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Info on Malcolm liggette





Malcolm Hugh Liggett

Malcolm Hugh Liggett, American labor economist, educator. With United States Air Force, 1950-1953; Member Association for Evolutionary Economics, Industrial Relations Research Association, Florida Academy Professional Mediators, Pi Sigma Alpha.


  • Liggett, Malcolm Hugh was born on September 3, 1929 in Baltimore. Son of Francis Marion and Neva Ruth (Crandall) Liggett.


  • Bachelor in Government with honors, University Texas, 1957. Doctor of Philosophy in Economics, Cornell University, 1967.


  • Instructor Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, 1962-1963. Assistant professor University California, Santa Barbara, 1963-1966, San Francisco State University, 1967-1970. Labor economist Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Washington, 1970-1973, University Texas, Austin, 1973-1975, Council on Wage and Price Stability, Washington, 1975-1981.Consultant, 1981-1983. Associate professor Pennsylvania State. University Harrisburg, Middletown, Pennsylvania, 1983-1991.With Mediation Services, from 1995. Faculty senate Pennsylvania State University, 1986-1988.


  • Author: Employment Discrimination, 1978, Aluminum Prices, 1976. Contributor articles to professional journals.


With United States Air Force, 1950-1953. Member Association for Evolutionary Economics, Industrial Relations Research Association, Florida Academy Professional Mediators, Pi Sigma Alpha.


  • Married Suzanne LaPaugh, June 6, 1962.
  • father: Francis Marion Liggett
  • mother: Neva Ruth (Crandall) Liggett
  • spouse: Suzanne LaPaugh
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Found on this website




Malcolm Liggett obituary



Malcolm Liggett Obituary - Stuart, FL | TC Palm

Malcolm H. Liggett, 78, died May 5, 2008 at his home. He was born in Idylwild, Md. He served in the Air Force during the Korean War. He was an instructor at Cornell University and moved on to be an associate professor at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and San Francisco State University. He was a labor economist at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission for three years and from 1975 to1981, he served the Office for Wage and Price Stability in the Executive Office of the President. He was an associate professor of Labor Relations at Penn State Harrisburg and served for two years in the University Faculty Senate of Pennsylvania State University and was a committee chair on the Academic and Athletic Committee. In May of 1995, he was certified as a county mediator by the Florida Supreme Court and in 1999 was the founding editor of the 19th Judicial Circuit's quarterly newsletter for mediators. He was a member of the Vista Plantation Golf League. He graduated with honors from the University of Texas at Austin with a bachelor's degree in government and received his doctorate in economics from Cornell University. Survivors include his wife, Suzanne of Vero Beach; brother, Thomas Liggett of Bedford, Texas; and sister, Patricia Diaz of North Las Vegas, Nev. Memorial donations may be made to McKee Botanical Garden, 350 U.S. 1,Vero Beach, FL 32962. SERVICES: Arrangements are by Strunk Funeral Home and Crematory in Vero Beach.Published in the TC Palm on May 8, 2008

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https://archive.org/stream/JFKAssassinationFBI/62-109060 JFK Assassination Part 4_djvu.txt



✓ * ■'"&'** '* 

^ /I Sv*s: 9 *i* 1 ' 4 » t { l r 'i-tt* F- + 

^ w * T 4 

The envelope is addressed to the FBI, Washington, • 
(IWp.>)i V. S. A. It bears the postmark of Livorno (Leghorn}^ 
Italy, Stated November 25, 1963, 8:00 P. M. 


The communication is on letterhead reading: 



Via Serri8tori, 2 

Livorno (Leghorn), Italy. 

« ’ -■ ■■■ * 

Leghorn, November 25, 1963 

To thfe FBI . ^ . 

Gentlemen: . ■ 

The only way you will be able to lay hands on the • 
true and ferocious assassin of President Kennedy and him 
accomplices is by arresting all the policemen of Dallas, from 
the chief down to the last mao. 


Bovever, perhaps you have already wasted too much 
Best regards. 

81gned: (illegible) - 
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Liggett s and Cornell U.

Malcolm Liggett earned a PHD from Cornell U. 1967.


A James Liggett also earned a PHD from Cornell.

Ph.D., Civil & Evironmental Engineering, Cornell University, Ithaca NY MS, Mechanical Engineering, Union College, NY BS, Mechanical Engineering, Union College, NY --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.
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AMBIDDY 1 (p.22)

AMRASP  (p.22)

AMHAWK  (p.22)

AMCIGAR  (p.22)

TWICKER  (p.22)

AMWAIL  (p.22)

KUBARK (p.37)

AMSERVE (p.37)

Who is "Identity A" on p.38?

What is E. Howard Hunt's Crypto, McCord's, Liddy's, Landsdale's?



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To*: Teheran

Routine Plargyle

For Ambassador Helms from Maury


A. Dir 477397

B. (redact) 17-8 21979

C. (Redact) 21990

1. At Senate armed services committee party 13 December, I asked Tom Korologos, Deputy Assistant for Legislative affairs, if he could throw light on bigger problem. He said in confidence Baker had discussed agency/Watergate matter with him and made clear that Bakers central hang up is thesis advanced by Copeland and St. George that agency staged Watergate in order to entrap plumbers. Korologos indicated Baker may have been particularly influenced by Copeland allegations. 

2. On December 13, Lyle Miller, with Baker's permission, received 190 page transcript of Martinez testimony before Baker. In general, Martinez account of significant developments consistent with agency testimony and records available to Baker. Moreover, Martinez said Sturges denied allegations which St. George attributes to him. However, Martinez did state to Baker that he consider tradecraft of plumbers unbelievably faulty. From this Baker apparently infers that his faulty tradecraft was deliberate on part of at least one of participants who sought thereby to lead other participants into trap. Martinez flatly denied St. George allegation that he was "anyone's double agent."

3. Understand another advocate of the "Entrapment" theory, (not necessarily entrapment by CIA, but merely entrapment by a mysterious "third force") is Ed Henley, former OGC staffer and more recently senior official with Mobile Oil and known to be on close terms with Baker.

4. Several days ago in response to your query from Tom Braden we sent Braden a copy of the memo given Symington and 7 November and quoted in reference A., paragraph 4. On 13 December we received from Braden, without covering comment, a copy of the "Tom Braden Report", (apparently a newsletter, understand he is no longer associated with Los Angeles Times although they syndicate his material) of 11 December entitled "Can He Blame it on CIA?",  full text, which has not yet appeared in any publication we know of, as follows:

"Washington – the last turn in the defense of Richard Nixon will be to blame the Watergate on the Central intelligence Agency. Such is the view of former CIA director Richard Helms, and such is the direction in which senator Howard Baker (R. Tennessee) and his minority staff on the Ervin Comittee, are now proceeding. It is not a very salable theory, but it's about all that's left;  and if it could be made sellable, it might get Richard Nixon off the hook. Consider: if CIA accomplished the break-in, the subsequent White House cover up might be excused on the grounds that the president had to protect this secret intelligence agency. And if the cover-up could be excused on that ground, unrelated crimes such as illegal contributions, forgeries and alleged extortions might be pardoned as mistakes of judgment arising from excessive political zeal. Thus, "some sinister force" General Alexander Haig put it to Judge J Sirica the other day, might eventually be used to explain it all. Three recent magazine articles – two published in the National Review by a former CIA employee named miles Copeland, The other published in Harpers by Andrew Saint George – suggest the President' last stand. Senator Baker has called the attention of all three articles to his colleagues on the Ervin committee.  Copeland alleges that the Watergate operation was CIA's is retaliation against the White House for setting up the plumbers as a rival apparatus. "McCord took Liddy into the trap," he writes, "and after all, the CIA specialists in operations of the plumbers's kind had a lot to gain by putting the White House clowns out of business. "St. George makes a similar allegation and adds detail worthy of 007 and a Fleming novel: "Ha, well," he quotes Helms as telling the young watch officer he telephoned him to report the break-in, "they finally did it… A pity; they really blew it… If the White House tries to ring me,… Just tell them you reported McCord's arrest already. Said I was very surprised." Senator Baker has also asked his colleagues to view an 38 page memorandum prepared by one of his investigators name George Murphy. Murphy's findings, Baker hints, implicate the CIA. Does the theory that the CIA is at the bottom of the Watergate makes sense? Is it a reasonable Presidential deffence? Richard helms has testified as follows: "I am prepared to swear that no such conversation with the CIA watch officer ever took place... The quotations attributed to me… We're never said by me. Of this I am certain". From the time he first learned of the Watergate break-in, Helms has been afraid that it would be blamed on him. Put yourself for a moment in his shoes. You're a career servant. You join the Office of Strategic Services during the war and you stayed on to help a series of directors build the first US intelligence service.President Lyndon Johnson has made you it's director. You feel the responsibility keenly. Now consider what happens to you in the subsequent administration. First, an old friend of the president, Patrick Gray, is appointed to be chief of your major rival agency. One month later, you are told by H. R. Haldeman that the President has appointed another old friend, George Vernon Walters, to be your deputy. Another month later, and just after the break in, you and your new deputy are summoned to the White House. You listen while Haldeman tells your deputy that "it has been decided " that he should go to Gray and ask him not to investigate the money found on the burglars because it might expose your operations.  For the next few days, the White House calls to discuss the break-in and to suggest that you pay money to the families of those arrested. 11 days after the break-in and on the eve of your departure for a long scheduled trip, Gray calls to cancel an appointment you had made with him. With this sequence of events in mind, what would you suppose? That people at the White House might be trying to blame the Watergate on you? That's what Helms supposed and supposes still."

5. On 14 December Baker met with Robert Bennett, of Mullen company, his father Senator Wallace Bennet and George Murphy to review agency memos covering our relationships with Mullen Company.after meeting, which lasted two hours, bakery emerged and told Lila Miller for everything Ben it said was consistent with what we had told bigger and it was becoming clearer that agency not involved but Baker reserves option to pursue matter furthersince he doesn't want to go to his grave without having gotten to the bottom of it. Indicating he is still receiving information implicating agency, he asked Fred Thompson, minority Council of Ervin committee, if you should tell Miller "about the money".Thompson advised him not to, remarking he was not sure of his source. We have no idea what this refers to.

6. Many thanks to reference C, which has been discussed with Colby, who is commenting to you there on directly.

7. Warmest regards and seasons greetings


Date 17 Dec., 73

Orig. J. M Maury





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Connection with Dallas criminals.

Informant advised that David Yaris brother formally was a boss of the criminal organization in Dallas Texas.



David Yaras owns an interest in 8–1 industrial uniform company. Patrick is a partner of Rocco Pallanza, a in 000.



meetings at OC in San Francisco

p.3 informant advised in November 1963 that in September 1963 there was a meeting at the Mark Hopkins Hotel in San Francisco and present was David Yaras, his son Ronald, Leonard Patrick, Louis Tom Dragna, and Nicolo Licata. Dragna is a La Cosa Nostra member and Licata is an underboss of the Cosa Nostra in the LA area. Several weeks later the same group met again and present was Ernest Debs , an LA county supervisor who is a close friend of California Governor Pat Brown and allegedly a pay off man for big people in LA.


Nick "Old Man" Licata (February 20, 1897 - October 19, 1974) was an Italian American mobster who was the Boss of the Los Angeles crime family from 1967 until his death in 1974.




Licata, DeSimonne



1965 Dallas FBI memo on Rome Joseph Francis Civillo investigation



1965 FBI memo on Colombo family meeting in Fla. 








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