opus, Jesus of Nazareth, featuring, perhaps, the most star-studded cast in any film ever made-- from Laurence Olivier to Anthony Quinn, Christopher Plummer, Michael York, Ann Bancroft, Rod Steiger, and Olivia Hussey. IMO, Kazantzakis was far too Nietzschean to portray Christ accurately-- and I say that as a former Nietzschean atheist who has been a convert in the Russian Orthodox Church (ROCOR) for the past quarter century.
  20. Ron, I probably know less about the histories of Oswald and Sirhan than most of the people on this forum. (I still haven't read Lisa Pease's new book about RFK-- although I have read her essays in the Assassinations (Probe magazine) anthology published by DiEugenio, et.al.) From what I have read, I do believe that Sirhan was probably a true Manchurian candidate who was medicated and hypnotically "programmed" to fire a gun at RFK. My only (peripheral) contact with Dr. Jolyon West happened in late 1982 when I was a 4th year student at Harvard Medical School. I had interviewed that fall with the residency director at the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute, and had a bad vibe about the interview. So, I talked to one of my faculty advisers at HMS, Dr. Leon Eisenberg, about my iffy interview at UCLA. Eisenberg picked up his phone, right there and then, and called "Jolly West," the Chairman of Psychiatry at UCLA. He and "Jolly" chatted amicably for a few minutes. After hanging up the phone, Eisenberg looked at me and said, "You're in." At the time, the only thing I knew about "Jolly West" was that he had a weird name, and was Chairman of Psychiatry at UCLA. (I decided that year over the Christmas break to come back home to Denver for my residency training, instead of going out to UCLA-- a decision that I have second guessed for the past 36 years.)
  21. True. And if JFK had visited Baylor on 11/22/63, they could have simply re-scheduled his fatal visit to the Dallas Trade Mart for a different day.
  22. Ron, Small world. I was in the first grade at Ashley Elementary in Denver on 11/22/63. I walked back to school after going home for lunch that day and saw that some joker had tried to lower the flag on the flag pole in front of the school. I started to raise the flag, and our principal came outside and told me to leave the flag alone alone and go to my classroom. We used to do those same "duck-and-cover" drills in the hall outside of the classrooms. As for the salacious Ellen Rometsch/Gerald Ford story, apparently, all links lead back to a Bobby Baker interview with Politico in 2013. Mr. Caddy posted the original New York Daily News account here in 2013. Bobby Baker: JFK and Ford had affairs with East German Spy By Douglas Caddy, November 21, 2013 in JFK Assassination Debate
  23. Understood. I mentioned the Daily Mail as the source posted in the Spartacus paragraph about Gerald Ford and Ellen Rometsch. It's another one of the numerous controversial articles published in the U.K. that mysteriously never appeared in the U.S. mainstream media-- like Carl Bernstein's Church Committee era opus about Operation Mockingbird. The Ellen Rometsch story may be false, but we all know that Gerald Ford was an accomplice in selling the Warren Commission Report to America. Similarly, the Ford-Kissinger administration seems to have been deeply involved in murdering democratically-elected foreign leaders who were not sufficiently aligned with Wall Street interests, when GHWB and Angleton were still active in the Company.
  24. Addendum: I think I read this story about Ford and Rometsch at Spartacus.edu.* The original source was a Daily Mail article. * https://spartacus-educational.com/JFKrometsch.htm " It is claimed that Ellen Rometsch returned to the United States in 1964 and had an affair with Gerald Ford during his time on the Warren Commission where he was tasked with investigating President Kennedy’s assassination. The affair was used against him by FBI director J. Edgar Hoover who was frustrated that the Warren Commission was not sharing their findings, "So, (Hoover) had this tape where Jerry Ford was having oral sex with Ellen Rometsch. You know, his wife had a serious drug problem back then… Hoover blackmailed… Ford to tell him what they were doing." (18)
  25. I read somewhere that Hoover and LBJ blackmailed Gerald Ford into working for them on the Warren Commission with a sex tape of Ford with East German spy Ellen Rometsch.
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