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Michael Clark

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LOL, I found what is apparently Paul Trejo's source, for his claim that LHO brought the rifle to work to sell the GPH.

Warning to anyone contemplating buying this book. It has no index, page notes, end notes or bibliography. Page one is page one. The last page is the last page. I did not buy it for the code stuff, some of which is easy to see, much of which is questionable. I bought it for more info on the “two sets of tramps” info discussed in http://theoswaldcode.com/ . There are two paragraphs about this in the book. The author claims there were firecrackers on the grassy knoll as a deception, Oswald was waiting in the lunchroom for Gerry Patric Hemming to pay him for the rifle, and that he himself used to sell pot to he head of the FPCC.
The info about the tramps in the grain car at 2:00 on the website is intriguing and seems to be documented, unlike the book.


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