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More evidence from the autopsy

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15 minutes ago, Cory Santos said:

There are a number of inaccuracies in this story, so I would treat it with caution...

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Some initial comments (re: PDF):
The Queen Mary is the back up car, not the limo and Greer never drove the Queen Mary.
This guy seems to have a reminder bell in his brain as it seems like he's constantly making sure that the whole world knows that all shots came from the rear.  Even when the interviewer thanks him at the end, he's like:
".....there's no question the shots came from the rear..."
Funnily, he mentions the back wound and how the throat shot is its exit.  He supposedly was at the autopsy but unironically never mentions that the back wound is nowhere near the throat and had no exit point. He simply states there's "no question" it came from the rear.
Ford's reply letter includes "helpful" mentions including POSner's book. This, from the guy who scribbled "of neck" in the WR next to back to strengthen the preposterous SBT.
Below is an image about the back wound - for comparison only.

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