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Michael Clark

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The Secret History Of Airplane Sabotage - Pt 3

By Sherman H. Skolnick




The original hearings of the National Transportation Safety Board, N.T.S.B., into the crash of United Airlines Flight 553, near Midway Airpport, were in February, 1973. From that point to May of that year, I as the spokesperson of our investigation and research group, was numerous times on late-night radio talk shows, by phone hook-up. Several sizeable stations throughout the nation had me on the air. To use me as their punching bag, some moderators purposely put me on the air, so they could holler me down that I had no proof of airplane sabotage. It was a way of limiting what I could say between commercials, thus using up the time. It prevented me from going into too many details. I mentioned, or vainly tried to mention, the substance of our numerous interviews with witnesses, without divulging their names, to avoid risking our eyewitnesses.



Since I am an independent and not one of the media "favorites", they persistently heckled me, "Where are your documents?" In that period, I never publicly divulged that we had already "liberated" and had in our possession, a copy of the entire original file of the N.T.S.B. on Flight 553. It consisted of some 1300 pages of documents and reports and pictures. [Months later, the N.T.S.B. to try to down me, released a censored, sanitized version of their original file. We were in a position to show they were using fraud to cover up airplane sabotage, a forbidden subject. BUT, at that point, the monopoly press did not permit me to be further heard on radio talk-shows and such.]



In that period up to May, 1973, the American CIA, through their front, Katharine Graham, supposed head of the Washington Post, dispatched to Chicago the Post's super-duper expert on CIA matters, Ronald Kessler. We picked him up at O'Hare Airport and went with him to a reassonably nearby restaurant. After an interview of only a few minutes, Kessler said he wanted to be driven back to the airport. He said he wanted to be back in the District of Columbia. I asked him why he had come such a distance and yet only talked to me for a couple of minutes. He did not explain.



Kessler wrote a two-part series about me that ran on the front page of the Washington Post. It condemned me for having no details of the sabotage. Savvy folks, however, from all over North America, called me, stating, "Sherman, you must really have something for the Post to have you on the front page twice, heckling you for your investigations of the Watergate plane crash."



[For more about the Washington Post and Ronald Kessler, visit our website story, "The Late Grand Dragon of The Washington Post".]



In the 1970s, the major owner of UAL, Inc., parent of United Air Lines, were the Rockefellers and they also owned all three news networks (and to this day, still have a large ownership), of CBS, NBC, and ABC. The bosses of United Air Lines were getting increasingly disturbed by my public statements. So, in May, 1973, the general counsel of the air lines, sent a letter of demand to the N.T.S.B., contending that Sherman H. Skolnick had no proof whatever of sabotage. United Air Lines demanded that N.T.S.B. subpoena me to take my deposition. This would prove, they contended, that I was making unfounded statements. [The various wire services ran the letter of demand of United Air Lines.] After being served with the subpoena, I arranged with the Safety Board, and they agreed, that I was going to represent myself and supply and direct the testimony of others.



The Safety Board panel figured that the way to handle this was through the subpoena. They arranged for re-opened public hearings at the same large motel meeting room in Chicago, as in February, 1973. They set two full days for my deposition, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., with very short recesses for lunch, for June 13 and 14,1973.



On the scheduled time and day, I rolled in with my wheelchair, with a large suitcase. Accompanying me were eight of my eyewitnesses. As the hearings began before the five-person N.T.S.B. panel, I informed them I have two preliminary matters to bring to their attention. First, I demanded that three of the Safety Board panel disqualify themselves because they and/or their immediate family are substantial stockholders in various air lines that have a joint interest that air sabotage remain a secret, forbidden subject. That they have an interest to hem me in to prevent the truth from coming out.



Without referring to federal statutes, administrative proceedures, or reasons, to support her ruling, the Chairperson proclaimed, "Mr. Skolnick, your motion to disqualify, is denied." Then, with the assistance of my associates, I opened up the large suitcase and spread out on a good-sized table in front of myself and the Safety Board panel, the entire N.T.S.B. file we had "liberated".



I stated to the panel, "Secondly, I am telling you straight in front, that I have the possession of a copy of your entire original file on Flight 553. I admit responsibility of purloining your records. I challenge you to now arrest me for so doing. Arrest me right here, in front of this audience of mostly reporters from all over the world." The audience was estimated at 250 persons.



The woman chairperson, with as much shock on her face as when we had a deputy sheriff serve her a copy of my lawsuit against her in the midst of a Safety Board hearing in February, said only one word in a low voice: "Proceed".



The CBS Network as well as their local TV station, WBMM-TV, Channel 2 Chicago, was by close circuit videoing and observing the entire proceedings. It was primarily to immediately inform the Rockefellers and other bigshots, of what is being presented. The network did NOT use any of the video on the air. Their local TV station used only a meaningless, sanitized few seconds of the proceedings, revealing almost nothing.



I started out by stating, "I will show from your own records that all the air tower and airport instruments for guiding in Flight 553, which I call the Watergate plane, were turned off just as that plane approached. They were all turned back on, the moment after the plane was steered falsely into the ground short of the designated runway at Midway Airport. Contrary to established rules and procedures, Midway tower steered a small private plane to go right in front of Flight 553 as Flight 553 was on the path of in-coming, thus obstructing the commercial plane. The flight recorder in the tail of the plane was arranged to stop at a key point, censoring all that happened to Flight 553 as it was on the flight-path for landing. The electric buss bar of the plane was arranged to short out, burning out key instruments, and the plane was coming in dark, as shown by your own pictures, records, and reports and by a witness. The altimeter was sabotaged, so the pilot and co-pilot were at a lower altitude than they should have been, causing the plane to pancake on top of some residences, killing some onnoard and some on the ground. Persons in Midway Control Tower as well as those in charge of the hand-off signals from O'Hare, caused false and erroneous signals to be relayed to Flight 553."



[During the hearings, I mentioned that the small private red plane, according to our investigations, which was falsely steered in front of Flight 553, had onboard known mafioso from Indiana and had let loose right in front of 553 a blizzard of thin metal chaff to screw up 553.]



With a series of enlarged charts, documents from the original N.T.S.B. file, and supporting eyewitness testimony, I step by step began to present the proof of air sabotage. [The specific technical details will be in a later part of this series.]



During a short lunch break, the national correspondent of the Hearst Publication chain stopped me in the hallway. "Mr. Skolnick, you don't have anything", he contemptuously proclaimed. Puzzled, I answered, "What? Were you watching everything I was presenting or were you asleep?"



Starting to shout at me, he blurted out, "Nowhere have you demonstrated that there was a bomb aboard that plane. No bomb. No proof. Period."



Trying to contain my own anger, I said "Where did you get the idea that the only way to sabotage a plane is to plant a bomb onboard?" He quickly retorted, "No bomb. No proof. No sabotage." I rapidly responded, "And that is what YOU are going to report for YOUR chain of publications?" He dismissed me, "That's right. You have mislead the public."



Toward the end of the day, during a short recess, the Chicago Tribune Transportation Editor, Tom Buck, arranged to photograph me sitting at the table with all the N.T.S.B.'s documents, reports, and pictures there spread out. Guess what? The Tribune later ran his story stating that Chicago legal researcher Sherman Skolnick (which is what they called me in those years) has shown no proof whatever to support his allegations that a United Air Lines plane crashed last December near Midway Airport because of sabotage. With the story, they ran a picture showing me only head and shoulders. The part of me sitting at the table with all the documents, reports, and pictures of the N.T.S.B. was cropped out. [The Rockefeller Family, at the times owners of United Air Lines, were also major owners of Tribune Company, parent firm of the Chicago Tribune.]



After a long day, later in the hearings, to sort of relieve the tension in the air, I told what I thought would be a little joke. I referred to United's general counsel, Mr. Streit, as Mr. Alley, as if I had made a Freudian slip. I quickly said I am sorry. Then I said, "I am here to categorically ADMIT that I have no proof whatever that Richard Nixon and the head of United Air Lines were on the plane with guns and shot dead Mrs. E. Howard Hunt, the Watergate bag-lady." Guess what? Donald Schwartz, covering the hearings for the Chicago Sun-Times, under his byline later ran a story with a big headline, "SKOLNICK ADMITS HE HAS NO PROOF WHATEVER". The story went on to state that Sherman Skolnick at a Safety Board hearing into the crash last December of a United Air Lines plane near Midway Airport, said he categorically admits he has no proof whatever of sabotage.



[At that time, the Chicago Sun-Times was owned by Field Enterprises, owned by a combination of the Marshall Field Family and the Rockefellers.]



After the publication of that fraudulent story, when I next saw Donald Schwartz, I did not restrain myself. "Look, I am going to take my metal crutch and twist it around your neck, you lying crook." He just smiled and walked away.



On the other hand, the wireservice, Associated Press, to their credit, in a Chicago date-lined story stated that "Chicago legal researcher Sherman Skolnick in a heavily-documented presentation of sabotage has appeared before a re-opened hearing of the National Transportation Safety Board inquiring into the crash last December of a United Air Lines plane near Midway Airport, Chicago." This story ran on AP's "A" wire, their national and international wire. Guess what? Only ONE newspaper in the United States ran this story. A newspaper in Seattle, Washington. All the other press outlets, print, radio, and television ignored the AP's straight forward, factually correct story. All the rest of the monopoly press went with a combination of the false stories of the Tribune and the Sun-Times and the Hearst Publications.



Several news outlets overseas, however, did use the Associated Press story. Following up on that was Swedish National Television, their major network. They sent a film crew to Chicago and arranged to meet me in the crash site, right where several residences were destroyed by the pancaking Flight 553 coming down. They interviewed me again at a later date. It was made into a 90-minute documentary with me talking in English, and below my picture, Swedish subtitles. I became a volunteer, unpaid consultant to the project which was quite a sensation in parts of Europe.



In later years, a highly-skilled journalist, Tom Valentine, started and ran a magazine exposing the real stuff, called REEL-NEWS. It was successfully distributed, some 150 thousand copies each issue, at places like airports. Then they printed an issue with the usual press-run, about the story of the sabotage of Flight 553 with references to the specific technical details. By a strange combination of events, the magazine was blocked in the printer's warehouse and was not distributed. It became the death warrant of the magazine which then went under.



[Please note, a very skilled writer with a long background in aviation, Rodney Stich, has written and privately published a book, "The Unfriendly Skies" which details the incompetence and blundering of the airlines. He also has books of his documented work in exposing high level fraud in the government.]



The next part of this series will deal with the specific details of sabotage.


Stay tuned.


Edited by Michael Clark

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Sherman Skolnick's Report

Several situations motivated the National Transportation Safety Board, N.T.S.B., to re-open their hearings into the crash of United Air Lines Flight 553. And to set two full days, June 13 and 14, 1973, for what we publicly called the crash of the Watergate Plane. My pending lawsuit in the local state court against the N.T.S.B., claiming air sabotage cover up, was arbitrarily removed to the federal court in Chicago. 

The Rockefeller-owned United Air Lines knew that the Banker-Judges in Chicago U.S. District Court would not allow my lawsuit to be heard on the facts. A judicial cover-up. It was a reality understood by the Safety Board panel, made up primarily of those directly or through their immediate families, major owners of airline shares. And the unwritten policy of the airlines, and their substantial owners, is to block all public discussion of airplane sabotage, a secret and forbidden subject. 

Another factor was the way I was informing the public, as best I could, through late-night radio talk shows and college and university speeches on the Watergate plane crash. And further, United Air Lines and the Safety Board had no prior knowledge that we had "liberated" the entire Safety Board original file of Flight 553. 

I proceeded with my own testimony as to our investigation, with the Safety Board documents and pictures, together with our interviews including the presence at the re-opened hearings of eight eyewitnesses. 

As stated earlier, #1 was THE PEOPLE. #2, THE AIRPLANE. To do a proper job in sabotaging a plane, an art and science in itself, is to know its weaknesses. This particular Boeing 737, N9031U, had chronic trouble in the month preceding the crash, with its Captain's altimeter and its air data computer---two of the most important instruments on the plane. [N.T.S.B. Docket SA-435, Exhibits 11A, 11B, 11C, maintenance data.] The Captain's altimeter {how far he is above ground level] MUST operate at 28 volts D.C. [Exhibit 9C, page 7.] An increase in amperage or voltage in the electrical system would cause the instruments to malfunction. 

The plane was delayed in departure by about 10 to 15 minutes. [Later investigations and sources convinced us the tubes in the front of the plane, leading to the air speed indicator, were drilled out, to give false readings.] This was enough time for a skilled person to strip down the bus bar at a certain point and install a device [as was done] that shorts out UPON DESCENT of the plane [a sort of barometric controlled sabotage device]. In the last 15 minutes of Flight 553, circuit breakers began popping in the cockpit, causing the Flight Recorder, in the tail, the air data computer, and other instruments to short out and malfunction. The N.T.S.B. Transcripts of the sole surviving record, the tape of the Cockpit Voice Recorder, shows this from the Intra-Cockpit, inside the cockpit, discussion. [Exhibit 12A.] 

The pilot had a prophetic name, Captain Whitehouse. By the way, he was one of the most skilled pilots at United, with a prior background in aviation air shows and precision flying. 

Captain- "Sounds to me a circuit breaker, perhaps." 2nd Officer- "Huh?" [Unidentified voice, apparently unlawfully deleted by the FBI/DIA.] Capt.-"Yeah, I just meant, I thought you'd better check EVERYTHING, ah." (Emphasis added.) [N.T.S.B., Exhibit 12A, page 7 of Transcript.] The Cockpit Voice Recorder was found and removed by the FBI, first on the scene in the crash zone. Remember what the Chairman of the Safety Board told a Congressional Committee in Washington on the same day as the re-opening of the Safety Board hearings in Chicago---about the strange doings of the FBI in the crash zone. [See Part Two of this series.] 

Flight 553 needed its instruments. Visibility was 1 to 2 miles. Ceiling varied from 400 to 600 feet. [Exhibit 5-K.] With some low clouds as low as 100 feet. As for the National Weather Service, their RUNWAY VISUAL RANGE RECORDER WAS TURNED OFF AND NOT WORKING. [Exhibit 5-K.] 

A major radio navigational instrument is the airport outer marker, also called by the street name its on. The outer marker at Midway Airport is in the vicinity of 87th & Kedzie, and is called by some, the Kedzie localizer. THE MIDWAY AIRPORT OUTER MARKER STOPPED WORKING JUST AS FLIGHT 553 APPROACHED IT AND WENT BACK ON JUST AFTER FLIGHT 553 CRASHED. 

Captain-"Is Kedzie localizer off, off the air, is that it?" 2nd Officer-"I beg your pardon." Captain-"Is Kedzie localizer off the air, there's an inbound on---ah---there's an inbound on 31---what's that? (referring to JET RUNWAY 31 LEFT, and a small propeller plane reportedly falsely steered right in front of 553 as it was preparing to land. The small plane was coming in right ahead of them on the same runway. Propeller planes are supposed to land on RUNWAY 31 RIGHT.) [N.T.S.B. Exhibit 12A, page 3.] 

Captain's altimeter would NOT work below 3400 feet. [Exhibit 9C, page 8.] A retired aviation expert, with experience as a 4-motor bomber pilot and loads of control tower experience, as earlier stated, mysteriously was directed by his firm to be outside measuring a parking lot just at the same time Flight 553 was in-coming. That was William J. Simonini. At the re-opened hearings, he testified that he saw Flight 553 at about 450 feet near 73rd and Kedzie, TO THE FAR RIGHT OF THE OUTER MARKER. At the original Safety Board hearings in February, 1973, the Safety Board tried to conceal this data by improper questions of THEIR witness, Simonini. He later became OUR witness. [N.T.S.B. re-opened hearings, Simonini testimony, 6/13/73.] At the outer marker, Flight 553 was supposed to be at about 889 feet above the ground. [Exhibit 2J, Chart 11-2.] 

SOME OF THE INTENTIONAL BLUNDERS ON THE GROUND. (a) In the last 15 minutes of Flight 553, its speed was erratic. [Exhibit 3-F.][Remember, we later found out about the sabotage of the tubes to the air speed indicator on Flight 553.] It was being watched by some of the most highly sophisticated radar equipment and computer in the world, at that time, ARTS III. Yet, although they claim they told him to slow down, after 21 sweeps of the radar he was still going 210 knots per hour. It was being watched by Chicago Approach Control, O'Hare Airport. (15 radar sweeps per minute.) (b) The approach controller later admitted he had forgotten to give 553 approach clearance. [Exhibit 3A, page 9.] The Flight 553 crew were led to believe they were in a holding pattern. [Exhibit 12A, page 9.] 

(c) The Midway Tower steered a small propeller plane, Aero Commander N309VS, right in front of 553 as 553 was coming in for a landing. [Through later investigations, we uncovered a mystery. The pilot of that small propeller plane was a skilled pilot of a 4-motor plane. It was the same as finding out the Captain of the huge ship the "Queen Mary" was somehow now in charge of a two-man rowboat.] This doing by the Tower caused 553 to drastically close the gap between them and the small plane. That small plane, to screw up 553, dropped a blizzard of thin metal chaff right in front of 553.] 

(d) They stopped watching 553 from O'Hare TOO SOON (called a premature hand-off). At the time, Midway did not have precision radar. [Exhibit 3C, page 13.] This violated O'Hare-Midway Letter of Agreement. [Exhibit 3G, page 3, paragraph 4.] 

(e) They did not tell 553 that their plane was too far right of the Midway outer marker, a dangerous situation.

(f) In violation of regulations, they were working two planes for the SAME runway at the same time, Flight 553 and the Aero Commander. 

(g) Although there was only about a 6 mile an hour wind, they told 553 to go to JET RUNWAY 31 LEFT, HAVING NO GLIDESLOPE, an important navigational aid giving altitude and azimuth. [Intra-Cockpit Voice discussion, Exhibit 12A, page 13.] Runway 13R, the other end, has glideslope. 

(h) Within a few seconds, Midway told a different thing to O'Hare than it did to Flight 553. [Exhibit 12A, page 13,compared to Transcriptions of Chicago Approach Control, Exhibit 3C, page 14.] 

OTHER INTENTIONAL BLUNDERS AND SABOTAGE. The Air Traffic Controllers paid no attention to the fact that 553 had too much velocity and was on too fast of a descent, and was far off-course. With circuit breakers clicking [from the barometrically-triggered sabotage devices], and instruments malfunctioning, the cockpit crew of 553 tried to switch to standby power. [As shown by comparing Intra-Cockpit discussion, Exhibit 12A, pages 10-11, with B-737 Flight Manual language, Exhibit 2F, page 4E.] ELEVEN WITNESSES ON THE GROUND SAID FLIGHT 553 HAD NO LIGHTS. [Exhibit 4B, statements of witnesses.] Also, eyewitness testimony of Simonini. 

In the first five minutes and last five minutes of flight, the pilot is supposed to be flying the plane. BUT, in the last few minutes before the crash, the co-pilot (1st Officer) and the 2nd Officer were flying. This supports our contention that the pilot was dead or disabled, such as from cyanide poisoning. [See later discussion as to high-level of CYANIDE, such as in bodies of some of the Watergate 12. We also interviewed the former head of a laboratory that made devices for the CIA, to go off in the cockpit of planes, and causing cyanide to disable those in the cockpit. He said that although he thought he was supplying these devices to be used against Eastern Bloc "Enemy" civilian airplanes, he heard that some of his devices were used domestically, in the U.S.] Also, to be compared as to pilot at beginning and end of flight, there is a comparison between the Intra-Cockpit Discussion [Exhibit 12A, pages 13-15] with the Flight Manual challenge-respond language [Exhibit 2F, page 41.] 

Eyewitness William J. Simonini, a retired aviation expert, said how the FBI was tormenting him ever since they found out he saw the Watergate plane shortly before it crashed. He said the FBI was tormenting him in various ways, day and night. AND, that they arranged to frame-up and jail two of his sons to cause him further anguish. 

As a result of the Watergate Affair, Nixon White House aide Chuck Colson was sent to prison. After getting out, he said he is a new person and devoted to promoting good deeds. He spoke at a meeting in Chicago. Afterwards, I interviewed him. 

Skolnick-"What happened to Mrs. E. Howard Hunt, wife of the Watergate burglar?" 

Colson-"She was murdered by the FBI and the CIA." 

Skolnick-"Can you tell us more? Having been in the Nixon White House you seem to know a lot." 

Colson "I have already said too much."

Did some of the Watergate 12 actually survive the pancaked plane but were murdered on the ground? And what happened to Mrs. Hunt's luggage for which she bought another first class seat ticket? The crash of Flight 553 and what happened on the ground were clearly overkill directed against the Watergate figures among the onboard passengers. 

Correction Earlier in this series,on some websites, through a typo, Channel 2 TV was incorrectly identified. It is WBBM-TV, Chicago. 

Since 1958, Mr.Skolnick has been a court reformer. Since 1963, founder/chairman, Citizen's Committee to Clean Up the Courts, disclosing certain instances of judicial and other bribery and political murders. Since 1991 a regular panelist, and since 1995, moderator/producer, of one-hour,weekly public access Cable TV Show, "Broadsides", Cablecast on Channel 21, 9 p.m. each Monday in Chicago. For a heavy packet of printed stories, send $5.00 [U.S. funds] and a stamped, self-addressed business sized envelope [4-1/4 x 9-1/2 #10 size] WITH THREE STAMPS ON IT, to Citizen's Committee to Clean Up the Courts, Sherman H. Skolnick, Chairman, 9800 South Oglesby Ave., Chicago IL 60617-4870. Office, 7 days, 8 a.m. to midnight, (773) 375-5741 [PLEASE, no "just routine calls]. Before sending FAX, call.

Edited by Michael Clark

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Info on Malcolm liggette





Malcolm Hugh Liggett

Malcolm Hugh Liggett, American labor economist, educator. With United States Air Force, 1950-1953; Member Association for Evolutionary Economics, Industrial Relations Research Association, Florida Academy Professional Mediators, Pi Sigma Alpha.


  • Liggett, Malcolm Hugh was born on September 3, 1929 in Baltimore. Son of Francis Marion and Neva Ruth (Crandall) Liggett.


  • Bachelor in Government with honors, University Texas, 1957. Doctor of Philosophy in Economics, Cornell University, 1967.


  • Instructor Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, 1962-1963. Assistant professor University California, Santa Barbara, 1963-1966, San Francisco State University, 1967-1970. Labor economist Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Washington, 1970-1973, University Texas, Austin, 1973-1975, Council on Wage and Price Stability, Washington, 1975-1981.Consultant, 1981-1983. Associate professor Pennsylvania State. University Harrisburg, Middletown, Pennsylvania, 1983-1991.With Mediation Services, from 1995. Faculty senate Pennsylvania State University, 1986-1988.


  • Author: Employment Discrimination, 1978, Aluminum Prices, 1976. Contributor articles to professional journals.


With United States Air Force, 1950-1953. Member Association for Evolutionary Economics, Industrial Relations Research Association, Florida Academy Professional Mediators, Pi Sigma Alpha.


  • Married Suzanne LaPaugh, June 6, 1962.
  • father: Francis Marion Liggett
  • mother: Neva Ruth (Crandall) Liggett
  • spouse: Suzanne LaPaugh
Edited by Michael Clark

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Found on this website




Malcolm Liggett obituary



Malcolm Liggett Obituary - Stuart, FL | TC Palm

Malcolm H. Liggett, 78, died May 5, 2008 at his home. He was born in Idylwild, Md. He served in the Air Force during the Korean War. He was an instructor at Cornell University and moved on to be an associate professor at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and San Francisco State University. He was a labor economist at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission for three years and from 1975 to1981, he served the Office for Wage and Price Stability in the Executive Office of the President. He was an associate professor of Labor Relations at Penn State Harrisburg and served for two years in the University Faculty Senate of Pennsylvania State University and was a committee chair on the Academic and Athletic Committee. In May of 1995, he was certified as a county mediator by the Florida Supreme Court and in 1999 was the founding editor of the 19th Judicial Circuit's quarterly newsletter for mediators. He was a member of the Vista Plantation Golf League. He graduated with honors from the University of Texas at Austin with a bachelor's degree in government and received his doctorate in economics from Cornell University. Survivors include his wife, Suzanne of Vero Beach; brother, Thomas Liggett of Bedford, Texas; and sister, Patricia Diaz of North Las Vegas, Nev. Memorial donations may be made to McKee Botanical Garden, 350 U.S. 1,Vero Beach, FL 32962. SERVICES: Arrangements are by Strunk Funeral Home and Crematory in Vero Beach.Published in the TC Palm on May 8, 2008

Edited by Michael Clark

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https://archive.org/stream/JFKAssassinationFBI/62-109060 JFK Assassination Part 4_djvu.txt



✓ * ■'"&'** '* 

^ /I Sv*s: 9 *i* 1 ' 4 » t { l r 'i-tt* F- + 

^ w * T 4 

The envelope is addressed to the FBI, Washington, • 
(IWp.>)i V. S. A. It bears the postmark of Livorno (Leghorn}^ 
Italy, Stated November 25, 1963, 8:00 P. M. 


The communication is on letterhead reading: 



Via Serri8tori, 2 

Livorno (Leghorn), Italy. 

« ’ -■ ■■■ * 

Leghorn, November 25, 1963 

To thfe FBI . ^ . 

Gentlemen: . ■ 

The only way you will be able to lay hands on the • 
true and ferocious assassin of President Kennedy and him 
accomplices is by arresting all the policemen of Dallas, from 
the chief down to the last mao. 


Bovever, perhaps you have already wasted too much 
Best regards. 

81gned: (illegible) - 
Edited by Michael Clark

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Liggett s and Cornell U.

Malcolm Liggett earned a PHD from Cornell U. 1967.


A James Liggett also earned a PHD from Cornell.

Ph.D., Civil & Evironmental Engineering, Cornell University, Ithaca NY MS, Mechanical Engineering, Union College, NY BS, Mechanical Engineering, Union College, NY --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.
Edited by Michael Clark

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AMBIDDY 1 (p.22)

AMRASP  (p.22)

AMHAWK  (p.22)

AMCIGAR  (p.22)

TWICKER  (p.22)

AMWAIL  (p.22)

KUBARK (p.37)

AMSERVE (p.37)

Who is "Identity A" on p.38?

What is E. Howard Hunt's Crypto, McCord's, Liddy's, Landsdale's?



Edited by Michael Clark

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