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  1. Wim, hi there. When Peter R. DeVries (sp ?) did his documentary for dutch television,I think it was about James Files, was your role also that of an advisor in regard of Files,the assassination,witnesses,experts on the case ? I did not see that documentary in full yet , but I remember seeing a short part of it in which Peter talks with Gary Mack inside the former TSBD. Were you angry at Peter that he used an interview with Gary Mack in his documentary ,maybe even telling him to grow up or even to get dust under his heels as fast as possible and that you can not take serious anyone who spreads Macks words (selective or not) ? Did the dutch audience learn about Macks real agenda in that documentary you were involved in ? Remember,Files (according to him and you) shot and killed JFK,according to him brought down Allende,killed Ferrie (maybe I made that one up), was involved in the Marylin Monroe thing that ended her up dead,turned down a contract to kill Miss Baker (aka the good deed),plus harming and killing numerous others (according to him). Mack on the other hand, is a real evildoer,right ? According to you. Yet you call Files your friend and the other,Mack seems to be your foe. How comes ?
  2. Dave Weaver


    Yes, I have read Graysmith's excellent book, i quote him as source for the Zodiac letters in post#5, I stll like Graysmith's candidate Robert Starr, but I intend to show research on all named candidates. Stephen, I assume you have looked into this claim already, what's your opinion and do you know anything about the status as of now ? http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseacti...ideoID=30364372 http://therealzodiackiller.com/
  3. I do'nt know but what the above individial said. Did indeed Mr. Wim go to prison? If so what was the charge? Sorry for all the questions. I tried Google but could'nt find anything in English. Bill Bill, I think Wim posted smt about it on this forum. I just wanted to point out smt I know was stated wrong by Mr. Holzapfel.
  4. Bill, to say Wim has stolen the password seems not to be correct. Peter left his password for the mail application on Wims laptop (remember windows programs asking if the password/login name should be stored ? ), knowingly or unknowingly, when he and Wim shared Wims laptop. What Wim did was a dumb act, and I think he never denied it, but must not be confused with hacking a mailbox. The rest is between him, Peter and the dutch legal system, and not our business. If you let the car keys in the car, you must not wonder if the car is taken for a test ride by someone else. I am not defending Wims deed, just Mr. Jaap made a wrong statement IMO.
  5. Thank you Cigdem. The better team lost, no doubt about it. "This picture" breaks my heart. Don't be sad, be proud about what your team achieved. Look forward to next week, you'll have forgotten about the game by then, if not already. You're a very kind woman, if I may say that.
  6. Cigdem, anything can happen, you are right. Just as in real life. Let's both not give up hope that there will be a happy end. If germany looses, I will be happy for you and your countrymen and switch to Plan B, Spain, instead. See you on sunday then. Let the game begin. iyi eğlenciler!
  7. Whatever Wim. Being serious or not is one thing, loosing humor and a healthy view of reality, because of someone like Files for example ,is smt completly different. The later seems to be your problem, it certainly isn't mine. I always choose a good laugh instead of "serious BS", and like to share what I think is pretty funny. If that makes me a bad person, so be it. I am like I am. Now back to the issue, the interview with Faith. I asked you a question about Carilles, care to answer to that one or not ? No need to give away the pearls, just what you think members here could find interresting in how that info from him about Files came to your attention. Thank you.
  8. Merhaba Cigdem, the moon must look great down there in Antalya. I am a little jealous, I admit. Have a good time, you are so fortunate. I think it will be a great match Cigdem.but luck won't help the germans. I have this vision of someone with a big smile on her face after the game is over, so I know what will be coming already.
  9. I see, selective word picking by you. Ignoring the hot issues and jumping on the bone I did place for you to bite on. You want an answer, ok. Because else you would have ignored my whole posting, methinks. Wim,you wanna know the truth about the mob ? Here it is, enjoy:
  10. What a wonderful looking place Cigdem. I wish you a great time there ,enjoy every second of it. You deserve it. I only could post pictures of a garden and an old chair, that is where I'll spend most of my summer this year,again, but that does not compare in any way with what you posted, so I better don't. Lucky you to be able to travel to such beautyfull places, would I know you closer, I would beg for a postcard.
  11. Wim, in all fairness, what she does is saying she is not sure about his military past, since all she ever heard/saw of it was him mentioning it a few times. There is nothing more from her in that in regard . You sort of lead her to an answer, that is the impression I got while reading. You say she corroborates his military stint, but does she really ? I think it would be fair to say that she corroborates him claiming sometimes in the early 70's to have been in the military. We've talked a longer while back about his military time, and I still think you see very clear where the problems in the story are.They are not alone the lack of proof. You simply can not wipe this Grady matter off the table, more so since he now claims to remember his army number. So, I still would be rather cautious in that regard and try to find his first wife, also in hope to get smt in regard of documents,pictures,names of comrades and so on. What you mentioned about Carilles sounds interresting, and I do mean that, no tricks (I never use(d) them). I recently saw an interview with both Bosch and Carilles, Bosch admitted being a terrorist and also blowing up that cuban airliner. Maybe both become more talkative now that their life is getting near the end, and age does not make it that easy anymore to run away from the ghosts of the past. They both certainly came across as having some (slight but maybe growing) remorse about things they did. May I ask how you got confirmation from him that he knows Files/Sutton from the Bay of pigs ? This is a serious question.
  12. According to Judyth the translation into Dutch was incorrect. She and Lee saw Dr. No together. They hoped to see FRWL. This is just one of a number of instances when Judyth is made a fall guy for something for which there is a logical explanation. Well well well, it is about Judyth, here comes me. "According to Judyth....." Sounds familiar, doesn't it ? Ever so often in this incredible life story of hers, it came and comes down to "according to Judyth" when it is about proof for one of her claims. Did anyone care to ask the author of the article, if in fact he got the translation wrong ? I for one would be willing to listen to what he has to say. The article can be found here: http://www.groene.nl/2003/25/De_vermeende_...tste_minnares/2 The passage in question reads in dutch like this: "Lee was een spion, en heeft ook nooit iets anders dan een spion willen zijn. Zijn favoriete films waren James Bond-films. Ik herinner me nog goed dat we samen From Russia With Love hebben gezien. " Which translated into english,according to me (no translation tools used/needed) "Lee was a spy, and he didn't want to be anything else than a spy. His favourite films were James Bond movies (films). I can still remember good (well) that we watched "From Russia with love" together. Did anyone ask René Zwaap, the author of the article, if in fact he made an translation error ?
  13. Hi Vince: A number of people have observed that, in endorsing Bugliosi's (i.e. the Warren Commission's) theory, you made no comment on what it was precisely in Bugliosi's book that influenced your opinion. Bugliosi produced no new evidence that I can think of, and in fact he makes a complete fool of himself on the NAA/bullet lead issue, so inquiring minds are wondering if you could identify one or two key issues where you felt that Bugliosi has, after 45 years of confusion, clinched the case. Hey Vince, everyone is entitled to his or her opinion. Regardless if we ever heard from each others or not, I would like you to know that, you did outstanding work IMO in the past, and maybe will do the same in the future also. Don't let yourself get distracted from doing or believing whatever you see as right for yourself, and I do not think you should appologize or explain at all why you have reached that believe or opinion. What happens to you now, can be seen on every forum or larger circles of researchers. Voicing the "wrong" opinion makes you the outsider, the hated one, the traitor. the mole in the eye of the narrow minded ( no pun intented). Just look around here or on other forums, you will find the same useless fights about theories,and that is what 99,99% of them are, Ultimately these things lead to nothing else than personal hatred between people not knowing each others at all. This is wrong, and it is damaging. Rest assured, this unimportant member does not have this cultish reaction written in his book of life. You are allowed to believe in whatever you like, according to weaver- 2 experts 3 opinions, as we use to say here in germany. Doubt it helps, but hey, it is my opinion, and I wish you nothing but sunny days in your life.
  14. It holds up as well as ever. But the government does not want to hold up anything else than Lee Oswald did it alone, remember? Wim Letting the casings fiasco aside (or did I miss new developements re. Eaglesham's article and you giving him a cold shower), and overlooking the army serial number stunt (remember that one,and you know to kill a country and what Files says now, don't you), and not asking what happened to the letter posted on the internet where Files(remember the one who said he did not read much),admitted that reading is about all prisoners like him can and does do. I have a real question (go figure) for you Wim. Did Files take his guitar and the funny hat with him to Dallas, you know the accessoires he used in the (in)famous picture with the alledged Tippit killer called Raven if I remember right ( like the Ravens that flew in Laos) ? Why I ask this ? Well, the pictures were shot in the same room it seems. Don't ask me for proof, prove me wrong (I do it Wim style this time), or take a real close look. Maybe someone should have a nice chat with Files ex even. Will you ? Just teasing, I am not a violent person On another, maybe more constructive side, did you ever consider running a newspaper add (is that the right word) in the chicago area, asking persons who knew James Files /Sutton back then to come forward ? Maybe someone really did see him in a uniform and knows about his Laos duty, or knows about him and Nicoletti,the Giancanna grocery visits on Sundays (I think), and so on. Very often, the simple approach can bring the best result, and the money for those adds, those are peanuts for you anyway. Don't reject the idea simply because it is coming from me, else I put the kickboxer in my next message. No no, just a joke, as I said, no violence from me .
  15. Thanks James, would have been too good to be true anyway.
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