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  1. After LHO died, she lived for over 17 years in the Dallas area. And she wrote a book that was never published. It seems odd that she would keep a secret for so long. I wonder what was in the book ? It seems more likely that, IF there were two Oswalds, then she was in the dark about the other one. In those years from 1963 to 1981 I wonder who her friends were, and what they remember of her? Did she leave any books or clothes or letters behind ? (a possible source of DNA).
  2. RE: the idea that LEE Oswald was killed sometime soon after Nov. 1963. Another take on it is that he had enough family connections in the USA, that killing him off would have had unknown consequences. see http://www.harveyandlee.net/Norton/Norton.html So, if LEE took over the identity of "Donald Norton", married "Lexie", and they had two children (Chris & Amy). One would think that someone could track down these kids, and compare their DNA with that of Robert Oswald's family members.
  3. I'm surprised no one has done so yet. I think Robert Oswald lived in Texas somewhere. And Maria Oswald stayed in a nearby state. It's only a matter of time before this is done. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07BSKZFDD/ref=dp_cerb_1
  4. No evidence from me. In life, mistakes happen and all the pieces of a history puzzle do not fit together well. People's memories are faulty etc. OTOH, one solid piece of evidence cannot be denied, and can overturn a whole lot of speculation. Did someone say something about a Mastoid bone in Harvey and Lee...
  5. Let's put this in context: My wife went back to Africa a few years ago and met her two brothers for the first time in 4 years. She said that she didn't recognize them -- adults about the age of 25 - 30. That is just 4 years. Imagine a woman aging for 10 years, and putting on the weight. Would people recognize her?
  6. 1. So, try to paint a whole scenario for me. Robert O., the patriot, knew something odd was going on, but was dealing with sparse information. He was not close to his real mother for over 10 years. And then he was told that she was on some "special mission" to Grenada or some far off place, and got malaria and died. It all seemed plausible. And he knew that Lee and this Hungarian Russian-speaking guy were up to some covert activity, for the good of the country. He wasn't close to Lee either. And then Lee had gone undercover for a time for things to "blow over", and then he died of malaria too. And the message to him was: Don't ask too many questions and everything will be fine with you. The only way to see if this is true is a DNA test on the kids or grandkids of Harvey and Robert. Why not start a GoFundMe campaign to get saliva from these two families. I'm sure that some good sleuth can track them down, invite them for coffee, and then keep the cup for a DNA test. Is anyone willing to try?
  7. One of the problems with the Harvey & Lee theory is that fact that many other people connect to their lives. 1. Their mothers. If H&L is true, then one of the mothers was murdered, and her history erased. 2. Family and Friends. If H&L is true, then the family, friends and neighbors of these boys would have all known these two boys, and classmates and parents of kids in his classes would all remember them. Did this happen for both boys?
  8. Has the hypothesis that there were two men named Harvey and Lee been tested? Can progress be made on the testing? 1. One possible way is to test the DNA of the relatives of Harvey, and of Lee. Harvey had two daughters from Marina. They or their offspring can be tested. Lee had brothers Robert and Pik. Their offspring can be tested. Then compare the two results and see if they are related. With all of the public DNA databases now, maybe the results are out there right now. 2. The leather jacket of Lee is in the National Archives. It is possible that skin cells may be on the collar or cuffs of this jacket. This can provide DNA. 3. Is there any other way to test this idea?
  9. deleted. no way for anyone to reply.
  10. I was wondering if anyone has explained the "two autopsy" theory in detail. It seems that Jenkins was at the first autopsy, as he said that Dr. Hume left soon after it started for a period of about 10 minutes. And that only him and Paul O'Connor were in the room. (But maybe the FBI had two agents there too?) Later, I've heard that the autopsy was a crowded affair with General LeMay in a front row seat blowing smoke at the doctors, and there there was lots of talking and it was a bustling, chaotic time. Do we have names of who was helping at the 2nd autopsy?
  11. Hi, I'm Ken Martinson I live in Nanaimo, B.C. Canada and have been interested in JFK issues for the past two years. I was somewhat convinced by the evidence against Oswald, but had only spent maybe 30 minutes looking at the subject. Then a commentator that I was following laughed at the suggestion that the killer was anyone but Oswald, and that got me thinking about how to determine "truth" in this matter. With a background in Physics, the movement of the JFK's head and the conservation of momentum meant only one thing: a bullet from the front. The Lone Shooter argument was that a muscle spasm due to the brain wound caused the jerk backwards (damage to the right brain, would cause the left back muscles to contract). But that doesn't explain the momentum issue.
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